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   Chapter 27 Male Model of Harry Show

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Although Sally had such an opinion, it did not mean that she would not scramble for the order. On the contrary, she was quite happy on the way to win the order.

Vana was supposed to be on the same shift with Carrie in the afternoon, but considering that she hadn't gone to work for the past few days, her performance had fallen a lot. In order to pay for Julie's medical expenses, she had spent all her savings.

Therefore, when Vana and Sally scramble for the orders, their behavior was not a little ugly, which was quite ugly.

What? Vana had been working abroad for so many years and should be very rich? How could she be so anxious to scramble for orders with strangers?

Are you kidding me? Vana used to rely on her parents and her ex-boyfriend. She couldn't take care of herself. She was an idiot when dealing with financial management. Why did you think she can save money?

Besides, Vana had another hobby, that was, to do all kinds of extreme exercises.

So she spent almost all her money on buying a motorbike, going to bungee jumping, skiing on the Mount Everest and so on.

Vana loved extreme sports, just like that guy was excited about killing.

To be more exact, this excitement was passion.

At the right time, Vana saw a man walking towards her from a distance. He was wearing an Armani coat, a LV printing shirt, and a pair of the latest Urok pointed leather shoes. It seemed like that his bag with a LV logo was full of heavy gold bars. Of course, the gold bars were thought out by Vana. The reason why she observed them so carefully was, of course, to attract the customer.

"Hello, sir. Are you here to buy jewelry? Are you interested in our ZXF Jewelry? There are a lot of new styles of jewelry recently, and some of them are particularly suitable for your unique temperament, sir. "

Vana: 'Shit!'

Vana took a look at Sally, who also had the same expression with her, and instantly saw a man coming out of the elevator. That man was very young, tall and thin, and he looked like a model. For the time being, it was not clear what brand he was wearing, so those salespersons were not ready to make a move.

Judging people by their appearance was the root of human beings, but in the mall, everyone observed people's clothes. This crazy bad root was slowly tainted Vana.

Before everyone could make a move, Sally's eyes lit up and immediately disappeared from the counter like the autumn wind sweeping away the fallen leaves.

As soon as Sally seemed to speed up to 60 miles per hour, she came to a sudden stop beside the male model. Then, in the full views of the public, Sally was very enthusiastic and humble... Kiss, kiss him.

Oh! Everyone was stunned.

Vana: 'This new comer is ambitious and responsible. She is a rare talent!'

But gradually, some people began to question, 'What's going on? You can't treat him like this just because he is handsome and rich! This woman was a bitch, or a bitch even more slutty than Vana.

Vana: 'Fuck. I have nothing to do with this.'

But soon, the model man made everyone more surprised.

After Sally stood on tiptoe to kiss the man's cheek, the man held her in his arms. Then he stretched out his big palm, which was bigger than ordinary people's, to cling to her small waist. Then he touched her hip along the trembling small wa

ist, and then pinched it hard. With the breath of Sally's, the man gave everyone a fatal blow.

He breathe in Sally's ear and said in a low voice, "Honey, do you want to sleep with me again?"

Oh! Everyone was trying to accept the message....

Vana: 'Is it really a pornographic film on the spot?'

Some girls coughed a few times, and then the crowd began to discuss again.

"This man is different from what we think. He is actually a horny man who likes bitch."

"It doesn't seem like they have known each other for the first time. Is it an illicit affair?"

"Wow, they have an illicit affair in the shopping mall. Sally is going to lose all her face."

"Don't you think that Sally is even more shameless than Vana?"

Vana: 'Well, well, you can say whatever you like. Anyway, I don't care. I'm broad-minded.'

As the man and Sally were flirting with each other, everyone was enjoying the pleasure of cursing and watching the live broadcast excitedly. The atmosphere was so intense that no one stopped them.

Seeing that it was almost the time for him to leave, Sally grabbed the man's arm and brought him to the counter. Then she stood in front of the crowd and announced in a very high-profile manner, "Let me introduce to you. This is my boyfriend, the signing model of the Harry Show in M Country. Today... He came to see me. " After saying that, Sally shyly paused for a second before she finished all her words.

Everyone: 'Oh my god, look at this bitch!'

All the people present knew that Harry Show was a fashion show held in M Country, which was regarded as the most high-end men's wear brand with the title of men's Victoria's Secret. Harlan Hathaway was a popular fashion brand in the world, and its products included men's underwear, swimsuit, clothes, shoes, exclusive cosmetics, luxury retro suit, perfume and so on. It was one of the most famous underwear brands in the world that could show male characteristics.

Harlan Hathaway's pronunciation was very long and complex, so people in H Country liked to combine these two words in one word as Harry. So the whole show would be simplified as Harry Show, which was the most famous fashion show in the world.

The crowd thought that Sally was such a bitch because she even showed off her boyfriend in front of everyone.

Sally was so arrogant to announce that her boyfriend was a male model signed by the Harry Show. Did this woman think she was different from others? Did she think she was superior to others? It was so hateful.

So, suddenly, someone in the crowd came up and said disdainfully, "You haven't introduced your boyfriend's name yet! I've paid most attention to the Harry Show, so I know the names of the models they signed. Harry Show is not an ordinary show, and it's difficult to be signed by them. Up to now, there are less than three persons in H Country who have signed with them. I remember very clearly, but you know, the models all look alike, so I can't remember their faces clearly, but I remember their names clearly. So your boyfriend should be very famous. Tell us his name! "

"That's right. Don't be so stingy. Don't hide your boyfriend's name. Tell Fannie about it. She talks about the Harry Show every day."

"Aha, look at her face. Her boyfriend is definitely not the model signed by the Harry Show."

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