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   Chapter 19 Forced Marriage

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Vana, who was forcing herself to count the number of the birds and don't think of the man, shook her head. At this time, Clark's phone rang.

Soon, Clark gave up persuading her to drink and answered the phone. He even smiled at Vana subconsciously.

"Did you see the photo?", asked Clark.

Then he interrupted, "that's good. Don't ask. Just wait for a surprise from Grandpa. You will like it."

In the end, he was a little annoyed. "I told you not to ask. Why do you still ask? Do you know how to respect the elders? I've told you that grandpa won't do harm to you."

As soon as he hung up the phone, the corners of his mouth had been split to the back of his head.

"Aha, ha, ha, my in-laws, you see, we have had dinner and wine. Let's get down to business. It's about your granddaughter and my grandson's marriage!" When did they become in-laws? Was she drunk?

"Mr. Clark, I..." No, she couldn't marry a stranger.

"Don't interrupt elders." Edwin interrupted her and said with a smile to Clark, "you finally understand why I called you here today. Then let's go and play chess while talking."

Vana was thrown to the ground by the two men. She looked terrified. If she was not nervous, that's thinking highly of her psychological quality.

After all, it was her marriage. How could it be arranged so casually by her grandfather? Moreover, it was said that the fiance Cathy found for her was a dissolute addict. How could her grandfather sell her to such a person so easily?

For the whole afternoon, Vana had been resisting in a way of rolling her eyes, but after sending away Clark, the joy of Edwin hadn't faded away. With a face full of anger, Vana approached him and snorted, "Grandpa, is it because my parents have restricted you from spending money, so you have to use this way to squeeze out your granddaughter in order to exchange for your own interests?"

"Naughty girl, how could your grandpa be such a person?" Edwin said while slowly packing up the chessboard, without considering whether Vana was willing or not.

"Grandpa, I warn you, if you marry me to the man I have never seen before, I will... I'll go back to Eritrea and never come back!"

Vana's harsh resistance aroused the dissatisfaction of Edwin. The smile on his face froze, and finally he patiently taught her, "Vana, you can't even protect yourself in the Magic City now. Grandpa just wants to see your health and happiness in my life. Besides, your parents and I have seen the person you are going to marry, so we won't let you down. As for the love, you can slowly get along with each other, I believe that you two can be happy! Listen to me. I won't do harm to you."

Vana couldn't understand why all the adults liked to make decisions for them, saying that they were not doing harm to them. Wasn't this moral kidnapping enough to alert them? Whether it was her mother or grandfather, they would not stop until force the closest person to leave, would they?

"Grandpa, I know you want to make plans for my future, but I would rather not have such a relationship. Besides, you are 'kidnapping' me depending on the status that you are my grandfather. If even you are cruel to me, I would rather not be a member of the Gu Family." Vana bit her lips so hard that they turned pale. She didn't want to say these words to her grandfather, but she really couldn't accept it if she had to lose the only she had.

"Nonsense! Don't be so arrogant in front of me.

I tell you, as long as I say it' OK, it will be OK. No matter you accept or not, I will try to print your names on the same marriage certificate. It's not up to you."

Vana didn't want to listen to such suffocating words any more. She said to her grandfather ferociously, "in that case, I have nothing to say." then she turned around and left.

No matter how Edwin called her and threatened her that he would show her the final marriage certificate so that she didn't have to pretend to be strong, Vana left all these behind her.

'It's not a big deal even if I die.' she thought.

A few days later, Vana was ready to leave Magic City at any time to resist her grandfather's extreme means.

The key of Talbot in J City had been sent, along with a bunch of fresh baby's breath. When the huge bunch of flowers was taken out of the packing box, Carrie was worried that Vana couldn't hold it, so she came to help.

There was a card on the branch of the baby's breath. Vana opened the card with one hand. It read:

Dear Vana, It has been 56 days since you left. I'm waiting for you to come back every day.

You know I don't want to give you baby's breath. Well, this is your favorite.

But I want to give you the purple roses the most.

I'll wait for you forever.


Blue veins stood out on Vana's temples when she saw the card. That man didn't know how to say sweet words like this at all. Moreover, he was abroad, so it was even more impossible for him to ask Talbot to mail the card to her. She was sure that the card was written by Talbot. How could this guy be so disgusting.

Vana immediately called Talbot and was about to scold him, but he hung up after a few rings. A few minutes later, he sent her a message saying that he was having a class, so she gave up.

For the whole noon, Vana and Carrie were sorting out the huge bunch of baby's breath. As soon as the noon passed, the entire SS Jewelry counter was like a wedding site, which was wrapped in a sea of flowers by white and blue baby's breath.

At two o'clock, Julie and Petty came to change shifts. It seemed that the sun was shining outside. Even if the two of them had already arrived at the room, they were still unwilling to take off their hats and sunglasses.

After washing off the fragrance of flowers, Vana and Carrie were about to leave. But before the two of them took a step forward, Julie, who was standing behind them, suddenly screamed in horror, and then quickly crawled back and forth like a rat across the corridor. Everyone present was alert and immediately surrounded Julie to see what was going on with her.

She held her face with both hands, and the hat was thrown aside. But her face was densely packed with frightening small dots, which spread to her neck and hair, making people felt uncomfortable.

"Who! Who wants to hurt me! Ah, my face, my face." Julie lost control and twisted on the ground.

"Oh my God! What's going on? I saw she was fine in the dormitory at noon. How did it happen?"

"Can't you see that? She is allergic to skin. Allergy can kill people. Call 120 now!"

"She must have found out about her allergy before. Why hasn't she gone to the hospital yet? Isn't Julie afraid of death?"

"What if she just got allergic?"

No matter what the people around said, they didn't take any actions. Vana immediately dialed the emergency number. She didn't want to see Julie suffer any irreversible injury because of this.

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