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   Chapter 30 Why Do You Go To Work

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But before Vana could think more, a burst of girls' gasps attracted their attention. Taking advantage of the sound from the other side, Vana immediately grabbed her phone and began to type a message on it.

'Sorry, I sent it wrong just now.'

Vana deleted the last few words, and then typed 'I sent it to someone else but sent it to you!' ...

After thinking about it for a while, she deleted it and wrote, 'Are you free recently? We can watch a movie together!' ...

'Vana, be brave. Excellent men are the rights that every woman can chase for. Although Carrie is your good friend, don't forget that you are still a maiden at the age of 21!'

'OK.' Vana immediately clicked send, and then quickly threw the phone under the counter and began to pray. Suddenly, she began to pray that Simon did not see or accidentally delete this message when deleting other messages. Such contradictions did not stop for a second, and the crowd's shouting did not stop. Just when Vana was about to see what was going on, a voice came from the counter, "Julie, are you feel better? I'm here to bring you soup. "

Vana's expression suddenly froze, because this voice... It sounded familiar.

Following her sight, Vana raised her head and saw a man in a suit standing in front of Julie and Carrie in the counter. Even so, the corner of his clothes could be seen to be wrinkled. He must have rushed here as soon as he got off the plane.

He came to bring soup to Julie. Did he...?

She was so regretful that she almost died. She really hoped that Anna hadn't seen the message before. She didn't know if sending another message [wrong] could ease this embarrassment.

When Vana looked at the man, the man also passed Julie and Carrie looked at her. Then the man nodded slightly. Maybe he was saying hello to Vana, but after seeing this movement, Vana felt more embarrassed.

It was better to die. This was the first time in Vana's life that she had such a feeling.

Soon, the crowd began to clamor again. It was obvious that everyone was disappointed and sad. The care of Simon for Julie had already exceeded the feelings of the boss to his subordinates. That only meant that Simon was chasing after Julie.

"Ahhh! It's not true. It's not true. How could King Si fall in love with Julie? And how could Julie be with him? "

"It's over. It's the end of the world. The man I love most is showing off their love in front of me. My heart hurts. I feel that I won't love him anymore."

"Don't stop me. I'm going to jump from the building now."

Soon after, many employees left the mall. Some of their shoes fell while some shed tears and said that they were going to jump from the top floor.

The security guards behind Simon immediately controlled all the exits of the mall, and the scene was filled with wails.

Julie, who had been in a daze for a long time, finally found her thoughts. She was so excited that she seemed to be dreaming. She raised her tearful eyes and asked carefully, "King Si, you.... You said you came to bring me soup on purpose? "

Simon didn't smile, but he said in a firm tone, "Yes, shrimp soup. I've asked someone to prepare it as soon as I came back. I hope I can see you drink it with my own eyes."

"Shrimp soup! A-ah-ah-ah. It's so considerate. Why didn't you make it for me? I also want to drink it. "

"Stop quarreling. Even if King Si fed me poison, I would finish it with a smile, let alone shrimp soup."

"Mommy, I broke up my heart. The guy that I like has

fallen in love with another girl and even prepared shrimp soup for her!"

The scene in the crowd of complaints continued to lose control, but at this time, Vana faintly felt that things were going in a strange direction. If it was really like those women who lost their mind, Julie would definitely drink the shrimp soup that Simon sent to her, but Julie was allergic to shrimp. This mistake couldn't be made again. Julie's allergy hadn't completely recovered, or she would die.

"Mr. Si... King Si, I really want to have it now, but I'm not hungry after breakfast. Can I have it at lunch time? " Fortunately, Julie was not stupid, which made Vana feel a little relieved.

But the next second, Simon said, "But I want to see you drink it with my own eyes to make sure that you did drink the soup I gave you."

His domineering tone broke the hearts of countless women, but Vana increasingly felt that the coldness on Simon's face when he spoke was somewhat terrible, as if he was ruthlessly forcing others to do something they didn't want to do.

Upon hearing this, Julie had no excuse to refuse. In the full view of the public, Julie opened the lunch box by herself. Then she was surprised to see a lot of shrimps in the box, but she quickly hid her expression. She took out the iron spoon from it, scooped up a spoonful of shrimp soup, and then sent it to her mouth.

Thinking of this, Vana quickly thought of the way. If she interrupted them at this time, she would definitely be hated by Simon. This was the result she didn't want to see, but if she didn't stop them, Julie would suffer again.

Just when Vana was in a dilemma, suddenly, it seemed that something pushed Carrie by accident and she pushed Julie's body. Julie shook her hands and a spoon of soup splashed on the counter.

Vana hurried to support the two of them, only to find that Carrie had sprained her ankle and began to cry because of the pain. Vana placed her on a high stool beside and squatted down to massage her ankle.

On the other hand, Simon's eyes were suddenly attracted by Vana, so he didn't notice that Julie was secretly relieved.

"Vana, don't press it for me. Mr. Si is still here. It's not good." Carrie was afraid that she would make others think that she was an effeminacy woman who bullied her colleagues, so she stopped Vana in a hurry.

Vana smiled at Carrie, took out a pair of spare low heels and changed them for her. "Don't wear high heels after you work so hard in the morning."

After changing the shoes for Carrie, Vana heard what Carrie said and helped her up. The people around them didn't focus their eyes on two women. On the contrary, Simon, who was gazed by the crowd, just watched Vana quietly until she finished everything.

When Carrie pulled Vana close to the counter, Simon asked someone, "Why do you go to work today?"

Vana was stunned. This should be a question for her, but how could answer him in front of so many people.

Julie and Carrie answered at the same time, "I happen to work in shifts today!"

All of a sudden, everyone began to despise Carrie. They all thought that since Simon came to see Julie, he was naturally asking Julie. However, it was too ridiculous for Carrie to think that Simon was talking to her.

Vana frowned in distress and glanced at Carrie apologetically. In fact, it was not Carrie's fault. She had an illusion that Simon had spoken to her just now, because Simon had seen the two of them, so it was normal for Carrie to think so.

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