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   Chapter 16 Keep Your Virginity for Him

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Behind Vana, Terence glanced at the naive Vana, who was sold and returned money to others, and ordered Steve, "Don't let her promotion too fast for the time being. Do you understand what I mean?"

Although Simon had left, Steve still couldn't help sweating. At this time, after listening to Terence's words, he was a little confused. But if he said something wrong in front of the most powerful and cruel "Black Knight" who worked for King Si, it was so stupid. Well, he nodded.

"And don't let her know. Do you understand?"

'What did she know? Well. Just nod!'

Seeing that Steve nodded his head two times confusedly, Terence was still worried. After all, it was a matter of their boss's happiness, so it was rare for Steve to see a kind smile on Terence's face. "Let me explain it to you carefully. This is the most important thing in the recent year. If you do it well, we will give you award! So you have to make her taste the sweetness, especially when she is related to our boss. Only in this way can she realize that as long as something related to our boss is beneficial to her, she will be more and more attracted by our boss... Do you understand? "

Now Steve completely understood. It turned out that their boss wanted to chase after his employee... 'It's incredible. Why is it so complicated for a boss to chase after an employee? Shouldn't he just give her the money and say that come with me? Moreover, with the boss's charm, he wasn't afraid that every woman would be attracted by him. If Steve was a woman, he would also fell in love... Well, I'm thinking too much. But the boss tried so hard to persuade me to do it in a year... Did the boss really care about Vana?'

It seemed that he was right. If he didn't understand it, he wouldn't have to see the sun tomorrow alive.

Steve immediately wiped the sweat off his forehead and nodded in agreement. Terence patted Steve's shoulder with satisfaction, smiled mysteriously, and quickly turned around to follow them.

They went from the sightseeing elevator to the underground parking that located on the second floor underground. Vana was always respectful and only one step away from the right rear of Simon. Everyone was silent. Vana had always felt that she had the potential to be a follower.

Steve said that if she could accompany Mr. Si well, she would have the chance to become the manager, and the manager also had the opportunity to further study jewelry design. It was true that Vana went to a high school which was an art comprehensive school, but it was not until the third year of high school that she realized her most desired industry was jewelry design. It was too late to change her major from singing to painting, but she did not give up. She took advantage of weekend and one summer vacation in third year, she quickly studied the art, hoping that she could have the opportunity to take the art joint examination in winter.

But before Vana could take the test, Billy was kidnapped...

When Vana was lost in thought, her head bumped into a thick flesh wall. She felt a little pain, but quickly realized that the man seemed to be an important customer she couldn't neglect.

"Are you okay? Sorry, I didn't see you!"

When Vana said this, the man had turned around, but she still kept touching her forehead. The man frowned and stretched out his hand. His powerful slender fingers touched the back of her hand, but in an instant, the man withdrew his hand as i

f he got an electric shock.

The atmosphere was so embarrassing that Vana wanted to escape.

'Is this man a psychopath? Everyone else was dirty except himself?'

"Well, are you okay?"

The man's face turned pale. Vana looked at the man in confusion. When the man was stared at by the sparkling eyes, an indescribable part of his body had a very fierce reaction.

The man turned around quickly and said in a cold tone, "You can leave now!"


"I have an important meeting later!"

"Oh. What about this meal... "In fact, she didn't want to have the meal this time. Anyway, she was here for a mission.

"Don't worry. I will thank you again!"

"But..." I don't want to go!

"Let's go!" The man interrupted Vana, glanced at the two assistants behind him, and quickly led them to the car.

Vana was left alone in the wind.

This man was so weird! How could he be such a strange man! ! Is he insane! ! !

'Forget it. Anyway, I don't want to have dinner with such a serious person. It's better for me to work overtime than to have dinner with such a person who does something wrong.'

Vana was sure that there were a lot of people in the shopping mall on Friday night, so she didn't enjoy the few hours' holiday. She went back to the counter happily. When she went back, the whole shopping mall was filled with a strange atmosphere.

"Vana, where did you go just now? It's so annoying. It said that King Si would come to inspect, but at last, the director of the World Trade Mall said that King Si couldn't come for something urgent!" Niki looked aggrieved, while Carrie, who was standing beside her, looked dejected as if she had been stood up by her boyfriend.

"Why didn't he come? Didn't they say that he was already downstairs?" Were rich people nowadays so irresponsible?

Vana thought of that man subconsciously and felt very depressed.

"Carrie, you come all the way here to see him!" Niki pouted and looked at Carrie, defending against injustice for her.

Vana felt that it was a great loss for Carrie. She had given up the time she spent with her boyfriend at home to visit Simon, but she didn't expect that the man didn't come.

Therefore, Vana pulled up Carrie's hands, hoping to give her some comfort.

Niki smiled and held the hands of the two people. "But I know, Carrie. Even if you don't see King Si this time, you will still keep your virginity to him, won't you? Tell me, haven't you planned to live with your boyfriend yet? He has begged you so many times."

What? 'How could Carrie keep her virginity for an impossible person? Is she out of her mind?'

With shyness, Carrie pushed the hands of them, as if casually, but in fact, she said firmly, "You don't understand. This is called spiritual love, and who says that Simon will definitely marry a rich lady? Maybe his wife is an ordinary person in the future."

"Oh my God, Carrie, I can't believe that you want to marry Simon!" Vana was shocked and spoke loudly.

Soon, people around the counter began to discuss. Although they were a little far away, they still heard a few key words.

Bitch, Carrie, toad, slut....

Vana felt sorry for what she had done, but Carrie was not a stingy person. She immediately pinched the wrists of them and said, "I won't say anything more. You two should go to work now! I'll go back first! "

Vana and Niki nodded and watched Carrie's departure. Niki went back to the counter of the FG Jewelry.

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