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   Chapter 23 Dismiss This Woman

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After Simon left, Vana and Carrie accompanied Ethan to the injection hall for an intravenous drip. Carrie and Ethan got along very well, and Vana was worried about Julie on the other side, so she went upstairs after a while.

Vana had been staying by Julie's side all the time. Although Julie had been insulting and satirizing her from time to time. She said that Vana wanted to get close to Simon, but in Vana's opinion, it was all Julie's doing after getting angry, she did not treat Julie too aggressively.

Time flied and it was nine o'clock in the evening. Vana asked Carrie to take Ethan home and asked Carrie not to come here at night. At first, Carrie was determined to accompany Vana, but was forced by Vana not to waste the energy of the two people. After all, they had to go to work tomorrow.

Therefore, when Petty and Daisy came to see Julie, there was only Vana here.

Vana and Julie were having a compensatory dinner sent by the company at that time. While Vana was happy to have such a rich dinner with Julie, she picked out the shrimp from the dinner.

When Vana looked up at the opened door, she accidentally saw that Julie also threw the shrimp on the table. Before she could ask Julie if she was also allergic to shrimp, she heard a very coquettish voice.

"Wow, someone is still in the mood to eat!"

Petty didn't like Vana. She stared at Vana as if she was going to skin her.

Seeing the two of them, Julie started to cry again.

"Daisy, Petty, if the manager hadn't sent me here today, I would have died."

Petty glared at Julie with disappointment, but Julie kept wiping her tears and didn't see her. Then Daisy started to say, "But it was Vana who called the first aid when you were in danger. Why don't you thank her?"

"Vana..." Julie looked back at Vana and seemed to understand what Daisy meant in an instant. She suddenly pushed away the table on the bed fiercely and pounced on Vana. "Vana, you're such a troublemaker. I'm really muddled. I actually believe that you didn't do it on purpose. You've planned it for a long time. Tell me, why did you hurt me?"

Vana's face was scratched by Julie before she could react. A stabbing pain came and Vana immediately stepped back.

It was impossible to comfort Julie now. Petty came here to irritate Julie.

"Vana, why are you hiding from Julie? You almost killed her. Why didn't you let Julie hit you? Aren't you always threatening us in a loud voice? Why don't you dare to threaten me today? "

The reason why Vana threatened Petty and others was that Petty often played tricks on her, such as hiding needles in towels, beans in food, and a nail inserted into her high-heeled shoes, it could hurt her when the high-heeled shoes were broken. There were countless such things. Vana wasn't say that they were vicious, but Petty bit back.

What's more, Petty and Julie had brought food to her these days. How could Vana forget the scars so soon? She had been given a hard time when she came to the company and swore that she would never trust those women again.

Of course, except for Carrie.

But before she could finish her thoughts, Petty rushed over and pressed her against Julie. Petty said in a righteous tone, "Julie, hurry up. I'll help you hold this evil woman. You must teach her a lesson this time."

Vana was hit by Julie and Petty two times, and easily escaped from the attack of the two people. Petty was still running after her, so Vana walked to Daisy side and said, "Daisy, I admit that I did something wrong, but the leaders should have told you the solution to this matter. If the things continue to develop according t

o their private will, the company may be issued a criminal notice, which also means that it will damage the company's reputation. "

"How dare you threaten me? Call the police if you can!" Daisy actually stood on Petty's side.

Vana felt a little sad, but someone grabbed her hair in an instant. Then she saw Julie, who had been weak all the time, jumped off the bed and pressed her shoulder. Then her fists punched down like rain. Vana endured it all the time and did not make any reaction.

However, the strength of the three women was strong, and for a few times, it was unbearable for Vana who had been used to all kinds of pain. Finally, their movements alerted the doctors and nurses, and they were forced to disperse.

Vana's hair was scattered, and her lipstick was wiped on her face. In addition to the wound left by Julie, there were also several overlapping palm marks left by Petty.

And Vana's clothes had been wrinkled. To Vana's surprise, it was made by Daisy.

Daisy used to be nice to her turned out to be a shrew.

Soon, the doctor called the leader in charge of the company, who said that someone would come immediately. To Vana's surprise, it was Simon's assistant, but she had never seen this person. Steve came after Simon's assistant.

Steve looked at Vana who had already tidied up her hair but could see that she was seriously injured. Steve looked at Marcus subconsciously, who was the assistant of Simon. Marcus was the leader of the Black Regiment of Si Family. How could Simon let this man deal with it.

"Steve, the boss personally handled this matter in the afternoon, but this phenomenon still appeared. Don't you think it is very serious and has seriously affected the company's rules and regulations?"

Steve echoed submissively as soon as Marcus finished his words. On the other side, Daisy knew that the punishment for Vana was probably due to the performance brought by her, so they did not kick Vana out of the company. So Daisy immediately said, "Sir, in fact, the performance of Vana in the company was helped by several other employees, and the other employees' performance was also very good. For example, Petty, sometimes her performance was even better than that of Vana, so I think it's unfair to the injured employee if they are forced to do such an unfair execution in order to retain talent. Could you please inform our boss that we'd better kick Vana out of the company? "

As soon as Daisy finished her words, Marcus suddenly fixed his sight on her. His sight were as cold as a sword, with a terrifying force.

If he didn't mishear, was this woman rude to his mistress?

Although Marcus had heard of Vana before, he had heard from Terence and James that the woman could make his boss infatuated. Therefore, even if the woman was not as beautiful as a fairy, she should behave decently, but now... Well, maybe boss had a special taste.

But her appearance was good. Although boss had a unique taste, his happiness was the most important.

"Do you think you have the right to comment here?" Marcus made Daisy speechless, but his next words made Daisy go crazy.

He said, "Fire this woman too. Boss doesn't want to see such a person become his stumbling block."

Steve immediately reacted and thought, 'It seems that boss is still chasing after Vana? But it was obvious that he couldn't get close to Vana with another identity? Does boss want romantic plots in love story? Oh my God! Damn it! It must be because Daisy doesn't want to live long so that she affects the boss and his future girlfriend. '

However, Daisy was immediately stunned. She shouted, "Why?"

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