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   Chapter 29 He Is Back

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On the second day, Vana was particularly nervous. Of course, it was impossible for her to feel embarrassed when she met with Sally, because she was not on duty today.

All this had to be traced back to the conversation she had with Simon in the corridor of the hospital that day.

"As for the stock market fluctuation in the J City, I may need two days to come back. It's ten o'clock in the morning when I get off the plane. If you have time, we can have lunch together that day. …… Last time, I said I wanted to thank you, but I had something urgent to do. So I want to thank you again. If you are not busy, we have an appointment that day.' ...

"All right." ...

"What's your schedule these days?" ...

"Well, in recent days, we have to work in shifts. I'm in the same shift with Carrie, and the other six people are also in two shifts every day. But Mr. Si, don't worry. I'll help Julie with her work, and it won't affect regular shifts!" ...

"What about Tuesday morning?" ...

"Tuesday morning? Julie didn't seem to be on duty!" ...

"I'm talking about you?" ...

"What? I? Well, I seemed to have work this morning!" ...

Then he told Steve, ''Give Vana a holiday on Tuesday morning!'' ...

"Okay, okay!" ...

"If you don't have enough persons, you can shift from the counter downstairs." ...

"Okay, boss!" ...

Therefore, what made Vana nervous was that she was going to have a date with Simon today... Well... They had dinner together for thanking her.

Why did she feel a little nervous? How could she be nervous about such an ordinary thing?

'However, as the youngest, the most handsome and rich male CEO in the whole H Country, Vana, you like to accost handsome men and beautiful women, don't you?'

Sitting on the bed, Vana looked at the clothes on the bed and nodded automatically. She felt that what she had just thought was very correct.

So after organizing her thoughts, Vana began to choose the clothes to wear when she saw Simon at noon.

The lace dress was elegance but naive. The long dress was gorgeous but formal. The wrap dress was sexy but vulgar. The diamond dress was beautiful but solemn.

'Oh, my God! Vana! Don't you have a normal dress?'

Vana shook her head. The only normal clothes were a black jacket and jeans when she rode a motorcycle and her uniform for work. In fact, uniform should be the best choice for her which compared to these deliberate clothes. But she didn't go to work today. Oh, my God, it was really a tangled matter.

Lying limply on the bed, Vana felt like weeping but had no tears. Why didn't she have any clothes that could be worn to see Simon? Was she really going to wear that gorgeous dress?

'No, I would rather appear in front of him in my uniform instead that let him think that I pay great importance to this lunch!' Vana gritted her teeth and finally looked at the uniform.

Vana had a ridiculous thought, that was, when she had to do something, she had to find a very reasonable reason for herself. So this morning, Vana didn't work, but she put on the five sets of uniform that the employees wore and appeared on the 4th floor of the World Trade Mall.

On the morning shift, Carrie and Julie were not very busy at the counter. They were a little surprised to see Vana, but Carrie was very looking forward to seeing Vana come to work with them. She quickly held Vana's hand and began to gossip. Beside them, Julie also seemed to want to join them. Vana waved at her, quickly close the distance among the three people and began to whisper. "Are you very curious about Sally yesterday? "

Carrie was a little confused about the attitude of Vana towards Julie, but she still couldn't resist the impact of the matter of Sally. Carrie immediately asked, "I heard that her boyfriend is a very famous model, right?"

After what happened yesterday, Vana specially went back to search for the list of models signed for the Harry Show. Lee was true, but that person had no relationship with Lee from hair to toe. Vana guessed that person should also be called Lee, and maybe he was also a model. After all, his figure and height were obvious there. But he said t

hat he was Lee, a famous model. It was impossible for Vana to admit it even if she gouged out her eyes.

"Don't listen to those people's nonsense. Sally didn't recognize to find a fake, but she should not know it herself. So don't tell her, lest that she thinks we are gossiping behind her back."

Julie covered her mouth in surprise and said, "Really? I heard that from Fannie, Sally's boyfriend is really an international model! "

Vana shrugged and said mysteriously, "Then you believe what they said."

Compared with trusting those people, Carrie was more willing to believe in Vana. So she pulled Vana and said, "I believe you, I believe you. I also heard from them that the fake flirted with Sally in public, right? Rubbing her breasts and buttocks? Am I right? "

As Carrie spoke, she made a gesture of rubbing. Vana burst into laughter because of her. Then she nodded and said, "Not only that, they seemed to make a pornographic movie on the spot."

"Ahhh!" Carrie and Julie cried out in surprise, which attracted the attention of the crowd around them.

Then the three of them quickly stopped shouting. While tidying up the counter in a serious manner, but they still continued to discuss in a low voice.

When it was about ten o'clock, Vana's nervous heart had already jumped out of her chest. When it was ten fifteen, Vana's phone rang on time. Then, when everyone continued to work but she was very excited, Vana quietly took out her phone and looked at it.

There was an unread message on the unlocked screen. The content of the message was very simple. The three words "I am back" were lying in the message box silently.

Before Vana unlocked the message, another sound rang. Then the previous number with the mark of 'SS' was sent to her again.

'I have something to deal with first, and I'll send someone to pick you up. '

Holding the phone in her hand, Vana took a deep breath and had an inexplicable emotion in her heart.

Vana didn't expect that Simon would report his schedule to her in time when he got off the plane! ! !

In fact, he could contact her after he finished his work, but he explained the reason to her like a usual friend. He told her the schedule, which sounded a little strange.

But Vana couldn't tell exactly what was wrong.

When Vana was in a daze with the phone in her hand, Carrie suddenly leaned over and peeked at her message. Then, Carrie frowned and teased, "Hey, your face is still red. Which man sent a message to our beauty? Let me have a look."

As Carrie spoke, she actually snatched away the mobile phone of Vana. She read the message loudly, but asked in confusion, "Send someone to pick you up? Who will he send? Is he a powerful person? "

Vana smiled and tried to grab the phone, but Carrie hid the phone behind her back and kept asking Vana to answer her.

Vana had no choice but to lie, "It's a classmate reunion. I don't know where we are going to see the movie, so he said he would arrange another classmate to pick me up. What are you talking about?"

However, as soon as Vana finished her words, Carrie immediately sent a message with her back to Vana. Carrie typed very fast all the time. When Vana realized that something was wrong, she had already sent the message. Then Carrie shook the phone in front of Vana and said, "I just asked him what movie he wanted to watch. He didn't say anything else. If he wants to watch a love movie, there would definitely be no other people, which means that you are lying. If It is other types, well, you might be able to pass my test. "

Vana thought that she was doomed, but she had to pretend not to be noticed by Carrie. Soon, her mobile phone rang, and Vana wanted to snatch it to see what was going on, but Carrie immediately picked up her mobile phone and said, "Let's talk about it later. I'll be there soon! What? He didn't answer my question and said he would be here soon. Did he change his mind and come to pick you up in person? "

Thank God, Simon didn't expose her lie. All of a sudden, Vana felt that she was being caught cheating. Although it was very exciting, she always felt that she had betrayed Carrie.

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