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   Chapter 11 Monitor Was Broken

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The next day, when Vana went to work where SS Jewelry was located, she was completely awakened by the screams from other dormitories in the building.

Drowsiness was a disease that Vana would never get rid of in her life. She shook her head and walked towards the transferring hall.

The 18th floor, which was not well ventilated because of the cold air, was still suffocating, but it had been maintained clean. Today, the air seemed to be filled with a layer of bloody smell, which made a group of women can't help but gather together in fear and stood far away from the empty stairway.

Soon, Vana arrived at the jewelry store on the 4th floor, where countless jewelry counters were displayed. SS Jewelry was famous in the world, and its counter was placed in the most prominent position at the entrance of the patio.

Usually, when she went to work, those women had to make up together. But today, those women were so tacit that they gathered together and whispered to each other.

Vana was soon discovered by Carrie. As Carrie stamped her feet, she waved her hands and asked Vana to go over.

As soon as Vana came over, it seemed that Carrie worried about if Vana was hurt. She quickly pulled Vana over and looked around.

"Vana, Vana, have you heard that someone died on the dormitory floor last night?"

"Oh?" Vana just asked a question even without raising her eyebrows.

Taking a deep breath, Carrie patted her chest and said, "I was scared. Fortunately, you are fine." Then she said to Vana seriously. "Start from today, you have to go home and live with me, okay?"

"My accommodation is good. Don't worry."

"How can you be so stubborn? The dormitory is really unsafe. The man who died this time was shot dead. I heard from others that they did not hear any sound at all. If Sherry from the FG Jewelry did not see him at night, probably no one noticed the death of that men on that floor last night. Sherry was frightened last night, and her situation in the hospital is still unknown."

Finally, Vana reacted and looked at the entrance of the FG Jewelry.

Why didn't Sherry talk to Carrie today? Was she frightened?

"Vana, are you listening to me?"

"What did you say?"

"Fortunately, the murderer will be caught, because there are many monitors in the dormitory building except for the secure tunnel. There are cameras in other places, and even the door of our dormitory is facing a monitor. Fortunately, we are safe."

As soon as Carrie finished her words, Vana's whole body stiffened.

Noticing the change in Vana, Carrie quickly asked if Vana was also frightened. It was not until then that Vana relaxed her body. She pushed away Carrie's hand that was holding her arm, pointed at the restroom and said, "I'm going to the restroom!"

"Okay, go back quickly. It's almost work hour."

"Okay!" While walking towards the rest room, Vana took out her phone which just rang.

She saw an unread message on the screen, which was from Talbot. There were only one short word "done". With a smile, Vana put her phone back and walked towards the restroom with ease.

The whole morning was not hard. As usual, Julie and Hayley kept making trouble for Vana, which was also a pleasure for Vana when she was at work. But today, the two of them have quite a lot of schadenfreude, talking about the fact that Vana was about to be dismissed.

Last night, after getting in touch with Talbot, Vana told him that she had no place to go. But to her surprise, Talbot said that he would mail her the key to his house in J City. Vana stressed again and again that he couldn't mention it to anyone else. After

getting the consent of Talbot, Vana agreed to let him mail the key.

Soon, a group of police came in. They were brought here by Daisy. Vana's eyelids twitched. She thought that she shouldn't be exposed because Talbot had already done everything. She stood straight by the counter with patience. The police brought by Daisy called a few people out, and Daisy also completed her task and walked towards the counter.

"Do you know what happened last night?"

"I know. It's a sensational event! But Daisy, what are the police doing? "

"Oh, the monitor was broken last night. The police couldn't find all the people to record the confessions. By the way, who lived in the dormitory last night?"

Hayley pointed at Vana and said, "Vana has occupied the dormitory these days. We seldom go there."

Daisy Looked at Vana thoughtfully, Vana found that Daisy was hostile to her. Soon, Daisy said to Vana. "Then hurry up. The police are looking for people present to ask questions. If you don't report the situation, our SS Jewelry won't dare to take you anymore."

"Okay!" Vana left quietly. The rest of them, except for Carrie, rolled their eyes at Vana's back.

In the noon and afternoon, Vana and the employees who stayed in the dormitory in the shopping mall were not allowed to go back. The police took good care of them. They ordered takeout for them at noon, and many employees were placed in a room with TV and air-conditioning. Sometimes, a few handsome police worried that they would be too reserved and come in to make a joke, but most of them would look at Vana. They glanced at Vana intentionally or unintentionally. When Vana looked at them, they all flushed like little boys and looked away.

Vana couldn't help shaking her head and chuckling. Soon someone called her and another girl's names to record their confessions.

A naive policeman led them into different rooms and sent away another girl. The policeman touched the back side of his head and stopped at the door of the interrogation room where Vana was about to enter. He pretended to be relaxed and said, "in fact, this inquiry is very simple. You don't have to be nervous!"

Vana nodded and politely looked into his eyes.

The naive and honest policeman's palms were sweating. He quickly wiped his sweat and took out a business card from the pocket of his shirt. He took out a white card and handed it to Vana. "I'm the assistant police of this case, Michael. If you remember anything after going home, you can call me."

Vana gave him a wee smile. After a long time, she took the business card and looked at the phone number on it. "I haven't said anything yet. How do you know that I can't remember anything today?"

"Well This... " Michael was worried that she would notice his overstepping, and felt a little embarrassed for a moment.

"But I will call you!"

"Really?" Michael was a little stunned. How could he expect her to answer "yes"?


After saying that, Vana pushed open the door behind Michael and walked in. She didn't see the expression on Michael's face, which could be described as joy.

The interrogation room Vana was in was just a very simple room. There were two monitors on the wall facing her, and the rest of equipment was almost better than nothing.

There were two policemen sitting opposite. One was responsible for asking questions, and the other was assisting in taking notes.

Seeing that Vana was seated, the policewoman Bette elbowed Rock who was next to her. Rock put on his hat in a hurry and glanced at Vana. After a second's pause, he found his voice and began today's countless interrogations.

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