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   Chapter 21 He Is Simon

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When Julie was sent to the hospital, the doctors were all shocked. Then many doctors and nurses surrounded Julie and took her to the ward for rescue.

Vana had already noticed the seriousness of the matter. She couldn't imagine what would happen if something really happened to Julie. Carrie comforted Vana while praying in her heart. Steve was very depressed when he saw Vana, Steve comforted Vana for a while and then walked aside to make a phone call.

As time went on, the situation in the ward got better. The nurse said that Julie was out of danger and they could go in to see her as long as she was under control.

When three persons entered the ward together, Julie sat up madly as soon as she saw Vana. There was a transfusion needle on the back of her hand. The doctor immediately pressed her down for fear that she would hurt herself.

Steve stood aside and said, "You are no longer in danger. You just had difficulty in breathing before. If it was caused by Vana, both the company and Vana will compensate you. Why are you doing this? Just lie down and have a good rest."

However, Julie didn't listen to him and said fiercely, "But she almost killed me!"

Steve sighed and stopped comforting her. Julie began to cry silently, with a sense of fear to be a survivor of a disaster.

"Julie, you will be fine. But you have to tell the people around you that you are allergic to pollen in the future, okay? We don't know. Vana didn't mean to do that. Who would have thought that Vana would receive a bunch of flowers today, and who could have thought that you would change shift with Hayley? So Vana didn't mean to hurt you, and she also didn't know. Just take it as an accident. Fortunately, you are being cured. What do you think? "

With Carrie's words, Julie wanted to lose her temper, but she couldn't. In recent days, she did change shifts with Hayley for many times, in order to carry out the plan with Petty successfully. God has his own plans, and they finally found an opportunity today. Although the plan had changed, it was enough to pull down Vana.

Julie had experienced allergy before. As long as doctors controlled it, she would not be in danger again. So she remembered what she should do. She stared at Vana.

"Vana, even if you don't want to hurt me, how can you guarantee that the guests who approach our counter won't be allergic to pollen? It was me who found out the cause of the allergy. If it was someone else, how should you compensate for their loss? "

Standing aside all the time, Vana moved her lips. When she was about to speak, suddenly there was a burst of footsteps from the door of the ward. Everyone was interrupted by the footsteps and looked at the door.

In an instant, everyone was shocked with their mouths wide open.

Even Julie, who was lying on the bed, covered her mouth with her hands full of rashes in surprise.

"Mr. Si?" Vana was confused. Why was he here? Did he bring someone here to treat Julie's disease?

"Vana, I'm not dreaming, right? I must have an illusion. Why is King Si here? Oh, my God! I'm almost suffocated." Carrie held Vana's arm and shook it, which made Vana confused.

Acousma came to Vana's ears. She turned to look at Carrie and asked, "Is he Simon?"

"Oh, my God! He is so handsome! I'm so happy that almost fainted." Carrie's answer was enough to prove that the person in front of her was Simon.

But Vana remembered that when this man came to the counter to buy jewelry before, Steve didn't call him boss. If he was Simon, he would be the most senior leader of Vana. The senior leader require

d an employee to have dinner, and would he ask for leave from Steve?

Vana looked at Steve suspiciously. Steve realized that his lie had been exposed and looked at Simon awkwardly. Beside him, Simon stood straight with no expression, as if this matter had nothing to do with him.

Simon was also very conflicted. Actually, he had planned to let Vana get to know him step by step. Just like the suggestion given by Terence, he could make Vana get some benefits from him and become addicted to him.

However, the news brought by his grandfather two days ago dispelled Simon's idea of advancing step by step. It turned out that he asked Terence to investigate the two people were the same person, which meant that Vana was her fiancee who 'died' four years ago. For his fiancee, he could take a more powerful method to get her, but Simon was not in a hurry. What he wanted was not only her body, but also more.

When he was worrying that he didn't have a chance to see her again, he was told by Steve that Vana had made trouble in the company 'again'.

"I brought my nephew here to see a doctor. I heard that the employee of the company are also treated here. By the way, I come here to visit her. How is she?" Then Simon walked towards the bed.

Steve briefly reported Julie's current situation, saying that Julie was out of danger and could recuperate after the rest for a few days.

When Julie saw the real version of Simon approaching her, she began to breathe quickly. It seemed that the previous allergic suffocation appeared again, which made her face turn red.

"Don't irritate her. Her respiratory tract is allergic. It will be difficult for her to breathe!" Vana reminded Simon in a hurry, which made Simon stop.

When Simon heard that Vana took the initiative to talk to him, he turned his head and said, "I heard that it was because of you again?"

Vana was a little stunned. She ignored the word "again" and intuitively thought that the man was blaming her for causing such a dangerous condition.

"I'm sorry. I'll be responsible for it. Whether you fire me or let me afford compensation, I'll obey the company's arrangement."

After saying that, Vana was still thinking about how the company would deal with this matter, but at this time, Simon had deviated from the original route and walked towards her. Vana was a little embarrassed, and her hands tightened and relaxed on her side again and again.

"It seems that your so-called responsibility is to escape?"

"Ah, how could it be..."

"The company won't fire a person who made a mistake without knowing the fact. I heard that your performance is very good, so I should thank you on behalf of the company!"

"No, no. That's what I should do. But I'm responsible for what happened to Julie. If the company doesn't fire me, will it be difficult to convince the public? "

"It still need our discussion. How about we discuss a better solution in private later? What do you think?"


Vana didn't know why he asked her to discuss this matter. Did he want to see how much compensation she could afford? But on the whole, she couldn't get rid of this matter, and Vana had to cooperate well.

In fact, when Vana knew that the man was actually Simon, she was a little excited, because it was said that the man in front of her was the nephew of Mrs. Renee, which meant that Simon's mother and Mrs. Renee were sisters. All of a sudden, Vana's previous prejudice against Simon disappeared because of his relationship with Mrs. Renee. Those small flaws were really not worth mentioning in front of Mrs. Renee.

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