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   Chapter 26 Let It Go

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Just after noon, Vana had thought that the matter that she had made a scene had been turned over after one day, but she heard from Carrie on the phone that the whole mall had gone crazy with discussions. She said that Daisy had been fired for some unknown reason, and even Petty's bonus for this month had been deducted. Then Carrie asked Vana if she had received any punishment notice, and if her salary had also been deducted and needed help.

But Vana had been with Julie the whole morning. She didn't receive any punishment except that Julie had received compensation from the company.

Vana was confused. She was the only one who got involved in Julie's allergy. Why did the company punish Daisy and Petty, who had nothing to do with it?

She thought for a long time and didn't understand what it meant. At last, when the two were about to hang up the phone, Carrie suddenly said, "by the way, Vana, the company has sent someone to deal with the flowers, but obviously, the company wanted to confirm it, so they took some of the flowers away and investigated. I really hope that the flowers won't make Julie allergic, so that you can clear your grievance. You don't know what the people in the mall think of you. Why don't you come back and apply for transfer to another department a few days later? I heard that the company's operations department is recruiting new employees."

"Carrie, I know you are worried about me, but I believe I can hold on!"

"Vana, I don't want you to leave. I just think that you will be surrounded by everyone's gossip!"

Vana was so moved. Since she came back, only Carrie treated her as a good friend sincerely. At this time, she did not forget to help her observe the situation of the shopping mall. It was so considerate.

Vana's attitude towards Carrie was even softer, and tears of gratitude were about to spill over her eyes. "You know what, Carrie, I really appreciate meeting a friend like you! You are so kind to me!"

Then, Carrie said that it was worth it to have a friend like Vana. After talking for a long time, the two hung up the phone.

Vana glanced at the time. She had to ask Julie to take the medicine.

But when she looked for Julie again, she found that Julie had left the ward and gone somewhere.

Vana remembered that Julie said this morning that she was almost disfigured.

Immediately, Vana was extremely worried and began to look for Julie in every corner of the hospital.

Fortunately, Julie didn't do anything stupid. When Vana found her, she was making a phone call at the exit of the safe passageway.

Vana wanted to call Julie, but she heard Julie say, "I really can't hold on any longer. She seems to have noticed that I am allergic to shrimp, not pollen."

Vana was stunned, but she subconsciously stepped back. But the door behind her made a sound, and Julie immediately found her.

As the two people found each other and screamed in horror, Julie's phone accidentally fell down from the gap of the stairs.

"Watch out! Phone!" Vana shouted nervously.

Julie looked at her phone in a hurry, but didn't feel regretful. Then Julie was frightened to cry by Vana, and tears slid down from the rash that hadn't dissipated. For a moment, Vana didn't know how to react, so she stared at Julie who was crying.

"Vana, Vana, I was wrong. Don't come over. Don't hit me!"

Vana was a little embarrassed. She didn't want to hit Julie!

She was worried that their movements would be discovered by the onlookers, so she comforted Julie, "Julie, don't cry. I am the one wh

o should cry now, okay? I was framed and wronged by you. Now the whole mall is gossiping about me. I didn't mean to hurt you. After all, you are also a victim."

"You don't hit me?"

"Well, you are still injured. Why should I hit you?"

"But if you know what I have done to you, you won't treat me so peacefully. What should I do? I suddenly feel you are so pitiful now!"

Vana was a little confused. She was not the one who was seriously allergic. Why should she be pitiful. Although she just complained that the people in the mall were gossiping about her behind her back, she didn't care about it at all. After all, there were too many rumors after she came back, and she was already numb to them.

"Julie, crying can't solve the problem. If you really feel sorry for me being wronged by you, just tell me why you are allergic to flowers, okay?"

But Julie didn't say anything. She bit her lips and sobbed desperately. Vana couldn't do anything to her. Presumably, Julie was not the only one who planned this. She was afraid that if she spilled the beans, others would be involved. It meant that this matter was really not simple. Julie was simple minded. It was normal for her to be led by others.

So Vana had to take a roundabout approach and said, "Julie, I will let this thing go. After all, you were seriously injured and almost died, but you have to promise me that you won't do anything harmful to me again after I forgive you this time, okay?"

Julie thought that she didn't want to do such a thing against her own will after this time, so she nodded after hesitating for a while.

"Then let's make a deal. We won't mention it anymore. I won't force you to tell me who instigated you, and you won't do anything harmful to me anymore. Let's go back to the ward now and pretend nothing has happened."

Julie slowly wiped her tears, agreed and followed Vana back to the ward.

In fact, the reason why Vana was willing to talk to Julie was that Julie was a poor little girl. And it was not the wrong of kind people, it was the wrong of people who take advantage of them.

Moreover, without a person who wanted to hurt her all the time, Vana could sleep more comfortably. It was a win-win situation. Why not?

As for what Carrie said, the company was also investigating this matter. Presumably, even if they could find out that the flowers were not allergic, they would not be able to find strong evidence to prove that her behavior in public was unintentional, so the whole matter would end up with nothing definite.

The night passed peacefully. On the second morning, Vana helped Carrie to complete the discharge formalities.

It was nine o'clock in the morning when she went back to work at the counter of SS Jewelry. Vana's appearance did not cause any complaint from the shopping mall, and Carrie was not on the counter either. This time, her partner was a new employee, Sally Xia, who was sent here from downstairs.

In the past, the sales of Sally Xia in her counter had always been very good. Although she was not the No. 1, the monthly salary that she got was incomparable to that of the people on the fourth floor.

She despised people who bought jewelry very much. Although jewelry was very expensive, it was not like clothes, bags and shoes, which were women's daily goods. In her opinion, it was lucky for the jewelry counter's group to sell a gem a week.

Therefore, she also looked down upon all the employees on this floor. As long as people who were selling jewelry, she would not look at them seriously.

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