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   Chapter 331 Persuasion

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Betty didn't feel anything. Instead, she took pleasure in Lily's misfortune. No, they were both suffering from the same things. Oh, no, it was... The feeling of finding a comrade in arms.

After all, it was romantic for two close friends to get pregnant at the same time.

But Lily didn't think so at all. As a wife of a male homosexuality, she was pregnant! !

Lily had never thought that there would be a child other than Estelle. She felt that it was enough for her to have Estelle, and she had never thought of having a son or anything else.

So... This child...

"Betty, I want to have an abortion." Said Lily.

"What?" Betty was stunned for a while and then frowned. "What are you talking about? Are you crazy?"

A pregnant mother was afraid of hearing such words, but Lily's eyes were firm. "I don't want to keep this child. I'm not ready."

Betty said helplessly, "There's nothing to be prepared for. Besides, it's not your first time to be a mother. Don't say that. Although the child is still young, he will be unhappy if he senses it. "

"I'm telling the truth. Betty, I was very worried when I gave birth to Estelle. I'm afraid that she's not healthy enough, that she'll become bad when she grows up, that she won't listen to me, that she'll go astray, that she'll... I really hate to live in fear like this. "

"But isn't Estelle very good now? She is healthy, beautiful, smart and kind. She is a lovely girl."

"Yeah, Estelle is very good now, but..." Lily touched her still flat belly and said, "I don't know if this baby in my belly will also be the same good. I'm very worried and don't want to suffer the same fear again..."

Betty was silent. She had never worried that her child would go in the direction she was worried about. She didn't know if it was because she was too confident, or because her sixth sense was accurate?

She couldn't understand what Lily said and didn't know how to persuade Lily. She opened her mouth, but didn't know what to say. "You still... You still need to think about it again. Go back and discuss with Danny."



Danny wanted to hold her in his arms, but Lily said coldly, "Don't touch me. I am pregnant and sensitive. Don't made my baby die."

Danny didn't dare to touch her again.

After Lily left, Danny stood by the bed for a long time and finally sighed lonely.

Suddenly, he wanted to get married. What did they must be underground lovers all their life. Why did he treat himself so wrongly?

'I was so stupid that I agreed to do so. Now I regretted, very regretful, very regretful.'

If Danny had insisted on it, Milton's parents had already known that their son was a gay and it didn't matter to divorce Milton for Lily. At the thought of this, Danny felt that Cora was really selfish. For the sake of her family's dignity, she had to implicate the happiness of an innocent woman. Cora had already gone abroad. Lily didn't need to care what others thought in the country.

Lily was also a fool. How could she agree to such a rude request without hesitation?

But now...

During the process of the growth of Estelle, Danny had been very guilty that he was not by Estelle's side. Now, God had given him another chance to be a father from the beginning, but Lily had to give up for someone who was not irrelevant.

Danny couldn't let it go.

However, he also knew Lily's temper and Lily was no longer the obedient Amanda.

Danny didn't have the courage to persuade Lily.

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