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   Chapter 18 His Grandson’s Infatuation On her

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After a while, the table in the dining room was full of the specialty dishes of the ZR Mountain Villa. There were roast lamb leg, delicious and nutritious mushroom fish soup, fried vegetables that just picked, sweet and delicious chestnuts chicken, bullfrog fried with red onions, scallion stewed with vermicelli and rice.

These specialties of the countryside could not be eaten even in a big city. Vana must be very hungry without breakfast, but she still cared what her grandfather had said before.

That guy's fiancee! ! ! Could it will be...

"So your second daughter are still alive?" Clark was shocked and kept confirming the information. But when Clark said this, Edwin was somewhat angry. He pounded the table and pretended to be angry. "Who said my granddaughter was dead? You are all bitches. "

Clark shut up in a hurry. He patted on Edwin's shoulder and said, "But why can't I find any information about that girl in the past few years? We thought she was dead... Well, we don't dare to mention it in front of you. "

Edwin sighed and looked at Vana dotingly. "Well, this girl has suffered a lot. Let's not mention it. But it's true that you can't find out her information. Our girl has suffered too much outside, so I asked someone to erase her personal information in the past four years. I thought she was really gone at that time, but she came back. It was as if God had given me a new granddaughter, and I asked someone to change her identity. It's just that I haven't written down her past experience, you can only find out her information for the past month."

After Edwin finished his words, Clark didn't feel anything strange. He just thought that her experience outside didn't match the image of the Gu Family, so it was normal to erase it.

Moreover, the news of the death of the second daughter of Gu Family had already been spread in the country. If she returned to the Gu Family with that identity, it was inevitable that some villains would use it as a weakness to make trouble. The best way was to find a new identity for her, which was both convenient and safe.

But what Clark didn't know was that his grandson, Simon, had sent people to investigate the past and present of his fiancee, Vana, but they didn't find anything even a photo. When Clark knew that his granddaughter in law was still alive, he inevitably had some doubts. He remembered that he had asked Simon's assistant that night that the woman who could make his grandson infatuated was a woman without identity who had just returned from Eritrea for more than a month, and her name was also Vana. Why he feel the experience was similar to the present granddaughter in law...

Clark asked nervously, "Edwin, has your granddaughter been abroad for the past four years? A place called Eritrea? "

"Hey, how do you know it?" Edwin was a little worried. He didn't care about the scandal of his family, but it didn't mean that he was so generous that he could let others inquire about it casually.

But as soon as he finished his words, Clark grinned happily, patted him on the shoulder and said, "Really? Are you serious? "

It seemed that his grandson's fiancee and the person who could make his grandson infatuated might be the same person. As for Clark, he only needed to make the final decision by Simon, and then he could reasonably make Edwin compromise with the engagement.

It was said that the members in Gu Family were lukewarm towards the second daughter since she came back. Although they didn't know what had happened during this period, the woman who could make their grandson infatuated was the most important. Clark avoided his previous

worries and said, "I like this girl very much. Why don't you take a photo of her for me, Edwin? I'll keep it in mind, okay?"

"Hey, you brat. You doubted my granddaughter a second ago, and now you are happy to take pictures with my granddaughter. Do you have any dark ideas? Don't try to hurt my granddaughter. You old bastard. "

Both Vana and Clark were embarrassed.

"What are you thinking about? I want to let my grandson see his fiancee. Shouldn't the marriage of the two persons be put on the agenda? Why do you always have random thought?"

Edwin patted his forehead and smiled with a ruddy face. "Yes, you're right. You can do whatever you want. They are not young anymore, so they have to hurry up."

With these words, Edwin took out Clark's phone and took many photos of Vana, regardless of whether she was ready or not. Although Vana had been holding back her anger and didn't say anything, the girl in the photos was still very beautiful and charming. She was still pretty whether she was angry or upset.

Clark took over the phone and sent these pictures to Simon through Skype. At that time, Simon was in a meeting, and his phone rang, which made him frown. But he had always been cautious and knew that no matter whether his family or his subordinates, they knew that as long as there was an emergency, they would call instead of sending messages.

Since it was not an emergency, he would talk about it after the meeting.

The meeting lasted for an hour and a half. Vana and the two old men had dinner for the same time, and it seemed that they still wanted to keep talking and eating.

Edwin and Clark liked drinking. While they were drinking, the two old men were not drunk. But their red noses and cheeks made Vana want to laugh. Her previous unhappiness was swept away.

She sat beside the window and looked at the lake behind the dining room. The birds were not frightened, and the cicadas were chirping. Everything here were very comfortable.

Vana mind wandered. She couldn't help thinking of what happened last night. That man with a strange temperament. She kept thinking of him the whole night and morning.

On the other side, Simon went back to the CEO's office floor. Almost all the staffs here were his assistants. With a frown, Simon arranged the following tasks. After dismissing all the people, he stood by the French window where he could see the panoramic view of the Magic City.

He put his phone on an obsidian table. At this time, his phone rang. He looked at the screen of his phone and found that the alarm clock was ringing, reminding him to drink the tonic at noon.

Simon called the internal phone and asked someone to prepare tonic for him. Then he saw the message from his grandfather on the screen.

Simon sat down on his chair, took out his phone and unlocked the Skype. When he saw these pictures sent by his grandfather, he immediately sat up straight.

On the screen, there was the woman who almost made him lose control yesterday. At this moment, she was looking away with the expression of rejection, but this second was recorded by the camera. Behind her was a retro sliding window, and outside the window was a natural lake surrounded by dense forest.

'Grandpa said that he had an appointment with an old friend to go fishing in the H Village today. Was she there?'

Simon gradually calmed down and thought about it carefully. His grandfather was not such a reckless person. It was impossible for him to kidnap a person forcibly before Simon sent exact message to his family.

Simon's restless heart slowly faded away. He thought for a moment and called his grandfather.

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