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   Chapter 14 King Si

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Vana had heard of Simon. Although she didn't have the time to investigate the background of him, she had heard from Carrie and others that he was another S of SS Jewelry. SS jewelry was made up of S from Renee Song and S from Simon Si.

Two years ago, the World Trade Mall had been classified into the business scope of the Si Family. All the other floors of the World Trade Mall had luxury brands of jewelry, clothing and perfume belonging to the Si Family. However, the situation like today, the CEO of the Si Family personally came to the market for review, had never happened before.

"Vana, have you heard of that? King Si, whom Carrie worships, was going downstairs today! What should I do? Should I call Carrie here? But her boyfriend is on holiday today. They must be unwilling to be disturbed by us." Sweeping away her previous obscure aura, Sherry's face turned ruddy.

"Well, if we don't call her, she will hit us to death tomorrow morning!"

No matter what Vana had just said, Sherry had already taken out her mobile phone and sent a message to Carrie. Soon, she took back her mobile phone and said to Vana, "but, Vana, it's not good for you to work every day like this. Others work one shift a day, but you actually work two shifts a day these days. What's more, the overtime pay is half as much as usual. Do you have any difficulties? If you have any difficulties, please tell me and Carrie. We will help you find a solution."

Actually. Vana did have difficulties. She really didn't know that it was so difficult to be independent.

With her parents' protection at home, Vana had never been worried about money. Later, she was sold abroad, and she lived with a person who had enough money to entertain people with gold and silver, let alone this worry. After knowing her recent situation, this guy even tempted her back with money from time to time. She was almost about to waver!

However, Vana hated Emily so much. Otherwise, she should be enjoying the sunshine and drinking drinks on the beach, accompanied by handsome men and beautiful women, which was so cozy

But now, alas, gains was always accompanied by losses. Vana had to resist the temptation and stayed even if she worked overtime and suffered a lot.

But every time when she swiped the card for the customers and saw the amount of money quickly losing, she couldn't help raising her gun... oh no, raising her courage to rob!

After a while, Carrie did come. When she appeared in her own clothes, everyone was slightly shocked.

How could this be an employee of their mall? She was definitely a socialite who came to buy jewelry.

"Carrie... Are... Are you kept by your boyfriend?" Sherry was so straightforward, and everyone was so excited that they pricked up their ears to explore the gossip.

"Look at Sherry. Why does she always speak something without consideration? We don't play with her anymore," Carrie complained to Vana.

Every time when Carrie was angry, she would stamp her feet and pucker her face, which made Vana want to protect her.

"All right, all right, my fault. But the dress you are wearing is really good. Tell me, how much did it cost?"

"I don't know. It is my mother who helped me tidy up my wardrobe. There are still about five or six similar clothes. Is it beautiful? My mother always has a good taste!"

"Wow!" there came voice of surprise. Sherry's voice was the loudest, because she was the closest to Vana and Carrie.

Soon, a girl at another counter whispered, "that dress is the luxury brand Michelle's new product of the latest season. A single item of it costs at least the number of five figures, but Carrie has five or six items. Oh my God! Is she born in a rich family?"

"But why did she come to work here?"

"She is the princess who went to the mortal world to experience ordinary life. You know nothing!"

"I suddenly envy Vana and Sherry!"

Vana was speechless.

Sherry also was speechless.

Sherry rolled her eyes and Vana just smiled as usual. However, Carrie had already changed the topic. Her hands were tightly clenched in front of her chest, looking down at the entrance of the elevator. She was still praying that God would give her a chance

to meet the holy King Si.

Just when everyone was praying to the sky, a manager rushed out from the elevator and ran to the counter of the FG Jewelry. He said to his employees, "here comes King Si!"

Carrie: "Ah, ah, ah, ah, I'm so excited and nervous!"

Sherry: "did you hear that? My manager said that King Si is coming. Shall we go downstairs and have a look?"

Vana: "......"

She thought it was more important to go to work. After all, working could bring her money. If she left without permission, the money would be deducted.

"If you want to go, I'll help you take care of the counter!" Before Vana finished her words, a hurricane suddenly swept towards the elevator aisle.

All of a sudden, in the jewelry area on the four floor, only Vana and a few other staff were left on their posts.

It turned out that Simon was so charming.

But why didn't she hear of this guy when she was still at home? Did he grow up abroad before?

Vana was right. It just had been two years since Simon came back.

When he was downcast in the E Country, he had experienced a lot of downs in his life. After that, Simon suddenly realized that continuing the family line was not the meaning of his life, so he quickly studied informatics and business economics in the E Country and then returned. In just two years, he had reached his current unshakable position.

Vana subconsciously opened her mobile phone and began to search for "Simon Si". In a twinkling of an eye, her mobile phone jumped to a new website and began to refresh, but the network speed here was as bad as ever.

Feeling bored, Vana tapped the glass surface with her fingers on the counter. At the same time, there was a "ding-dong" sound in the sightseeing elevator not far away. She turned her head and guessed that those anthomaniacs must have been driven back by the director.

But when the elevator opened, she thought she had an illusion.

There were three people in the elevator, and Vana hadn't had the time to look the two behind, only to feel that the one in front looked very familiar.

Isn't that the "uncle" she met at the school of Lola?

Huh? This guy came here to buy jewelry?


She glanced around the counters without anyone guarding. She didn't know why she was a little afraid of facing that man who had a dark heart.

Soon, Simon, dressed in a suit and leather shoes, came over with Terence and James. This time, his aura was completely different from that of last time. He was wearing a black suit, which concealed the evil heart that Vana had seen before. He looked like a real gentleman again.

They walked out of the elevator and looked around at the stores which were different from usual. Finally, they fixed their eyes on Vana, who was in the front, and then walked towards her.

When they stood still, Vana had calmed down.

Her duty today was being an employee, and she needed to continue to work hard at this position.

So she showed a standard airline stewardess smile and said in a mild voice, "excuse me, are you here to buy jewelry?" But there was no one else at the other counters. "Well, if you want to buy jewelry from other counters, you can also choose!"

Vana pretended to be calm. She was not nervous, really not. It was normal for her to sell the jewelry alone, wasn't it?

With an indifferent look on his face, Simon looked straight at Vana and asked, "which company are you from?"

Terence: 'boss, you're really good at pretending!'

James: 'What's wrong here? Boss is here for this woman, isn't it? Wasn't this woman in the photo that Terence sent to them?'

Vana bit the bullet and said, "SS Jewelry, but you don't have to care about it. I can totally be the shopping guide of other counters. Do you have any fixed brand to buy? How about SS and FG?"

While saying that, Vana invited Simon to the counter of her company, but Simon stood still, so she had to invite him to the counter of the FG Jewelry, but Simon still stood there.

Vana was embarrassed. Since she came back from the school of Lola last time, she would think of this man from time to time. Of course, she did not fall in love with this man, but was disgusted by his bad nature.

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