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   Chapter 326 There Is No Need To Force

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Since the relationship between Danny, Baron and Lauren was in a stalemate, and Lily was also involved, there was no need for her to continue the training in Carlorine. Anyway, there was no result. Even if the training was over and Baron approved her to work in Carlorine, she would still feel embarrassed.

Since it was not too late, Lily decided to leave as soon as possible in case of wasting everyone's time.

Those who poached Lily expressed their regret and repeatedly asked Lily to think it over. Lily had made up her mind to leave, and she said that she would also pay the cost of the training these days. The man on the other side had no choice but to agree as he saw that Lily really had no intention of flowing down.

After hanging up the phone, Lily suddenly felt unprecedentedly relaxed. Didn't someone say that a woman without a job would suffer from depression if she stayed at home? But this didn't work on Lily at all. Now she just wanted to stay at home until it was dark and she didn't need to do anything. She felt easy even she just thought about it.

But it was not until Lily hung up the phone that she remembered. If she wanted to stay out of this, how could she explain her resignation to Danny? If she didn't know what had happened to Danny, Baron and Lauren, why did she resign? Wasn't it a good chance to enter the Carlorine headquarters in the north?

Thinking of Milton, Lily left and knocked at the door. Horace opened the door with a meaningful look on his face. "What's the matter?"

After so many years of tacit understanding, Lily said, "Let's have breakfast together tomorrow morning. I haven't eaten the morning tea for a long time and I'm a little greedy." Then she walked away dejectedly,

Looking at the receding figure of Lily, Horace couldn't help laughing. In fact, Lily seemed to have misunderstood something...

Horace and Milton were not doing something indescribable, but discussing life. In fact, they hadn't seriously planned for the future. Since the two boys were together, there were many restrictions and many parts that were not restricted. In a word, they had been muddling along all the time, they just lived in a happy w

bottom of Lily's heart, she thought it was good to be young. Even when Lily was young, she was far from being as beautiful as Estelle.

But being young was the best skin care product.

Besides, the young mind couldn't be bought at any cost.

After so many things, even if Lily had always held the belief of "never forgetting the original heart", her original heart was inevitably worn out.

But it was good. She should be different in every different age. Only in this way could her life be complete.

Every time Lily moved, it was a real farewell. The city was originally cold, but because of the existence of some people, Lily felt this place full of vitality.

However, since when, those people had dispersed again...

She wondered how Marina was doing now? Although it was not a good time and it was awkward to think about it now, Marina was still such a lovely friend to Lily. What happened?

Fortunately, Betty was still alive, so Lily wouldn't be too lonely.

It was a long way. Someone was destined to come and go, teach you something, and then leave... Some people were even rushed away by time before they could leave anything.

The most inevitable thing in Lily's life was separation.

When Lily was more than 30 years old, she would be very painful if she was still not used to separation...

What you are meant to have is always yours. It can't run away. And dispersion are sometimes. There is no need to force anything.

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