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   Chapter 330 It's Over, I Am Pregnant.

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Recently, Lily had a good appetite and seemed to gain some weight. One day, she sighed with Betty that it was easy for her to gain weight in her middle age.

Betty, who was pregnant for five months, casually ate melon seeds and watched the soap opera. She complained, "Yes, my figure is out of shape, and I can't keep my husband by my side. Damn George, he is always busy. Alas, Lily, if you have time, help me to his company to see if he is flirting with a female secretary?"

Lily was helpless. "Please. You are so beautiful. Are you afraid that your husband will cheat on you?"

Betty spat out a melon seed shell and said, "You don't know that if this man has an affair, the mistress may not be more beautiful than the legal wife. The key is the feeling of freshness."

Lily smiled, "Come on, George is more stubborn than Danny. He won't change once he falls in love with a person."

Betty said proudly, "Okay, even you speak for him. I'll let him go."

"Your Highness, you are so generous."

The two continued to eat snacks and watch TV.

Lily said again, "I'm afraid that this studio can't be opened. No, to be more specific, I can't. Why am I so lazy recently and don't want to do anything? I just want to shift everything to Danny."

Betty smiled, "You want to open a studio, and Danny will open an advertising company. I advise you not to work too hard. Look, a husband who can make money, a guest who can make money, and a lover who can make money. You are a winner in life. You should be lazy. As a woman, don't make yourself so tired, or you will get old very soon."

Lily regretted that Betty did not live up to her expectations, "Betty, I remember that you used to be an independent and promising person. Why did you become like this?"

Betty also sighed and said, "I have no choice. I have to give birth a son to Zhang family. I have a lot of responsibilities and can't care about others."

"This is not like you who used to be a womanizer."

"Well, I'm going to have two babies in the future. One is Zhang and the other is Tang. That's fair. I'm pregnant hard and George makes money to support our family. Is there anything wro

gnancy, she was so lucky...

Alas, maybe it was just a sign of getting fat. Lily thought a lot of things quickly in her mind, and then she came back to her senses and forced a smile. "Maybe I am not pregnant. Maybe I just eats more..."

Betty glared at her, stood up and went upstairs. When she went downstairs, she threw a box of things in her hand into Lily's arms and said, "Well, they are left by me. You can test it yourself. You are such a silly woman, how can you not know you are pregnant?"

After thinking for a while, Lily went to the bathroom...

After a long time, the advertisement had been broadcast for several rounds, but Lily still didn't come out.

After pregnancy, Betty's temperament changed greatly. She was not gentle anymore, but she was impetuous and irritable.

Betty couldn't wait anymore and knocked on the door of the bathroom. "Lily, do you fall into the toilet? Do you want me to go inside and get you? "

Lily didn't say anything. Betty became nervous and quickly turned the doorknob. The door was not locked. When Betty pushed the door open, she saw that Lily was sitting on the toilet, with a pregnancy test stick in her hand, and several used pregnancy sticks were scattered around.

Seeing this scene, Betty knew what happened.

Betty walked over and took it over. Sure enough, there were two lines.

With an expressionless face and empty eyes, Lily muttered, "It's over. I am pregnant."

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