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   Chapter 24 Wait Me Back

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"Clap!" a sound was heard along with the cold words of Marcus. "There is no room for you to question here."

Seeing the palm print on Daisy's face, Steve thought to himself, 'general Marcus, are you avenging for Vana?'!

Daisy was frozen. She didn't expect that she would be beaten. The grievance in her heart had blinded her eyes. She was so anxious that she didn't know who she should find. She pulled Steve's sleeve and said, "Mr. Steve, you have to help me clear my grievance. It's okay that I was misunderstood and beaten by the leader for no reason. But why did he fire me so indiscriminately?"

After another loud slap, the clown finally quieted down.

'Three slaps, right? Vana's face was swollen because of the three slaps from you. It's lucky for you that Mr. Simon didn't take your lives and you should pray to Buddha for it. Being slapped by me is the least punishment.

…… 'But what excuse can I find next?'

Before Marcus could find an excuse, Daisy was so angry that she suddenly rushed up and grabbed Vana's arm. Fortunately, Steve and Marcus quickly protected her behind. With her big eyes wide open, Daisy cried, "Vana, you are a coquettish bitch. Do you hook up with these two leaders behind my back? How could they give up a shop manager who has been tested and verified as a professional for an ordinary employee? You are such a coquettish bitch. I will kill you."

With a howl of Daisy, Marcus gave her several fierce slaps.

'How dare you call our boss's woman a coquettish bitch? Give you a slap!

How dare you say that this woman hook up me and Steve? Another slap!

How dare you throw a tantrum in front of me? I will slap you to death!'

Then all kinds of excuses appeared in Marcus's mind. This slap directly slapped her more than ten times. Previously, Marcus had tried hard not to use his real strength, but later he couldn't control it anymore. It was not until this contemptible scoundrel forgot to react and Steve in front of him called him several times that he calmed down.

At this time, the anger of Daisy was gone, and her two cheeks were as red as apples that had been boiled with water. Steve looked at Marcus with some worry. But Marcus who didn't know what was worries at all said to the people around him, "whoever wants to cause trouble with this matter today, his or her consequences will just like this woman. Mr. Steve, please go through the dismissal procedures quickly as I said before. Tomorrow morning, if this woman dares to step into the World Trade Mall, I will punish you."

Before Marcus left, he gave a meaningful look at Vana. Vana saw that he was showing off, and Marcus meant, "future Mrs. Simon, I did a good job today, didn't I?" but no one could understand his meaning. Soon the violent man left.

After the man left, Daisy covered her cheeks and murmured, "why is this?"

Vana also wanted to ask why things had turned like this?

She was supposed to be fired by the company, but now the shop manager was fired. How could this company act like their boss? No wonder the company was ruled by that man.

Soon, Steve called Daisy and Petty out to have a talk. Petty had been hiding aside and pretending to be invisible since Marcus came. Although she had a lot of confusion now, she dared not to do anything to Vana tonight because of what happened to Daisy.

Vana took a look at Julie, who was standing on the ground barefoot. She wanted to help Julie to the bed, but Julie quickly took a few steps back to avoid her as if she was escaping from a plague.

"Stay away from me. I didn't do anything to you just now. I just pushed you a few times!" Julie was very uneasy, with her hands against the wall behind her.

"Julie, I just want to help you. Why are you afraid of me? I didn't do anything just now!"

"No, it's not like that.. Daisy was fired because she hit you, and Mr. Steve also called Petty out. I'm afraid... I'm afraid..."

"Julie, how could you think so? I really don't know Mr. Steve and that strange man. If I knew them, would I still be an ordinary employee?" It seemed that Julie had believed what Daisy said and thought she had hooked up the two leaders.

"Really?" Julie was too young and she trusted others easily. Vana didn't know what she could say and she just nodded naturally.

Soon, Julie calmed down a little. Vana slowly approached Julie. Julie no longer rejected her. She helped Julie to sit on the edge of the bed and said to her, "I'll get a basin of water to warm your feet. The ground is too cold."

After saying that, Vana was about to do something, but Julie grabbed Vana's hand in a hurry and said, "Vana, will you kick me out of the company as well? I have a brother at school. Mom is sick. I can't lose this job!"

Vana knew that working in SS Jewelry was the dream of many people. After all, this work is easy and the basic salary was high, not to mention the Commission, which was a little higher than other peers. This kind of welfare was the reason why many young women were tied up, so the vast majority of employees would cherish such a job opportunity.

It seemed that Julie was still suspicious of her, but Vana was not in a hurry to explain. She nodded patiently and said, "listen to me, your feet are too cold. It will hurt your body. If you have a good rest these days, I will promise to talk to Mr. Steve. Is it okay?"

Julie suspected that she had an affair with Steve, who was at her father's age. She really thought highly of her taste. But this girl was not only simple but stubborn. The things she believed would not be changed in a short time. Vana had no choice but to not deny this affair with her, which was better than having an affair with the abnormal man just now.

Vana had never seen a man could be so righteous when he slapped a woman. It was simply a weirdo.

Vana wanted to stop him, but when she thought of the words that she was scolded by Daisy, she thought Daisy should be beaten!

Vana shook her head and abandoned the ridiculous idea in her heart. Then she took a basin of water to Julie. As soon as she finished these things, the door of the ward was pushed open. Steve came in and told her not to go to work tomorrow. She should take care of Julie these days.

Vana agreed. She waved goodbye to the money in her heart and still plucked up the courage to face the trouble she had caused.

Then, she helped Julie lie down. After cleaning up the mess of the dinner, she also lay down on the sofa to rest. The nurse in the hospital was kind enough to bring her a pillow and quilt.

However, there was a small problem with Vana. She was used to sleeping in the same bed. So when she changed to another place, she couldn't fall asleep. And Julie, who was lying on the bed, seemed to be sleepless, tossing and turning on the bed, thinking about something.

Vana plugged in the charger she borrowed from the nursing station, and her phone, which had turned off, lit up. She turned on the phone, and a second after the music disappeared, several messages popped up.

Vana muted the phone in a hurry and began to check the messages.

There were two pieces of information that shocked her, but after that, she felt everything that happened today was unreal.

The first message she clicked on was from a strange number with only several simple words.

'I'm Simon'

Vana was shocked. She rubbed her eyes and looked at the words two times to make sure that she knew them, but she couldn't understand.

Her phone number should be told by Steve, but why did Simon want her number?

Just to find her on Tuesday so that he could finish his gratitude?

This man was too persistent? She felt that he was a little stubborn.

Vana was embarrassed because she didn't know how to reply this message. If she didn't reply, it would be impolite. If she didn't receive or see it, it would be okay. But if she didn't reply after reading it, she would really feel sorry.

So she tossed and turned, holding the phone in her hands. After thinking for a while, she replied, "Okay, I've saved it!"

After sending the message, she was pissed off by herself. Was it necessary to save the boss's number for a meal? Simon must have misunderstood that she was the kind of person who took advantage of the situation to climb up. Vana was so regretful and she was afraid that Simon would think that she was a woman with chaotic private life.

But when Vana didn't know what to do, her phone vibrated. She immediately looked at the phone, and the unlocked screen showed a message from a strange number:

'Wait me back! '

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