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   Chapter 12 You Have Suspicion

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"I'm 21 years old, but I will be 22 soon!"

"Well... Really? " Do you go to college?

Sitting next to Bette, Rock pretended to cough a few times. Rock immediately reacted and continued, "Did you hear anything last night?"

"What time is it?"

"Well, the autopsy said that it would be eight fifteen in the evening. At this time, the flow of people is relatively large. Since you don't know what time it is, it means that you don't know."

"No. I heard some noise, as if something was knocking! But I was video chatting with my brother in Jin City, so I didn't pay much attention to it. "

After taking a look at each other, Bette lowered her head and wrote the clue on the file.

"Can you remember what kind of sound it is?"

Vana nodded and tried to recall, "It was like the sound of a pipe knocked on the marble floor, and there was a sharp sound of rubbing the floor. I remember that I had a facial mask before I played the video with my brother, so I checked the time and it was about eight past eight."

Bette immediately said to Rock, "There is indeed a pipe near the crime scene. According to the policemen here last night, someone's car was smashed into a big hole by the falling object from upstairs. The falling object is an iron pipe with a length of 66.2 centimeters and a diameter of 3.25 centimeters."

Hearing Bette's words, Rock immediately grasped the clue and said, "It seems to be a breakthrough. Maybe the pipe was accidentally thrown downstairs when the criminals and the dead were fighting. That's the evidence of the scene."

Soon, Rock stood up and walked towards the door. Seeing that Michael was still standing outside after opening the door, Michael subconsciously glanced at Vana. After Rock whispered something to Michael, Michael immediately looked at Vana in shock, and then quickly nodded and left.

After Rock came back, his facial expression looked the same as Bette. They frowned and quickly connected all the information.

After a short while, Bette found her thoughts and said to Vana, who was opening the bottle of water, "You said that you didn't pay much attention to the outside when you were video chatting with your brother in Jin City, but you could clearly remember that sound. Do you have anything to say about this contradictory answer?"

Vana was stunned for a while. She put down the bottle of water that she couldn't open on the table. With an angry expression on her face, she crossed her arms and said," If you are going to suspect me because I give you a strong evidence, I have nothing to say. You can investigate me. Although I'm very barbaric, I'm just a powerless woman!"

When Rock saw the pretty face in front of him, he became more protective of her. He pushed Bette with his elbow and whispered, "Can you stop using that that fixed method to deal with everyone? She can't even open the bottle of water. What suspicion can she have?"

Bette glanced at Rock, coughed and said to Vana, "If you are not suspicious, can you let us send someone to your dormitory to have a look?"


"..." Bette didn't expect that this woman would be so disrespectful to her. No wonder she hadn't had a boyfriend yet.

Since Vana had agreed, Bette immediately took out her phone and called Michael, who had already gone out to get the criminal

evidence. During this period of time, she asked Vana to tell her the dormitory's number, and then Bette hung up.

The interrogation room was very quiet. Bette looked through the statements she had made before. Rock only opened the bottle of water for Vana and watched her drink a few mouthfuls to calm down. They don't have extra communication.

About half an hour later, Michael didn't call her. Bette was impatient and was about to call to urge him, the door of the interrogation room suddenly opened from the outside and Michael stood at the door.

He looked anxious and serious. Both Bette and Rock looked at him nervously. The expectation in the hearts of the two people almost overflowed. Bette was happy, and Rock was sad.

"Nothing. There is nothing suspicious in the dormitory!"

"Well..." It was from Rock. Then Bette asked, "How about the trash can? Did you rummage through the trash can? "

"There is nothing suspicious in the trash can except for a used facial mask and some fruit cores!" When Michael spoke, he glanced at Vana. Seeing that Vana's attitude towards him was much colder than before, he clenched his fists with some complaints.

"Ah, I'm so disappointed. The only questionable point is her. As a result, she is really a beautiful and harmless rabbit. How could this be? Why didn't God bless her to become the heroine of this event?" Bette lost her mind again. Rock and Michael invited Vana out of the room in a hurry. Then Rock gave a glance at Michael and went back to scold Bette.

At this time, Vana was standing at the door. She was as domineering as an ordinary women, and the atmosphere around her made Michael feel three words "leave me alone". Although the police need someone to cooperate with them with all their strength and there was no need to say sorry, the police also had to bow their heads and admit their mistakes, just like this moment.

"It's our fault to suspect you for no reason!"

"It doesn't matter. I know the process," Vana said.

"You know?" Michael looked at the woman in front of him in confusion. She didn't seem to make mistakes.

"My brother was very naughty before. He was put in jail because of a fight. I waited for him outside all night and was bitten by mosquitoes. Of course I remember it deeply."

Michael burst into laughter when he saw Vana subconsciously scratching with her arms crossed. The embarrassment between the two people eased a lot. Rock had just told him to ask if there was any missing information from Vana, but he didn't want to break the tense atmosphere between them.

Fortunately, Vana also felt that the end of the interrogation was inexplicable. She pointed at the door behind her with her thumb and said, "You tell them when you go back. I only remember those. I didn't pay attention to other things when I was chatting with my brother!"

Michael nodded and smiled.

It had been an hour since Vana entered the police station. It was getting dark. Neon lights were flashing outside the police station. The wall blocked half of noise and the charming magic scene outside.

Vana missed the meal time in the police station. Michael wanted to take her out for dinner, but she felt it was not good this time. So after thanking Michael, Michael said he could drive her home. After hesitating for a while, Vana finally nodded and agreed.

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