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   Chapter 8 Strange Sound

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It was said that Renee, the founder of SS Jewelry, was a dancer, but she couldn't move casually because of her physical reasons in her early pregnancy. She got used to a busy life, so she finally chose to learn to draw in the leisure time, and added different kinds of dance elements into the design of jewelry. Thus, her first work, "Wonder" was born.

A novel and magnificent "Wonder" suddenly appeared, which laid a solid foundation for SS Jewelry.

In this era where the creation was more than stars, "Wonder" was the brightest one.

Its achievements were beyond the imagination of all the jewelry design masters in the country, which also aroused the storm of the domestic jewelry industry.

Renee had a very deep influence on Vana, but today Vana could not continue to work in the jewelry industry. She felt very disappointed.

Soon, Daisy arrived. The statements of Petty and Hayley, as well as Lucy's exaggerated expression, this battle seemed a foregone conclusion.

Although the result was still unknown, Vana knew that she had to leave this time because of the tone of Daisy.

"Vana, don't you know how bad your behavior of deliberately seducing customers is?"

"Vana, this is a serious matter. Even if you are the best employee in our counter, I can't forgive you."

"Vana, just wait to be dismissed."

'These were what Daisy said. She wouldn't help me.'

When Vana returned to her dormitory, she sent a message to her maid at home, Ruth. Her parents were still angry, so she couldn't go home for the time being.

And if she wanted to continue to live in the dormitory, it was impossible unless she was not dismissed.

There were no other employees in the dormitory today. Vana began to slowly sort out her stuff.

It had only been one month since she came back from abroad, and she hadn't worked in SS Jewelry for a long time. However, the atmosphere in the Gu Family was not as warm as before. Every time her family members got along well with Emily, Vana felt a little suffocated among them, and she even felt that her appearance was unnecessary.

Therefore, Vana often used the excuse of living in the dormitory for convenience and did not often go back to her own home.

Vana knew that she had only been missing for four years, and their close inner relationship would not be alienated from her.

But Emily had ability to make her mother happy.

Her mother was a businesswoman. Like her sister, she chose to leave her parents for freedom. Her mother had severed the relationship with grandfather for more than thirty years, and her mother had never mentioned the Xu Family.

Vana knew that her mother had always had a great dream, which was to surpass the Xu Family, which was the leader of the communication industry in H Country. Only in this way could she have the confidence to return to the family.

But when she thought of these things what her mother had done to force her sister, she still felt disgusted.

Jeff from the headquarter of Japan said that he wanted his sister to drink with him, while her mother pushed her sister to accompany him because her mother assured that he didn't dare to do anything to her. Vana just sat on the sidelines.

Nick of the ZG Building liked traveling with beautiful women. Her mother asked her father to go with her sister. Vana didn't go there that time, but she still felt disgusted.

One time, Jimmy, the most powerful man in the DS Province, talked with his parents about the lack of a dancing partner, so her mother put her sister on a stage. Her sister danced the whole exaggerating dance with grimace. In the end, she was bullied by the local villains. She almost collapsed and committed suicide. This time, Vana couldn't help but resi

st her mother. Her mother not only argued that it was ordinary social contact, but also ordered Vana not to be ungrateful.

She said that was to pave the way for their future.

Vana only smiled when she heard it. Bulter said it was the first time that she smiled in a way that made Cathy feel scared.

Later, her mother also found her a good future, engaged to a young man without any communication.

It was said that the man's family had arrived on the engagement day, but Vana was so scared that she almost died.

She remembered that she was only fifteen or sixteen years old at that time. When she heard the news, Vana locked herself up at home and missed the engagement time, which angered her parents. Her parents locked her up at home for a month and didn't allow her to go to school. Vana was afraid that Billy worried about her, she even tore up her bed sheet and quilt them together at that time, in order to be able to pass through the wall of the backyard to meet Billy. However, she accidentally knocked over the flowerpot over her head and smashed herself down to the ground from the third floor.

When she limped to the bottom of the wall with her head covered in blood, Billy had already escaped.

Vana didn't see Billy, so she had to go home.

She thought her mother would be very worried when she saw her, but after entering the house, she met her mother who was about to go out. Her mother said happily, "That's great, Vana. They asked me to discuss the date of engaging again. Oh my God, Vana, did you fall when you ran away? But I have something more important to do now. Can you ask Bulter to send you to the hospital? "

Then she called the Bulter and left without saying anything.

Her mother loved them, she just used the wrong way.

She was too anxious to get what she wanted, hoping to reach the top at once. However, what she had done in the end did not get the deserved reward, and she even forced her sister to leave.

As soon as her sister left, her mother realized the seriousness of the matter and became a little bit more normal.

Vana gradually felt the warmth of home and the care of her parents.

Vana opened her wardrobe and found there were only two or three clothes for summer in it. Her mother bought them for Vana before she disappeared. Now they looked so childish, but Cathy said that she looked like her little princess in this way.

Vana took the clothes and casually put them into the suitcase. At last, she quickly rolled a palm-sized black bag under the clothes into a pile of underwear. There should be no one to rummage through it.

After packing up, Vana heard the sound that she heard it when she lived in the dormitory a few days before.

She was very depressed, because she had asked Carrie and others about it. They said that they didn't hear any sound when they lived in the dormitory.

"Bang, bang, bang!" The sound of knocking water pipe continued, and it was the sound of iron pipe used in the old house.

Vana was sure that she wasn't wrong in her judgement, because the mall where SS Jewelry was located in a relatively luxurious location in the Magic City, and the buildings here were all completed in recent years. It was impossible to use that kind of old iron pipe.

But this kind of voice only sounded when she was there, so Vana had to be alert.

Her sixth sense told her that something would definitely happen tonight.

So Vana quickly opened the black bag under her underwear, took out a black tube object and stuffed it into her waist. Then she stood up and hid behind the dormitory door easily.

Looking out through the crack of the door, Vana suddenly made an eye contact with a black figure, who was looking through the crack.

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