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   Chapter 25 Allergen

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'Wait for me? Doesn't he know how intimate these three words are? ' Vana said to herself, but soon she shook her head and put this strange idea aside.

She remembered that when she was at home in the past, in order to relieve the difference in the status of servants, she often used the words "we", "everyone" instead of "me" and "you". Because Vana knew that all the vulnerable actually needed more recognition and sense of security from their boss, and these words would quickly close the distance between them, so that everyone would feel more comfortable and they could get along well with each other.

Vana had always been disgusted with her mother at that time, her mother always used some words to show her status. Her purpose was completely opposite to Vana, and the gap between them was self-evident.

"Ross, rural people like you can't tell the difference between slightly sweet and a little sweet. But listen to me, it must be a little sweet, okay?"

"Oh my God! Who is this poor country girl? She actually put the dandelion seeds into the yard. This kind of weeds can't grow in my garden! "

However, Vana always comforted everyone, "Ross, let's do it together and try to make it as sweet as mom said, okay?"

"Mom, the dandelion is flying with the wind. Joan can't stop them, but Joan and I will help you drive out the herbs, okay? Will you, Joan? "

In fact, this kind of phenomenon that could distinguish people from different classes was often seen in life, but it was the first time that Vana met a great entrepreneur like Simon who could think so much for the employees. The employees of the Si Company were really happy.

Trying Vana's best to suppress the idea of disturbing Simon, she clicked on the other text and began to read the English on it.

Because the person who sent the message was not good at writing Chinese, most of the messages were sent in English.

Dear Vana

You received the flowers but didn't call back.

Do you want me to send someone to kidnap you back? ...

Vana was so frightened that she immediately replied:

I have to work every day. ok? ...

The nervousness in her previous messages with Simon had all disappeared, and it was much easier to chat with this guy, but this guy's identity was not easy.

Before Vana could receive the message, vibration sound rang, and that person called.

Vana raised her head and looked at Julie on the bed. She didn't know when Julie had fallen asleep, but she was vigilant and didn't answer the phone immediately. Instead, she quietly put on her shoes and went to the bathroom. Then she closed the door to stop the sound from leaking out. Vana answered the phone.

For a while, an attractive voice sounded from the phone, "Oh! Dear Vana, the phone rang for seven times before you answered. Are you killing someone? "

"You sent me those flowers today. Do you know that you implicate me?"

However, the man on the other end ignored the fact that he had implicated Vana. Instead, he was a little angry and said, "You've forgotten the way to talk with me and you just left for less than two months Let me think about what punishment I should give you!"

"The flowers you sent today made my friend allergic to pollen and almost died. You were right just now. I was not killing people, but was forced to almost kill her."

There was finally some reaction on the other end. The man's voice suddenly snorted after a pause, and then he continued to say in an attractive tone, "Honey, what nonsense are you talking about? I picked and dealt with those flowers by myself. I was so considerate after knowing that you were allergic to shrimps! Oh, don't be moved. You just need to appear outside my door in the morning four hours later. "

"What? Have you ever dealt with that bunch of flowers? Doe

s it mean that there is no pollen in it? "

"Aha, I also found ten people who are allergic to pollen to test it. How is it? Are you moved to tears? If you come back at seven o'clock tomorrow morning, I can selflessly accept the unreasonable you! "

That man asked ten people to test whether there was still pollen in the flowers. Of course, Vana believed it, because the man would always do a lot of things for her in such a large scale. Even if they dug out the gold of a mountain and placed it in front of her one year ago, it was just because Vana said that she liked golden.

Vana was stunned. She looked at the bathroom door subconsciously. Although the door was not transparent and she couldn't see Julie on the bed, what did she hear? How could Julie be allergic to those flowers without pollen?

"You're running out of my patience. You're getting more and more thoughtless!"

Vana heard the man's cold voice and thought of his character. She immediately shivered and said, "Wait, honey. You are so considerate!"

Perhaps it was because he had never heard that Vana was so enthusiastic that the man suddenly said something in surprise, "What did you say?"

Somehow, Vana felt a little shy. She smoothed her hair and covered the receiver with one hand. She said in a low voice, "It should be two o'clock in the morning in Eritrea, right? I'm sorry that my phone was powered off before, but I like that bunch of flowers very much. "

"Well, as long as you like it. I just picked it up for fun. Have you read the words on the card? Shirley bet that you will scold me in the bottom of your heart! "

"Did you write those words?" Vana was surprised. This man didn't know how to write Chinese at all?

"Haven't you seen me write Chinese?" He seemed to be a little angry.

However, Vana still didn't feel the anger on the other end. She said directly with contempt, "Have you written it? Ha-ha, you are an idiot in the H Country!"

With a sound of something heavy falling, Vana heard the busy tone of her phone.....".

He smashed his phone again. When could he get rid of this bad habit?

Vana rubbed her hair and realized that it was two o'clock in the morning.

That was to say, that guy didn't go to bed until two o'clock in order to wait for her call? Didn't he say that if someone disturb his sleep after ten o'clock, he would throw that person to the war zone and smash him into beehives?

Or did he just sleep with a woman?

Vana chose to believe this reason. After all, it was more conform with that person's personality.

Thinking that the man wouldn't disturb her tonight, Vana hurried to the bathroom and went out to continue to lie on the bed. Vana didn't fall asleep until midnight.

The second morning, Vana was woken up by an employee who came to deliver food to them. When Vana woke up, she saw Julie sitting on the bed and eating, so she quickly took the lunch box from the employee and thanked her. After the employee left, Vana quickly washed her face and rinsed her mouth. Then she sat down next to Julie for meal.

Julie was absent while eating. Vana had been thinking about Julie's allergen, so she couldn't focus on eating. About ten minutes later, Julie finished her meal and was about to get up to wash the lunch box. Vana immediately stood up to help her wash it. But when she saw Julie's lunch box, she blurted out by accident, "Julie, don't you eat shrimps either?"

Julie was startled. She stared at Vana's eyes and stopped wiping her mouth with tissue.

Vana didn't expect her reaction like this. She quickly said with a smile, "I thought you were allergic to shrimps like me. I saw that you haven't eaten shrimps two times!"

Without waiting for Julie's answer, Vana turned around and walked into the bathroom to wash the lunch box.

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