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   Chapter 324 A Way Out

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Lily was really shocked, because she had just seen the father of Danny, a man who had nothing to do with Ye family. She had known that Danny was not Ye family's biological son, so Lily was not surprised.

However, Lily didn't expect that this "aunt" was the biological mother of Danny.

If Lily was not crazy, then the world was crazy... But when Lily saw the expression on Lauren's face, Lauren was so sure about this.

Lily's mind was in a mess...

'What the hell? Sabella is the child of Ye family. If Danny is at the son of Lauren, then... Then Danny and Sabella are related by blood!

However, they got married and almost had a child...'

With her eyes wide open, Lily asked, "What the relationship about Danny and Sabella?"

Lauren closed her eyes in pain and nodded, "Yes, they are brother and sister. They had the consanguineous marriage..."

"Did you just know that Danny is your son?" Asked Lily.

If not, how could this happened?

Lauren kept silent for a while and shook her head, "From now on, listen to me, Okay?"

"Go ahead," said Lily, leaning back weakly.

Lauren told her everything in detail, especially her journey in mind.

Hearing this, the expression on Lily's face changed... In the end, Lily didn't know what expression she should put on.

"So?" Lauren finally finished her words, and it was Lily's turn to speak, "You are the biological mother of Danny, and you always know that he is your son. You have been silently accompanying him all these years."

Lauren nodded sadly.

"So you just watched him marry his sister without even stopping him?"

Lauren trembled slightly and said nothing. No matter how hard Lauren tried, it was indeed Lauren's fault.

"So, what do you mean by saying that to me now?"

Lily really didn't understand. She suddenly understood why Danny suddenly went to Australia to look for her and was not willing to come back. It seemed that he also knew about it.

Lily really didn't know what Lauren was thinking. Lauren and Danny so close to each othe

left, Lauren sat in the teahouse for a long time.

In fact, Lauren had already known that she was wrong, but she was unwilling to admit it. It was even more difficult to let a smart and arrogant woman admit that she was wrong.

But today, Lauren suddenly felt tired and didn't want to pretend anymore. She pretended to be a holy being who wouldn't make mistakes.

Everyone would make mistakes...

Not all mistakes could be forgiven, not even relatives.

Lauren should have known this earlier.

'So, Danny, I hope you can cheer up as soon as possible. It was really my fault at that time. I won't ask you to forgive me again. As long as you live well in the future, I will be satisfied...'

All of a sudden, Lauren felt that her life in the future seemed to be over.

In the past few decades, she had been living silently behind Danny, without doing anything for him. Now, Lauren knew what she could do. The only thing she could do was to leave Danny and let him forget the sad past. This was the last thing she could do for him.

But where could she go if she left here?

For all these years, she had been alone, and at least, Danny was the only spiritual support of Lauren. Now, Lauren had nothing to rely on.

All of a sudden, the phone rang.

It was Baron.

Perhaps, she still had a person to rely on, she still had a way out.

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