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   Chapter 36 Be My Master

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While Ethan was still immersed in this amazing unique skill, Vana pretended to be serious and threatened him with her arms crossed. She said, "your uncle said that you had a high fever repeatedly. I saw that you were very energetic. Are you pretending to be sick? It's not a good thing to do so."

After being pointed at the sore spot by Vana, the previous style on Ethan's face immediately disappeared, and he became depressed. He lowered his two shoulders and ignored her. He walked to the big screen on the other side, turned on the screen, and then sat on the ground.

His expression was like an injured kitten, which made Vana very curious about what happened to him.

Seeing that there were two game consoles connected to the game console, Vana took the other one and sat on the soft carpet with two legs crossed with Ethan.

"I'll play with you. But first of all, if I'm better than you, you have to tell me the reason why you skip classes."

It was rare for Ethan to smile again. He blinked his energetic eyes and said, "Who cares? Don't cry if you lose. Although you are older than me, you can't say that I bully you."

Vana thought his words were funny. Just to wait and see who would cry later.

Seeing that Vana didn't say anything, Ethan took it as her consent. Then, Ethan quickly operated the handle and chose the mode of two people. However, considering Vana, he only chose a simple mode. As the beginning page flashed, the two people concentrated on playing.

This game was called "Survival In Desperate Situations", a guerrilla game in the base. Everyone on the map must kill anyone they saw, and the people who survived in the end would be ranked according to the number of people killed.

Although it was not a game for the advanced level, the simple mode of this fool version seemed too simple.

Almost all the simulated killers in the game couldn't see the roles played by Vana and Ethan. For Vana, who had just adapted to the controller, she seemed to enter a state in an instant and killed several killers on the island as soon as she went up.

On the side of Vana's screen, the number she murdered was 9,


So this was what Ethan saw.

An old tearful face came close to him, with a pair of slender, feeble and trembling hands holding him tightly. Finally, he was held by the woman opposite and began to cry loudly.

"My dearest disciple, come here and let me touch the spiritual energy. I will definitely become a rich people like you."

"So you agreed to be my master?"

Vana immediately became normal, and her hands stopped trembling. She stretched out her hands and rubbed the hair on the top of Ethan's head. She said with a smile, "I agreed. You are so cute and handsome. It's very proud to have a disciple like you."

"Master, please teach me how to play games!"

As he was about to control the controller, Vana threw it away and sat up straight, "my dear disciple, do you want to be the king and a person on the top of the cloud. And you can control everything just with one hand?"

When Ethan heard the last sentence, he immediately felt the hope and nodded heavily with his eyes wide open.

Vana smiled meaningfully and said patiently, "I will make you realize all these. Not only that, I can also take you to the real training ground to teach you shooting, but the conditions are, of course, subject to me!"

She was so smart to manipulate a little boy to pave the way for herself.

"Yes, yes. Master, you can shoot. You are so cool." Ethan had been completely conquered by Vana and was subject to her.

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