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   Chapter 28 A Disgusting Boyfriend

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Even Vana felt embarrassed for Sally, so Sally didn't look well. So many people gathered around her and asked her about her boyfriend's name. Even though they had just gotten along with each other for a short time, they were almost strangers, okay?

When a stranger asked her for her boyfriend's name, these bitches just wanted her to lose face.

On the contrary, the man showed a smile at the corners of his mouth, took the hand of Sally and kissed her on the back of her hand. He said without hide, "Honey, I don't care. Let's see if you want to tell them."

With hair tied behind her head, Sally was encircled by the blue butterfly shaped hair net distributed by SS. Her forehead was full, and her beautiful cheeks looked back at the man affectionately. Then she showed the smile of the Virgin Mary and said to the crowd, "his name is Lee Li. He also has a nickname, but I don't address him that way usually. Is it Lay, honey?"

"Oh, ha," the woman named Fannie started to play tricks again. She covered her mouth with the back of her hand and laughed horribly. Then she said, "Lee Li, right? I have never... Wait, what's his nickname? Lay?"

"Leo, I'm so sad that Sally always forgets it!" The man answered. At the same time, he rubbed the buttocks of Sally, acting like a spoiled child.

Looking at him shyly, Sally began to punch him on the chest with her small fist, complaining that he had touched her in front of so many people to make her shy.

However, no one paid attention to what they were doing, because everyone was waiting for the response of Fannie.

Unexpectedly, Fannie changed her attitude and opened her mouth wide in surprise. She stared at the model man carefully and then said in surprise, "You are the little model signed by the Harry Show recently, aren't you? Oh, no, I shouldn't have called you little model, because you are the youngest signed model of the Harry Show."

"What? The youngest signed model? How old is he? How old is Leo?"

"20! Oh my God! Sally, you are so lucky to have a boyfriend at such a young age!" Fannie's attitude immediately made a big turn of one hundred and eighty degrees. Seeing her ugly awkward response, Vana was almost clapping her hands to show her surprise.

Vana: Excuse me? Sally? Who called her bitch just now?

Vana was so embarrassed that she pretended that the counter was dirty and continued to work.

As Fannie's attitude changed, the people around began to change.

According to Vana's understanding, those people should have called Sally "robbed the cradle" at this time. However, they began to praise her for her luck and insight, which made Vana witness a great scene in her life.

However, as the discussion began to favor Sally, some discordant voices gradually pointed at Vana.

"Sally, you are really something. I heard that you did a good job in selling luxury goods on the second floor, right? But it was because of that bitch, Vana, who made Julie become like that, that you are forced to take the shift."

"That's right. Vana is a person who likes to do things that can't be done well. Be careful, Sally. It was that bitch who almost made Julie lost her life."

"Well, well, Sally, you don't know how cruel and merciless Vana is. She stole my customer last time with her beauty. You have to pay attention to her."

In order to curry favor with a person, one had to lower a person, which was an irreversible trend of social survival. And how poor the popularity of Vana in the mall was in direct proportion to how many customers she had robbed.

And Vana's advantage was never her appearance. Her shopping guidance ability was never worse than others, and the speed of selling products was never slower than others. However, in the eyes of everyone, her appearance had become the reason why everyone rejected her, and also the reason why everyone overturned her hard work and ability to slander her.

Is it my fault to be beautiful? I'm still a child! ! !

Vana roared silently and continued to wipe the counter with her head down. Eh, the glass on the counter seemed to be able to reflect the light. Eh, how could it be able to re

flect people's shadows?

As soon as Vana saw the person in the glass, she immediately raised her head to calm herself down. She grinned a smile that could be described as silly. She said in a bright voice, "Sally, do you want to talk with your boyfriend for a while? It doesn't matter. I can do it by myself. You can go!"

However, on the other hand, Sally came over with her boyfriend's hand in her hand and warned Vana in a very arrogant tone, "don't try to play tricks on me, or my boyfriend will come to avenge me."

After swallowing a mouthful of saliva, Vana looked at Sally and her boyfriend Lee Li, and nodded dully to agree.

With so many people watching, how could you be so coward, Vana. And she didn't bully others at ordinary times. It was obvious that they framed her, but they was framed by their teammates. Besides, she didn't rob customers. They all came to her obediently.

She was so sad, but she had to pretend to live with a smile.

Vana's smile was really ugly, worse than crying.

Therefore, her smile frightened Sally. She glared at Vana in disgust and pulled her boyfriend towards the elevator. Her boyfriend seemed to want to threaten Vana and kept looking back at her, which made Vana want to make a face behind to vent her anger. But just forget it, she'd better continue to guard the counter.

During the whole day, except for the morning when Sally's boyfriend came, which caused quite a stir, all the people in the counter behaved themselves after that, and continued to indulge in the thought that why Sally hadn't come back after she left.

However, Vana didn't care much about it. Because the business of the market on Monday was very quiet, and it seemed that Sally had been rejecting her from the beginning, so she didn't urge her to come back to work, let alone complain to her.

It was not until noon when Carrie came that Vana was able to have lunch. However, she still had to go to work in the afternoon, which she had promised Steve.

After dinner, Vana took out her card and was about to enter the back door of the building, but was stopped by a man far away.

She heard that the man was calling her, but it seemed that he was not sure about her name. He called her vaguely, but as soon as Vana turned around, she ran into the model man.

What was he doing here?

"Are you Vana?" The model man showed a friendly smile. Vana was a little confused. Did he want to apologize to her behind Sally's back?

Good boy, so kind.

"I've been waiting for you here for a long time! With all due respect, I like your face very much. Would you mind making an appointment with me for a sex at noon?"

Vana: fuck you, son of a bitch.

Vana thought it was a waste to talk to such a crazy man, so she immediately turned around and left in anger. But before she took two steps, the person behind her quickly grabbed her wrist.

"Don't pretend. Your friends said that you would accompany all the guests. I'm handsome and rich. You won't suffer any loss."

Vana felt that she was about to grit her teeth, but she still held back the last bit of sanity. She had to be calm for the sake of Sally. After all, he was only 20 years old and was not sensible.

"I'm good at it. When I went to your staff toilet at noon, Sally that Slut even lost her voice."

Damn it! I can't stand it!

With a crack, two fingers of Lee's big hand, which was quickly snapped back by Vana, were easily broken. The disdain on his face turned into panic and just less one second was used. 1 second later, he ferociously circled Vana's neck with his arms, screamed and cursed, "Shit! so great strength, hiss... It hurts! You bitch! I'll teach you a lesson! "

As Lee Li hissed in pain, he began to drag Vana aside. Vana thought it was a piece of cake to deal with this kind of man, and she was not in the mood to play with him, so she quickly hit Lee's abdomen with her elbow. Lee Li loosened his grip in pain, and Vana was pleased to get rid of it. While retreating to the back door, she raised two middle fingers to despise him.

Then she swiped the card and went upstairs, forgetting what had happened to her.

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