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   Chapter 15 It Is Also Going to Be Dismissed

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'Great Jesus, great Lord! Why did employees have to serve customers? And why did this petty man have money to buy jewelry while she came to sell jewelry?'

No one answered Vana. The atmosphere was cold and embarrassing.

Just when Vana was about to invite the man to buy jewelry at another counter, Simon suddenly said, "My girlfriend's birthday is a few days later. I want to choose a gift for her!"

Well? Choose a gift? And then?

"What kind of gift do you want, sir? Is it okay with a jewelry?"

"I don't know much about it. Can you help me choose one?"

"Of course!" She sneered, "Is it okay with SS Jewelry?"

"It will be the best!"

It seemed that this guy had a good taste...

Vana quickly lowered her head and began to carefully pick up jewelry for the man. Of course, she would skip over the cheap ones and go straight to the most expensive one, although the cheapest one was not cheap either.

'Well, insulted Lola, right? Did Ethan beat Lola on purpose? Well, I will let you cry this time.'

"Sir, is this necklace okay? The sapphire is made in Tahiti in the south of Africa, and the ruby is made in an active volcano in Busan. This style is also the latest design this year, and it is the masterpiece of our company's most famous designer, Mrs. Renee! "

"Okay, this one!" The man quickly took out a gold card. Vana was a little stunned and blinked her eyes.

Well... It was too hasty!

At this time, Vana put a new label on the man in front of her: impulsive, brainless, easy to trust others and arrogant.

Terence, who was standing beside them, thought, 'Boss, are you a little stupid? How could he mention his girlfriend when chasing a woman?'

James: 'I agree with you, you are right!'

"Well, you... Don't you consider it more carefully?" The heinous capitalist!

"No, I'm very satisfied with your recommendation!"

"Two million two hundred and sixty thousand?"

"Yes!" "Or do you have any better suggestion? "

Vana glanced at the treasure of their store beside her, but its price began with 8. The gap was too big. Maybe the man would suspect that she was scheming against him later...

"Okay, sir. I'll swipe the credit card for you right now!" With a professional smile, Vana reached out her hands to take the gold card, and then walked to the cashier desk to swipe the card for him. Vana clamped the printed invoice on a small board and handed it to him, and also handed a pen.

The man signed two scrawled words on it. Vana didn't recognize the second word. When she was distracted, the man looked at her.

With a guilty conscience, she immediately ran to the safe under the counter to find a new gem necklace and a packing box. After checking, packing and handing it to Simon, Simon slowly took over the item and said, "Thank you for your help this time. I don't know how to appreciate you!"

Vana chuckled in her heart, 'This fool thanked me. Just this order, I can afford this month's rent!'

Although she was going to introduce something expensive to Simon, she just wanted to embarrass him. She haven't thought that the petty man would be willing to spend so much money on his girlfriend's birthday.

It could only prove that he loved his girlfriend very much. But wouldn't he really care about what she had done to him?

"You don't have to thank me. It's my job!" Vana kept smiling mysteriously.

"You helped me a lot. I must thank you!" Looking at the Rolex watch on his hand, Simon shrugged slightly and said, "It's almost half past five. When will you get off work?

I'll treat you to dinner! "

His action was so handsome that Vana was a little dazzled.

"The mall won't close until eight o'clock. Sir, you really don't have to waste time on me!"

It seemed that Simon was looking for the right time, he looked at James behind him, James nodded and Simon frowned.

Just then, the sightseeing elevator rang again. Vana thought that those anthomaniac would finally come back, but she had just completed a big order about two million.

When the elevator door opened, a little fat man kept wiping the sweat on his forehead and walked towards them. Seeing that it was Steve, Vana quickly stood straight. Steve looked up at this side, but just a glance, he was so frightened that he was about to fall a faint.

"Mr.Si..." Before Steve could say anything, he was interrupted by Terence.

"Steve, our boss has been waiting for you for a long time, but this employee has already chosen a gift for him. Can she get off work early? Mr. Si should thank her! "

Vana was confused. This assistant underestimated their working system. Last time, a very powerful old man asked Petty out to have a talk, but he was rejected by Steve.

"But... Of course!"

"What?" This man must be second generation from a rich and powerful family.

"Thank you!" After Simon said thanks to Steve, Steve was so flattered that he didn't know how to put his hands and feet.

Soon, Simon smiled at Vana and waited for her to come out from the counter. Vana glanced Steve several times, but he didn't seem to see her. Vana thought that 'Steve would really want her to go out for dinner with this man to seek benefits.

But Steve, do you know that he doesn't understand you at all? He has a girlfriend and loves her very much. Do you want to persuade him to stay?'

As expected, under the attack of Vana's sight, Steve suddenly looked at her and said, "By the way, Vana, I heard that you were too busy at work recently and were complained by many employees, so you were suspended for two days!"

"But Steve, it's weekend!" 'It's such a good time to make money on weekends, but you don't allow me to work. How can you do like this!'

"This is my order. If you don't obey it, you can resign!"

"All right, all right, Steve. I will obey your arrangement, as long as I can't be dismissed!"

Vana looked like a survivor of a disaster. She finally understood that Daisy didn't plan to fire her at all. Otherwise, Steve would take this opportunity to get rid of her. Actually she had to ask for leave tomorrow to go fishing with her grandfather, she could use these two days.

"Vana, how long do you want Mr. Si to wait for you? Are you satisfied with your dismissal? "

"No, no, no. I'll go right now!"

When Steve saw that Simon was looking at him with satisfaction, the flames of loyalty rose in his heart immediately. He continued to whip Vana, "If you offend our customers outside, you will be fired!"

"What? It is also going to be dismissed! " Vana wanted to die. How could Steve be so fond of making trouble by firing others? Wasn't he usually very open-minded? Why did he force her today?

"If you behave well, I will promote you to the manager at once! Besides, the manager has a chance to learn jewelry design! "

"Really?" Vana seemed to find the hope to live on.

"Of course, the premise is that you have to accompany Mr. Si well!"

"Yes! I will take good care of Mr. Si!"

Vana immediately followed Simon. She took a look at Steve, who had been called to talk by the man's assistant, and felt relieved.

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