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   Chapter 329 Go Around The Little Brother

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All the procedures were going through. Horace didn't transfer his shop, but hired several reliable shop managers to let his coffee shop, which was filled with a lot of efforts of him, continue to shine in this busy city. Milton left in advance and went to the new company to inquire about the situation.

Danny's school district housing really came in handy. Estelle could go to the best school. And Lily also checked the address of her studio across separated place. But across the screen, she always felt it inconvenient.

Lily decided to go on a field trip, but Estelle... Lily couldn't let Horace take care of her. Horace had been very busy recently. Although Horace moved out this time because of Milton, Lily still felt a faint sense of guilt.

Ah... Anyway, Estelle was so smart and would soon be transferred to another school. It seemed to be a good choice to take Estelle to get familiar with the new environment.

Lily thought she must be the most casual mother in the world...

Hearing that she didn't need to go to school, Estelle agreed immediately.

Lily was a little worried that this child would be wild if they continued to do this.

But it didn't matter. Anyway, her father had a lot of houses. At the worst, he could support Estelle for a lifetime. Thinking of this, a sweet smile appeared on Lily's face.

Mandy was overjoyed when she heard that Lily and others were coming. She told Jake and Jake was a man of true disposition. In fact, Jake was very grateful that Lily had helped him a lot. Moreover, he "liked" Lily, but it was just a friend's appreciation, not related to love.

Jake hadn't found time to thank Lily and her family since Mandy gave birth to his baby. This was a good chance.

Moreover, when Jake heard that Danny and Lily were together again, Jake was half happy and half worried. Jake was happy that their lovers finally got together again, but he was worried that as lovers, it seemed that they were not the kind of lovers that the common people were willing to accept...

However, it didn't matter as long as they were happy. Anyway, one good turn deserved another. Jake didn't worry that their complicated relationship would b

Lily pinched the face of Estelle lovingly and sighed in her heart, 'My dear daughter, who taught you such a shameless spirit...

Could it be Horace? No, I can't let Estelle stay with that narcissist in the future.'

But on second thought, there seemed to be someone who was also narcissistic...

That was Estelle's father.

It was sweet and annoying...

Originally, Lily planned to go to Jake's home with Danny to create an opportunity to let Estelle know Danny. Let's start from uncle.

Unexpectedly, Danny, a coward, was still nervous in front of his ten year old little daughter. Lily was really helpless, so she had to go with Estelle.

Compared with others, Lily was really pissed off. Back then, after the birth of Estelle, Lily finally regained a little figure. Later, she became Lily, and then she really became thinner.

Mandy had recovered well in a short time.

Besides, who said that giving birth to a daughter that the mother's skin would be good, and giving birth to a son that the mother's skin would be bad?

Lily looked at Mandy's skin, which was as white as a shelled egg.

And Mandy was wearing a pink housecoat and a ponytail, just like a young girl, not like a child's mother.

Jake was really lucky.

And look at his son... He was good-looking that he could get the special treatment.

Estelle said she didn't want to go, but in fact, Estelle had been around the little brother since she entered the room...

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