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   Chapter 34 Go To Visit His Child

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When Vana didn't know what to say, Simon suddenly reached out his hand and touched her head. His action was very gentle, as if he was picking something.

Vana's extremely nervous mood was suddenly soothed. Then she heard a voice above her head, "a pistil is on your head."

"It should be kept when I dealt with those Baby's Breath in the company." Vana quickly lowered her head and blinked her eyes. She could clearly hear the sound of her heart beating out of her chest, and the breath of Simon was not far away. At such a close distance, it seemed that even if there was a chair in the middle, she was afraid that he would find out what she was thinking at the moment.

He was too gentle. As long as she was with him, she felt that she used to live like a rough man.

"Did your grandfather say anything to you?" Simon asked, after picking the pistil.

"Ah," Vana shook her head after thinking carefully, "No."

At this time, it seemed that Simon had no intention of knowing the answer of Vana. He waved to the waiter outside, and after a while, a waiter came in.

The patient look on Simon's face when he ordered the dishes made Vana doubt there was some reason for the question he asked before, but she quickly dispelled this idea. Because it was related to her grandfather or family, she was not willing to mention it for the time being.

After ordering the dishes, Simon told Vana about the plan to use talents in the company and asked her if she liked jewelry design very much. As soon as he mentioned this, Vana kept talking like a chatterbox. It was not until all the dishes were served and the round table of the 12 people was full of delicious food that Simon reminded her to eat first. And then she stopped talking and focused on the delicious food.

In fact, it was enough for the two of them to have some western food or just several dishes. But she didn't know if Simon was worried that she couldn't get used to it, so he ordered all the dishes that the restaurant was good at.

After dinner, Simon had to go back to the company to deal with something, so Vana should also go back to her dormitory to have a rest. But during the meal, Simon said that Ethan had high fever repeatedly in the past few days, and his parents hadn't come back yet, so Vana wanted to see Ethan,

r heart. Then Lance asked her to take the elevator upstairs, and she was taken to the elevator entrance by Lance.

Vana took a look at the decoration of the elevator. It was not luxurious, but simple and concise.

The four sides of the elevator were made of hard glass, which could clearly show people's appearance.

The elevator tinkled. Lance took Vana out of the elevator. The elevator room was designed in a hidden place, and the place where they went out was carefully designed to be a very exaggerated small dome of Rome pillars. Vana looked at the left, and the door was there. She looked at the right, and another retro golden door appeared there.

Who said the decoration of this place was not luxurious and extravagant? Vana could not digest this for a long time.

It seemed that they had just passed through an elevator of a business building and entered the palace in a flash? Who on earth came up with this idea?

Well, although there was a strong contrast, she had to admit that every design here was very exquisite, and it was luxurious but not rustic.

Then Lance stood in front of the golden gate, and Vana immediately heard a mechanical prompt, "the system is activated, and facial recognition is in progress. After recognition, the electronic steward will open the Golden Seat gate for you."

With two "click" sounds, the golden gate slowly opened from the middle. The two sides of the gate opened at the same time, and what came into her sight was a vintage and magnificent main hall of the palace.

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