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   Chapter 32 A CEO Whose Phone Was Out Of Power

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Vana thought that if Simon stood her up again, she would say that she couldn't go to the cinema in the evening.

Depressed, she struggled for a long time. Seeing the expression on Vana's face, Carrie couldn't help but ask, "Vana, why hasn't your boyfriend come to pick you up yet? I'm almost anxious for waiting for him."

"Boyfriend? Please we are just classmates!"

"Did he reply what movie would you watch together? You have made a decision for this, right?"

Vana immediately searched for the latest movie she had found on Micro-blog recently, and hurriedly said, "Mummy Returns, I heard that the evaluation is very high, and many of our classmates went to watch it twice."

"What? Not a love movie? It seems that it is really a date between classmates. Vana, I really feel sorry for you. You are so beautiful and good. Why don't you have a boyfriend? And..." As Carrie spoke, she leaned over and snickered, and said to Vana's' ear, "judging from the way you walk, you should still be a virgin, right?"

Damn it! Can she tell it from the way I walk? So did Carrie mean that she was not?

Vana immediately chuckled and said, "Don't talk about me, and you are the same, aren't you?"

Carrie heard that Vana was actually making fun of her, and then the two of them began to fight playfully.

At the same time, in the downstairs of the World Trade International, Terence was standing outside the car, and with the same expression as Simon, he glared at the phone in Simon's hand. Steve's phone had not been connected, and he wondered if this guy had sneaked off again.

Finally, the busy tone was heard again. Then, Simon got off the car. Terence rushed to stop him, "Boss, you can't. If you pick her up in person, she will be killed by those crazy women."

Simon straightened his collar angrily and said impatiently, "so who forgot to prepare a spare phone for me?"

"Bo... Boss, your phone is out of power because you took it out from time to time in J City to see if there is any message from that woman. Why do you blame me?" The more Terence spoke, the lower his voice became. He was afraid that he would offend his boss at this time.


there was an empty chair between them, seemingly separating the two people.

"Are you from the Magic City?" There were only two people in the empty room, so the voice of Simon was especially prominent.

"Yes, what about you?"

Vana didn't use the title of respectful. After all, she didn't want to stop her from rushing forward in an awkward way during private dinner.

"I'm more than half a Magic City people. My Grandma is French, and I grew up in England."

"Really? But you don't look like a hybrid at all!" Vana looked at Simon up and down in surprise, only to find that his nose was very straight and his eyes were deep. Except that, there was really no French inheritance at all.

"Well, it's said that if a couple has a child, the child must look like the stronger one. My grandmother is very gentle, so my father rarely inherited her."

While saying these words, Simon had already thought of what would happen if her grandmother was there and saw Vana.

Vana didn't think too much. She smiled and said, "your grandmother must be very gentle. After all, you are always like this."

Vana didn't flatter him at all, but she felt that she had said something that she shouldn't have said, so she quickly took a sip of water to cover up her embarrassment and changed the topic, "so, Mr. Simon, what kind of food do you like to eat? I think you asked me whether I am from Magic City. You were asking my taste, aren't you?"

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