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   Chapter 10 Can You Do It Or Not

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Layers of towering old trees covered the surface of the J Mountain.

Nightingale's beautiful voice echoed around the No. 7 Golden Seat of the HJ Empire. There were several squirrels on the sidewalk looking for food, and a few long tail birds standing on the lane separated by the safety net. When the light or the sound of a car appeared, those birds would quickly drag their long tails and spread out their colorful wings, flying away from the ground.

The terrain here was the best and we could see the whole appearance of HJ Empire from here.

It was just nine o'clock. At this time, the most mysterious No. 7 Golden Seat was lit up with a magnificent night lamp.

In No. 7 mansion, a servant was waiting on Simon to take a shower. The kitchen had prepared night snack with a proper temperature, and it could be provided to him at any time.

In the living room, which was totally different from the busy servant area, the sound of dropping needles could be heard.

Simon's parents, two grandfathers, brother and sister-in-law and even aunt all rushed over. The atmosphere was very serious, as if the family equity meeting was being held.

Standing behind them, Terence and Lance remained silent, waiting for their boss patiently.

Soon there was a rustling sound, followed by the sound of slippers rubbing the carpet. Then a figure appeared in the courtyard on the two floor.

"bo…… boss!" Terence was afraid that his boss would be angry. After all, just during a shower time, several big shots of the family came here. He must think that it was he who had told them the secret.

Terence wanted to die, so he stared at Lance who had a loose tongue.

"Come down if you have finished!" After Simon's grandfather said this, Simon nodded.

He wore a set of silk pajamas, and the servant Dorsey who helped him take a shower, was holding his black frame glasses. After Simon put glasses on, servant Lilly anxiously handed him a towel. Simon took the towel, dried his hair and went downstairs.

The spiral staircase was not long, and Simon walked down leisurely as usual. The people downstairs looked more anxious than before.

Simon walked to the armchair and sat down. Nancy Zheng quickly brought a small porcelain bowl to him. He wiped his hands with a towel and handed it to Dorsey. Then he took over the bowl and drank up the brown juice in it, and handed the bowl back.

The eyes of the people around him had never left Simon. Although the youngest master of the family, regardless of his appearance or figure, was very eye-catching and everyone was proud of him, at this time, their attention was not on appreciating the gorgeous man, but on anxiously asking for the result.

Everyone was staring at Simon. He just tapped the arm of the sofa rhythmically with his fingers. When Nancy Zheng brought the midnight snack, he reached out his hand to take the soup cup. Bruce Song said to the people around in a strong voice, "All irrelative people, go out!"

The servants, Terence and Lance all went out in succession. Now it completely became the family equity meeting.

"Simon, are you still taking that medicine recently?" Simon's mother Judy Song was kind and elegant. She was almost fifty years old, but she looked younger than women in their 30s.


"Is it the effect of this medicine? I mean, I heard that the woman has no any background, and she is related to that dangerous organization. I'm afraid that you are cheated."

Poor Parents! It was not that Judy didn't believe people around Simon couldn't protect her son, but walls had ears. As long as she thought of what had happened, she could still remember it and feel frightened. She had to be so scrupulous now.

"Judy, let's talk about it later." When Clark Si spoke, his gray hair was slightly vibrating in his hand. He held a walking stick in his hand and sat like a general holding a sword.

After saying that, he continued, "are you sure your sexual organ can harden now?"

In fact, it was hard to say it, but it was related to the Si Family's descendant and inheritance, so Clark Si didn't say it vaguely.

All t

he people present looked a little embarrassed, but they didn't do anything inappropriate.

"Yes!" Simon answered simply and firmly.

As soon as he finished speaking, joy appeared on the faces of the people around him.

God knew how long their family had been waiting for this news. Although no one in the Si Family ever mentioned it, it was always a scar in their hearts.

Now the scar had healed, how could they not be happy?

It was a fact that the whole Si Family was unwilling to accept that Simon was infertile. However, no matter how many hospitals had been changed and how many beautiful women had been sent to him, he still couldn't be a normal man.

As a result, when Simon was a teenager, he went to extremes. He kept hanging out with women and being abandoned by women. Although those women's excuses for abandoning him were not related to that, they all left him because of this matter.

A female star even comforted him when they broke up, "Simon, I think maybe, if you need to vent your sexual desire, you can go to... to find a guy."

So on the second day, that woman was exposed in a sexual scandal and disappeared from everyone's sight.

Simon hated men so much at that time that he didn't allow any male assistant to follow him when he went to E Country.

When he arrived at the most debauched E Country, he chose a group of women with big breasts and fat buttocks to serve him. Since then, he had been depressed. He spent money playing with women every day, and even went into IS to trade slaves, becoming the youngest senior member of IS in the world.

But only he knew that people who had been gotten into there were far more than people who had been rescued. Although he had spent money to watch women dancing to entertain himself, he really couldn't make himself be a normal man.

These used to be his weaknesses, but now, they became the advantages of him to strengthen the Si Family.

But only he knew how lonely he was when he was alone.

Everyone was still comforting each other in joy. Clark Si leaned forward excitedly, as if he would get the news about his great grandson in the next second. "Have you had sex with that woman?"


"No?" Like a basin of cold water woke everyone up. Judy Song seemed to have eaten a fly and wanted to say something, but she didn't know how to say.

"Then How can you be so sure you can harden it?" Finally, Clark Si couldn't hold back his anger and his grey hair kept jumping.

Judy Song also added, "Simon, Lucia is a good girl. Don't let her down on impulse!"

Hearing his wife's words, Lynn Si, who hadn't spoken for a long time, hurriedly persuaded Simon, "Lucia has found the most suitable institution for test tube. At that time, the doctor will take your semen out of your body. Everything will be fine. You don't have to feel guilty. Your mother and I will comfort Lucia. Besides, you have become the master of our clan. You should know how to make a choice."

The crowd fell into deep thought again, as if the previous joy was ironic, and now it made everyone feel very sad.

After a long time, Simon slowly drank up the soup in his hand, wiped his mouth with a handkerchief on the table, slowly stood up and walked towards the bedroom, as if there was just himself at home, no one else.

The rest of the family didn't dare to offend Simon again, but just like they had made an appointment, they discussed in a low voice in the living room of No. 7 HJ Empire until one o'clock in the evening. After one o'clock, in the quiet lane, there were a few sudden car sounds, which startled the animals in the J Mountain, and also broke the sleepless night sky.

Simon looked up at the white bed curtain. When he closed his eyes, he could remember everything about Vana that day. Thinking of the scene of Vana that simply raising her hand to tidy up her hair, Simon's every pore of his body was beating happily. Soon, he touched somewhere in the lower half of his body again, and found that there was a man's feature that had never been seen before.

After a few minutes, the man's heavy breath came from the big bedroom.

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