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   Chapter 325 Let's Go Back To The North

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Perhaps the form of family affection was not necessarily accompany. Some mistakes might not be made up by company.

That night, Lily couldn't fall asleep and thought a lot.

She was wondering whether her decision today was right or not. Should she speak for Lauren or pretend to be ignorant in front of Danny?

No matter how strong a person was, he would get hurt. Everyone needed a different way to heal his wound. If Danny thought it was better for Lily to stay by his side quietly, then why did Lily mention his old scar?

The harm Lauren had done to Danny was indelible. Perhaps the best choice was not to mention it or not to meet Lauren again.

There were some things that could not be forgiven...

"Are you asleep?" All of a sudden, someone knocked on the door. It was Milton.

"Not yet. Come in," said Lily, sitting up from the bed.

Milton pushed the door open and lay down beside Lily. "It's so late. Why don't you go to bed? It's almost dawn."

Lily smiled, "Milton, do we often have this kind of conversation?"

Milton also smiled, "It's true."

"Why do we always suffer from insomnia at the same time?"

"HMM... Maybe it's because of fate. "

"Why can't you sleep well today?"

"I... Forget it. Let's not talk about me. Why can't you sleep? "

Shrugging, Lily said, "I think too much, but now I have thought it through. What about you?"

"I..." With a long sigh, Milton said, "Didn't I say that I wanted to have a rest?"

"Well, aren't you having a rest now?"

"Screw you. I think about what to do in the future these days. Although I can make money now and it's enough for me to spend for the rest of my life, I can't just do nothing and eat and play all day long. That kind of life doesn't seem interesting."

"So? What do you want? "

After a pause, Milton continued, "Recently, a high school classmate contacted me and said that his company lacks a strategic counselor. He offers me a good job and a good salary Compared with my previous life, I am really on vacation. "

Lily nodded, "That's good. What else do you hesitate about?"

Milton turned to look at Lily and said, "But their company is in a place where you h

conscience. Did I do anything to you?"

"You..." Milton was angry, 'Women are unreasonable. Men are more serious than women when they are unreasonable,' Milton thought.

With an aggrieved look on his face, Horace said, "Milton, tell me the truth. Do you like Lily?"

Milton was angry and amused. "Are you crazy?"

"Then why do you always talk to her first and then to me? Can't I be the first one to know?" Horace, more than 30 years old, acted like a spoiled child and Milton didn't feel weird at all.

Looking at Horace, Milton stretched out his hand to rub Horace's face and said, "Good boy."

"No, I am not. A good boy can't get much care." Horace grew up in an orphanage and knew this well. Although the aunts liked those obedient and good children, they didn't worry about them and didn't pay attention to them anymore.

On the contrary, those naughty children always made trouble, and the aunts had to pay attention to them.

Therefore, a well behaved child like Horace often felt particularly lonely.

In the past few years, Horace had been "a good wife" and "a good mother" in this family. Perhaps Milton had concealed something because he loved Horace, but Horace wanted to share something with Milton.

Milton suddenly felt that he was a jerk and felt sorry for Horace.

What Lily said was right. Horace was the one who should shoulder the responsibility with Milton most.

"Horace, go back to the north with me."

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