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   Chapter 327 A New Perspective

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Baron had been paying close attention to Lily recently, and naturally received the news of Lily's resignation, which made Baron feel a little embarrassed. In fact, he didn't mean to do that. But now, even if he left completely and asked Danny to integrate all this, he was afraid that Danny wouldn't agree. What should he do?

Baron had always been fond of winning in the face of difficulties, and felt that there was nothing he could do.

It was hard for an official to judge a family matter, and the insider was more confused. This time, there was really nothing Baron could do about it.

Just let it be?

It was not easy for Baron to get old. When he knew that he had a son, he thought he could finally enjoy the happiness of family reunion. Sure enough, people could not look for trouble. Once he did it, what he had before was gone, and what he hoped for but hadn't got turned into nothingness.

It was the first time that Baron had come downstairs to have a meal because he felt more and more incompetent in managing a company. If Baron hadn't engaged in any social activities before, he would have some food casually in the staff canteen. Now he was in a bad mood and wanted to be good to himself.

He happened to see Polly sitting by the window.

Baron walked over and smiled, "By yourself?"

Polly was a little surprised. She looked up at Baron and was even more surprised. But soon she recovered as usual and smiled, "No, he left first."

Of course, Baron knew who he was. Baron didn't ask more and asked the waiter to order. The two of them chatted casually.

"Don't you plan to have a child after marriage?"

Polly was stunned for a moment and shook her head. "I have never felt that I would be involved with the word 'child'. Moreover, I'm old and don't want to be busy with the kid anymore. Malcolm doesn't want the baby."

"Men... Always have a wish to be a father. " Baron looked out of the window with some melancholy.

Polly smiled, "President, you are really old now."

"What do you mean?" Baron asked.

"I thought only the elders would persuade people to have a child."

Baron pursed his lips, "I have to accept that I am getting old."

Polly was speechless for a while. Unconsciously, Baron was getting o

ome a strong woman envied by everyone. She just wanted to stay at home and wait for Baron to go home for dinner.

Just like today, she could look at him in a dignified way.

With an inexplicable impulse, Polly said without thinking, "Baron. Haven't you noticed my love for you for these years? "

Fortunately, the lunch break was almost over and there was no one around.

It seemed to be the first time that Polly had called Baron's name face to face.

The action of Baron stopped for a moment, and then continued to drink the soup. He said slowly, "Polly, Malcolm is more suitable for you than me..."

There was no need to say anything more. Polly felt her eyes moist.

Of course, Malcolm was more suitable for her than Baron.

It seemed that suitable and like were different things. She was lucky to meet a man she liked and suitable at last.

However, it was not that Polly was sad that Baron still had no improper desire for her in the end

But she felt that Baron knew her heart, and he had always known it.

Polly really didn't know whether she should be sad or happy. It turned out that Baron was not a wooden stake. He also had emotions and desires, and was as careful as dust.

But he would rather play dumb in front of her.

'As long as you know my feeling for you these years, it's good. I won't ask for anything else.'

With a smile, Polly picked up the plate and said, "I'm leaving now. I need to go first and have a look at the company from a new perspective."

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