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   Chapter 7 Just Wait To Be Kicked Out Of The Company

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Vana and Carrie reacted quickly. It seemed that Petty and Hayley had come back.

"Well, sir, how about I bill for you now? Just 'Beloved', right?" Vana quickly invited the man to the checkout. Although the man was reluctantly pulled by the girl, he still followed her.

"Vana, how could you lie to a guest like this? We have all sizes of 'Eternal Heart'. How could it be no size of this lady's?" Petty had already come over and stood on the other side of the man. They confronted each other, and the time seemed to stop.

"What? How dare you lie to me? Do you look down on me?" The girl in a tight skirt pounced on Vana and instantly grabbed her arm. Fortunately, the middle-aged man blocked the two and they were quickly separated.

"Lucy, don't be so irritable, okay?"

"But honey, this woman doesn't sell the other diamond ring to me which means she thinks you are poor and you don't have money!" Every word of Lucy Xu seemed to pierce into a man's heart. Although he had money to play with women, he found that these beautiful women were tens of thousands of times more expensive than his wife. In the past two years, he had spent more than twenty million. It was twenty million! And it was the money his wife would never spend in her whole life.

"Shut up. It is me who asked them not to sell it to me. How could you blame them? You are really good at this behavior."

"Honey, you... How dare you ogle to each other in front of me? Tell me, are you enchanted by this coquettish woman?"

Before the middle-aged man could answer, Lucy Xu suddenly shouted, "ah... I don't care. I will strangle you bitch."

For some reason, all the women wanted to curse Vana with that unpleasant word when they saw her. Vana was so sad that her veins throbbed faintly. The moment Lucy Xu rushed over, a beautiful high leg lift forced her to stop pouncing.

Vana's toes were right in front of Lucy Xu's nose. Lucy Xu was scared by this, and the people around her were also dumbfounded.

Because just as she lifted her leg, her skirt cracked and fell down.

From the corner of Vana's eye, she saw that Petty seemed to be very happy. Her hands were already clenched on her chest, and an excited expression was about to appear on her face.

But the next second, Vana put down her leg calmly.

She was wearing a pair of black leather pants, which surprised everyone present.

Vana didn't think it was a big deal. Because she had been abroad for four years and had no habit of wearing a skirt, she would wear a pair of underpants in a skirt now. She didn't expect that it would come useful today, avoiding an awkward situation.

However, she didn't find anything wrong with the dress when she washed it the day before yesterday. Maybe...

Vana took a glance at Petty, who was in a bad mood, and Petty's face changed several times. It seemed that it was hard for her to accept the fact that she had tried her best to play tricks on her but only turned out to be futile.

Vana said coldly, "don't vent your ignorance on irrelevant people, idiot."

The last "idiot" was said casually by Vana, and then she regretted.

During her four years abroad, she didn't learn much good things, but learned the bad habits from the group of people who said dirty things. Although these were useful abroad, but at home... She felt like she was digging a hole for herself to be trapped.

"You... What did you call me?" In fact, Lucy Xu cared a lot about what happened to Vana just now. Their long skirts covered the advantage of the women's thighs. Now, she only had a pair of hip length shorts, which made her long legs very eye-catching.

Could it be...?


quettish bitch!" Lucy Xu glared at Vana and her own man, as if catching adultery on the spot.

"Vana, you're done. How dare you offend a customer and lose your manner at work? Just wait to be kicked out of the company," said Hayley, stamping her feet anxiously.

"Ho, idiot? I think you are the idiot. Not only did you stop this lady from buying diamonds in order to win the favor of the male customer, but you also humiliated her in public. Now you are making such a mess. What's your intention?" Petty's look showed people the illusion that what she said was real, which almost made Vana think that she had a daydream before.

Good, very good.

Although Petty's eyes were beautiful, they could not distinguish the right from wrong.

Vana had wondered why Petty didn't put needles in her quilt or pushpin in her high-heeled shoes so easily last night. It turned out that she wanted to humiliate her in front of everyone in the shopping mall. The dress was tempered by Petty and Julie. It surprised to her that she didn't suspect it at all before.

But it was not good for Petty if she was humiliated, unless... Was it because she didn't like her and wanted to kick her out of the company?

"Petty, what I have done is self-defense, and it is this gentleman who just wants to buy one diamond. You want to kick me out of the company? It depends on whether you can slander me or not."

"You..." Petty's face was full of anger. She knew that it was not enough to completely get her out.

"Miss, this woman just harassed your man. Didn't you notice that? When she was putting the ring on your finger, she touched your man's hand." Hayley said slowly.

The middle-aged man was shocked, with sweat on his face. He glanced at Vana and felt in a dilemma.

With an unreadable expression, Carrie glanced at the man and then at Vana. Her eyes were full of eagerness, and she wanted to say something, but she didn't know what to say.

"Look, she didn't justify for herself."

"Well, I don't think you two have anything else to say, especially you, bitch. I'll call your manager now."

"The manager is not here, but I have called our manager just now. You can wait in the rest area over there." With these words, Hayley and Petty arrogantly took Lucy Xu over. Lucy Xu dragged the middle-aged man and saw that the man was still peeking at Vana. She was even angrier and dragged his ear to sit down in the rest area.

As soon as they left, Carrie walked up to Vana and complained, "Vana, I'm really pissed off. Why do these two people want to see you being driven out. I saw that it was he who touched your hand secretly..."

Just now, when Carrie was standing next to Vana, she saw that the middle-aged man took the opportunity to flirt with Vana, and Vana had been tolerant all the time.

But if she said something like that now, she was afraid that it would cause a conflict between the middle-aged man and the woman, so she could not act recklessly.

"It doesn't matter, Carrie. I will listen to the arrangement of the superior whether asking me to leave or stay. You don't have to worry about me."

Carrie was frustrated, and she had already known the answer.

After all, it was very repulsive for company that employee ignored the company's interests and lowered the customer buying rate. In addition, the most important thing for SS Jewelry was the employees' professional quality. If it was really like what Petty and Hayley had said that Vana deliberately "harassed" the customer, then she was not suitable to be a shopping guide of SS Jewelry, and would also be dismissed by the company.

But all this was not true. Vana was wronged.

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