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   Chapter 22 Let's Have Dinner After I Come Back

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Just as the several people in the ward were thinking about something, a voice suddenly came from outside the ward. The voice was a little childish, but it could be heard that it was a little weak.

"Uncle Simon, I'm going to have an intravenous drip. You can ask Uncle Terence to stay with me later. You can go back first if you have something to do!"

Vana recognized that the boy was Ethan. At this time, he was standing outside the door, with the thumb of one hand on the wrist of the other hand. He probably had just finished the skin test.

"You brat, don't call me uncle. Call me brother!" Behind Ethan, Terence held his head and rubbed it.

After Terence rubbed his head, Ethan recognized Vana. He was a little surprised and blinked his playful eyes, "Why are you here?"

Vana took a look at Simon and slowly walked towards Ethan. Seeing that his face was a little red, she touched his forehead. Ethan was a little shy because of this, but he didn't take a step back.

"You have a fever? Last time I saw you, your face was covered with wounds. This time I saw you having a fever. Why are you so weak? Be careful that Lola will take the opportunity to bully you again."

Perhaps it was because Lola didn't talk to Ethan these days that Ethan felt a little disappointed. The light in his eyes dimmed for a second, and he immediately looked up and smiled at Vana. "Don't go back and tell her that I'm sick, or she will come to bully me."

The glimmer in his eyes didn't mean that he was begging her not to tell this to Lola. Instead, she felt that he was begging her to tell her as soon as possible. He was enjoying the bullying of Lola.

Then Vana would do as he wished. It seemed that Lola had been texting her recently and said that she was bored.

The two of them just had normal interaction, which made people feel the atmosphere of love, but what Vana did was also enough to prove that her relationship with Simon was different from that of others.

After saying that, Vana looked at Simon and said, "Mr. Simon, if you have something to deal with, I can take care of him on behalf of you. After all, I can't leave Julie. I will send Ethan back after the injection. You can rest assured if you are busy."

When she was about to speak, Carrie, who was standing aside, suddenly came over and rubbed Ethan's hair. Then she said friendly to Simon, "yes, King Si. I'm also here. If Vana can't take care of him, I can take care of him! But what's the relationship between you and this boy? He looks like you so much!"

Simon looked at Carrie up and down straight. In an instant, Carrie didn't know where to put her hands and then hold the little Ethan beside her.

"Ethan is my brother's son. My brother and sister-in-law have been abroad recently."

"Really? No wonder you are so considerate to take him to see a doctor. What a gentle man!" As Carrie spoke, she made eyes at Simon, but Simon smiled politely and turned to look at Vana.

"I'll fly to J City at four fifteen. Now we have twenty minutes to talk about the solution in private!"

"Oh, okay, let's go out and have a talk!" Vana winked at Ethan and asked him to wait for her. Then she walked out of the room.

After Vana and Simon came out, Steve still didn't come out for a long time. Simon sat down on the chair in the corridor without doing anything, but from time to time, he would attract the attention of the medical and patient passing by.

After a while, Steve came out. Seeing that Steve and Simon just simply nodded to each other, but Steve stood at the door of the ward without coming over, Vana was a little confused. Did it mean that it didn't need Steve to participate in the so-called discussion?

All of a sudden, Vana became overcautious. She had never thought that it was the two of them who discussed this matter. The atmosphere of they two alone made her a little embarrassed, and the surrounding atmosphere was somewhat subtle.

Before she could calm herself down, the man next to her said in a soft voice, "the stock market in J City is in turmoil. I may need two days to come back. The plane will arrive at ten o'clock in that morning. If you have time, we can have lunch together that day."

Vana:? ? ?

Seeing that Vana didn't say anything, Simon explained seriously, "last time I said I would thank you, but I had somethin

g urgent to do, so I want to thank you again. If you are not busy, then we have an appointment that day."

"Okay, okay. Then about Julie... "

"What's your work schedule these days?" Simon suddenly asked about the schedule, which surprised Vana.

But she quickly reacted and said, "Well, in recent days, we have to work in shifts. I'm in the same shift with Carrie, and the other six people are also in two shifts every day. But Mr. Simon, don't worry. I'll help Julie with her work, and it won't affect our normal schedule!"

"What about Tuesday morning?"

"Tuesday morning? Julie doesn't seem to be on duty!"

"I mean you."

"What? I? Well, I seemed to be on duty that morning!"

After Vana said that, Simon waved at Steve. Then Steve ran over and respectfully called "boss".

"Give Vana a break on Tuesday morning!"

"Okay, okay!"

"If you don't have enough manpower, you can transfer them from the counter downstairs."

"Yes, boss!"

Vana was still in a daze until Steve left.

That was to say, Simon asked so many questions just now not because he was worried that the employees of his jewelry counter were not enough to work in shifts, but because he was asking if she had time to have lunch with him at noon that day?

All of a sudden, Vana's face turned as red as an apple.

Although Vana had a feeling on Simon after she knew that he was Renee's nephew, except this reason, her resistance to good men was also very low. What's more, he was so good at flirting. He turned around the bush just in order to thank her. It's so romantic!

But it was a pity that Simon had already had a girlfriend, and he loved her very much. 'Even so, Vana, calm down. Simon is the man who causes Carrie to give up her boyfriend and keep her virginity!'

Vana could understand that a man who had been refined to his bone would be very persistent to thank others until they accepted his gratitude. Like Simon before who was politely refused by he but still wanted to thank her, and Simon today who still hadn't given up this idea and wanted to show his gratitude to her.

He wouldn't let her go if Vana didn't accept his gratitude.

Although Vana was looking forward to this kind of thing, ... 'Vana, try your best. Think about Carrie, and think about yourself. You are a married woman!'

"Then let's talk about the injured female employee."

The injured female employee?

Excuse me?

Was he talking about Julie?

It was hard for Vana to imagine that he couldn't remember the name she had said so many times. Did he usually call her "aunt of Lola"?


"Oh, okay, Mr. Simon. If the company doesn't fire me, I'm afraid that Julie, the injured employee, will think it's unfair. And I did something wrong. I shouldn't have placed the flowers on the counter. I forgot what if a customer is allergic to flowers, it's really my fault!"

Vana only hoped that Simon could give her a light punishment for she helped him select jewelry for his girlfriend. After all, it was not too late for her to admit her mistake, and Julie's life was no longer in danger.

But Simon asked, "someone sent you flowers?"

'does he always deviate the topic? ' Vana wondered?

"Yes, dose the company not allow flowers to be sent to the counter?"

With a long face, Simon looked away and said coldly, "from now on!"

Vana only thought that Simon was angry. Although she just realized the seriousness of this problem, fortunately, there was no loss in the company. As long as there was a staff code in the future, everything would be fine. Was it because of the dereliction of management that he was angry?

While Vana was guessing randomly, Simon had already looked at his watch and stood up. Vana also stood up. Simon's tone suddenly softened and gently comforted her, "it's not your fault with Julie, and it's also caused by the company's mistakes. So I will let the company take over Julie's compensation. You can rest assured to work."

"What? You mean I don't need to compensate?"

"Do you want to compensate?" Simon frowned and looked at Vana.

"Anyway, Julie got injured because of me. I'll pay for her treatment and hospitalization."

With a smile on his face, Simon nodded and said, "then do as you said!"

Vana was already enchanted by the smile of Simon, and said mechanically, "Okay, just as I said!"

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