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   Chapter 13 This Is Not a Strange Name

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When Vana walked out of the police station, she saw a black Aston Martin car beside the bus not far away. This car looked a little familiar. Vana remembered that she had met it last time when she went to Lola's school.

But soon, Michael called Vana's name, and Vana got into Michael's car. The car ran steadily.

Vana got off the car at the back door of the company and made up a random reason to say that she had been living in the dormitory because of the fight with her family. Michael had been worried about her, but since the security system of World Trade Mall had been reinforced after this dangerous event, it should not be in trouble again.

After saying goodbye to Michael, Vana left.

The dangerous thing happened in the dormitory. Many workers from other country lived in the dormitory for a long time, so the dormitory couldn't be closed at once.

In this way, Vana could have a free bed for the last night. Tomorrow, she had to go out to live in a hotel, unless the key sent by Talbot could be sent earlier, at least when she was still an employee of SS Jewelry.

The quiet night passed steadily. Vana was not in a hurry to contact the number she had memorized at a glance. She still had a lot of things to do after returning H country, so she kept Michael's phone number in case of sudden need.

The second day passed. Vana had been waiting for the order of her superior to dismiss her, but it seemed that what happened on that day was interrupted by the case that night before it was reported. Since then, Petty always looked at Vana with something very obscure in her eyes.

A day later, Vana accidentally poured the tea stains from the cup behind Petty. Petty's temperament changed again.

Only then did Vana feel that everything had not changed. The arrogant and rude Petty came back again.

"Vana, you are such a fool. Do you think you can continue to be arrogant if the company doesn't fire you because of what happened the day before yesterday? I tell you, as long as I'm here, you can't work well. " Petty had always been straightforward. She didn't like Vana for not a few days, and it wasn't a few days that she wanted to drive her away.

"Really? Do you like to confront me so much? By the way, with my presence, your commission points will also increase a lot. But why do you confront me and don't want me to stay in SS. …… Or you don't want me to stay in the Magic City? "

Vana's words made Petty tremble all over. How could she know that person meant to make Vana unable to stay in the Magic City.

"You... What nonsense are you talking about? I'm just an employee who has a conflict with your performance. How can I kick you out of the Magic City? "

"Oh? You don't want to kick me out of Magic City. Don't that person want who gave you the order?"

"What... What are you talking about?"

"Let me make it clear. Emily, you must be familiar with this person, right? Or I think you aren't familiar with this person. After all, you haven't even met her before, but you are absolutely familiar with this name. Am I right? " Vana looked at Petty with a smile. In fact, she didn't make sure about it. But one time, she was tricked by Petty, but Vana gave her a lesson instead. After that, Petty immediately held the phone and went out. Vana knew that Petty was "cooperating" with someone to play tricks on her. When Vana eavesdropped on the "Miss Gu" called by Petty, Vana became more and more clear who was on the other end of the phone.

Besides Emily, who else would be so scheming to kick her out of the Magic City?

When Vana was 8 years old, Lola was born. Vana tried every means to visit her. However, the baby was sent back to the country alone about a month after her birth. Therefore, Vana began to be familiar with Lola's grandparents, only to be close to Lola.

It was also that year that Carl and Cathy donated a group of students in the countryside who were as old as Vana. Some of them were even taken to the welfare institute of the Magic City because of the early death of their parents.

Emily was the most mischievous one among those children. It was said that she was often punished not to eat because of robbing other people's candies.

When Cathy went to see those children, Emily was punished to stand by the director of the welfare institute, and she happened to meet Cathy. Cathy asked her why she was standing here, and Emily said, "The director said that other children couldn't eat as fast as me and there was no more meat I robbed. I couldn't eat until they finish eating!"

Cathy said with pity, "Aren't you afraid that they won't keep food for you?"

"No, they won't. They can't beat me. If they don't remain food, I will throw their meals away tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and two days after tomorrow, so that they can know how it feels to bully me."

Cathy really hated this vicious girl. But Cathy acted differently. She began to treat the little girl well and doted on her, which made her feel as warm as a mother's love.

Soon after, Vana went to high school. Cathy said that she would send a younger sister to school with her together. When Emily came, Vana's nightmare also came.

Vana didn't know why, Emily was so greedy that she had an impulse to snatch everything from Vana. She would snatch Vana's schoolbag, Vana's shoes, the group homework that Vana had drawn, and even Billy.... She grabbed them all.

Vana was so angry that she had told her mother many times. But at that time, Cathy had begun to brainwash Vana to socialize with Emily, so she was so partial to Emily that Vana almost blew up.

In this way, Billy was gradually attracted by Emily's gentle, harmless but smart appearance. He began to mention Emily in front of Vana from time to time, Emily innocence and kindness, and tell Vana in panic that Emily had confessed her love to him. At that time, Vana was so angry that she asked Billy to refuse Emily righteously. Although Billy promised well, he turned around and continued to be Emily's brother. They even got along more and more intimately.

No matter how silly Vana was, she could see that Emily was going to take away Billy that she cared most. Vana began to use plots secretly to make Billy change his mind, but everything was screwed up by her. Emily became the victim, but Vana became the murderer instead.

Billy was disappointed at Vana and had an excuse to be with Emily.

Emily took away Billy and her parents.

Therefore, Emily wanted to drive her away so that she could not have a foothold in the Magic City.

"…… You are a crazy woman! I don't know what you are talking about at all. I don't know what Emily want to drive you out of the Magic City. I just don't like you. You don't deserve to work here at all. " Petty was so excited that her acting was a little fake.

Vana was about to say something, but Daisy behind her suddenly scolded, "Vana, what are you doing? How dare you mess around! King Si will come later and if you want to be fired, I won't care. "

King Si——

Simon has a very domineering name in the country -- "King Si". It was self-evident that he was the "king" at the peak!

Vana still wanted to say something, but Petty was so excited that her whole body was trembling. She ran to the side of Daisy and said coquettishly, "Daisy, are you sure that King Si will come to our store later?"

"Yes, I'm sure. But stop flirting with him. He said that he was looking for Steve. Steve is not on this floor, but on the 2nd floor! Forget it. I'll go downstairs and greet him with other managers. Be quiet. "

"Ah --" Immediately, the whole mall was filled with disappointed voice.

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