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   Chapter 9 I'm Going to Chase Her

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In the dead of night, the villa area was quiet. HJ Empire as bright as the sunlight, it was located in the most advantageous location of the J Mountain.

There was a lake on the east side, and a private golf course around the island behind it.

The original place of HJ Empire was a land with the percentage of forest cover more than 65% in the Magic City, and it was also a rare natural "negative oxygen land" in the country, only after Zhangjiajie and Shitai. When the initial place of HJ Empire was located in the past, the negative oxygen ions could be as high as 3700~22000 cubic centimeters. Although it was going to decrease year by year, it was still the natural oxygen in the whole Magic City.

The air here could really clear the lung, so many rich tycoons tried their best to buy a villa here.

HJ Empire had introduced a batch of vegetarian animals from the level A1 zoo last month. Experts said that those animals had a certain degree of "urban disease" and needed to stay in a negative oxygen land for a period of time.

It was said that the parents of a state official used to live in the Central South Island, but because the air there was less negative oxygen than that of the HJ Empire, the two old men abandoned the government residence of Central South Island and came here. At this time, they had become the owner of the No. 1 Golden Seat of HJ Empire.

There were 8 villas in the HJ Empire. The lights of No. 1 to No. 5 were on, and only No. 6 to No. 8 were still empty.

At this time, HJ Empire was like a sleeping lion, very quiet at night.

Sitting on the passenger seat, Terence was answering a phone call. On the back seat, Simon was staring at the laptop in his hand to watch the feedback after the meeting.

The car ran steadily towards No. 7 of HJ Empire. Suddenly, the tone of Terence raised, which attracted the attention of Simon.

"It's not a big deal to fire an employee in the jewelry branch. How can you report it to him? Are you going to be fired tomorrow?"

Noticing from the rearview mirror that Simon was looking at him, Terence immediately lowered his voice and said quickly. "But what? You don't have to worry about the business of Chamber of Commerce. You can deal with it by yourselves. If you can't even do this little thing well, you can just go home. "

After hanging up the phone, Terence smiled awkwardly. Then he straightened his clothes and said, "Boss, the information you asked me to investigate yesterday was cut off four years ago. I think that person should really be dead."

Simon was stunned and said absently, "It seems that they are not the same person!" Then he quickly adjusted his tone and said lightly, "what about this person? Have you found it out? "

"Boss, Miss Gu, who works in our jewelry store, I only found that she came back from the region of that organization in Eritrea 1 month ago, but I didn't find any information about her in the past few years, or even her current personal information. …… Boss, do you suspect that this person with the same name as your fiancee is the same person? "

Without saying anything, Simon pinched his forehead.

He didn't know why he had to investigate Lola's auntie. Just because he heard the familiar name? Or did he expect that she and that person would have the same identity?

He remembered that what Terence had just said was about the jewelry store that the woman was working in, so he asked casually, "who called you just now?"

"Steve from the World Trade Mall said that a girl, who was sent in by an important man of Chamber of Commerce before, made a mistake. He asked us if we should consider the relationship among the directors of Chamber of Commerce and I let them deal with it by themselves."

"An important person?" Simon quickly recalled that her aunt, Renee, had mentioned this to him before, but he couldn't remember the n

ame of the director of Chamber of Commerce.

"Do you remember the last name?"

"The last name is Gu!"

"Last name is Gu? …… Vana Gu? "

"What? What a coincidence! I'll call back right now. " Terence wondered why there was such a coincidence. It seemed that the woman was stuffed in SS Jewelry was the one mistaken by the boss as his fiancee. He didn't expect that he was so stupid just now.

And although the boss was interested in that organization, why did he interfere in the private affairs of that woman whose last name was Gu?

Terence was confused. He quickly dialed the number on the other end of the line, and soon heard the voice of Steve. Terence asked a few simple questions and understood that the employee who was about to be dismissed was Vana, who was mentioned by his boss just now.

"Boss, what should we do now?" He covered the microphone and asked for Simon's opinion.

Without saying anything, Simon reached out his hand and said, "Give me the phone."

So Terence handed the phone to Simon. He wondered what kind of woman could make his boss care about her so much.

But when he heard what Simon asked in the car, he and the driver Lance couldn't stay calm.

"Do you mean that there are employees pushing her out? …… Tell me who they are and tell me their employee number. …… These employees would be paid fifty percent of their performance this month without any reason. …… Let me think about it. "

So, Simon was lost in thought for three seconds.

Both Terence and Lance were stunned. What was boss doing?

Lance looked at Terence in horror, and Terence also looked at Lance in horror.

"Listen to me. I won't decide her whereabouts for the time being. I'll go to see you in person. Three days later. Okay. Good night. "

Terence finally react from panic, but it was not difficult for him to imagine that Steve was so flattered after hearing that "good night to you" from Simon. Steve was afraid that he would doubt if he was going to be executed penalty tomorrow morning.

"Boss, I think you treat this lady differently." As the number one personal assistant of Simon, Terence was more arrogant than Marcus and James. Sometimes he didn't show respect to Simon, but if Simon didn't say anything, no one could do anything to him.

"I'm going to chase her!"

"What?" This sound was made by both Terence and Lance. The two of them seemed to have heard a daydream. They both felt unbelievable and even worried.

"Boss, have you forgotten that you have been engaged to the woman named Vana? Besides Have you ever considered Lucia's feelings? "

Terence had to remind him that "Lucia was your girlfriend now".

Lance kept nodding his head.

The car stopped at this time. They arrived at the No. 7 Golden Seat of HJ Empire.

Simon didn't answer Terence's question. It was not that he didn't know how to answer, but in his dictionary, everything he said was usually considered.

In other words, he had just stated his point of view. He wanted to chase an employee of his jewelry store? She was also a suspicious woman without any 'historical information'.

"Wait, boss. Will this..."

"No!" It was not until that Simon walked to the door and stopped. Simon turned around and said, "Because I only have the feeling for her!"


Terence was shocked beyond words. He couldn't believe that the boss could be recover since he was a child who had something wrong with some men's indescribable parts.

But what should Lucia do now? …… No, it could only be said that boss had never taken Lucia seriously. Whoever he wanted to chase, he would never care about the feelings of the people he did not care about.

"I, I, I will tell Lynn and Judy!" Lance was so shocked that he began to stutter. When Terence saw his boss enter the door, he suddenly thought of something and cursed in a low voice, "holy shit!"

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