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   Chapter 322 Don't Think So

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Seeing Lauren's reaction, Baron knew that she probably knew Lily. After all, although Lauren hadn't been a mother of Danny in the past few years, she had been with Danny all the time.

"What? What impression do you have? " Baron asked.

Lauren frowned. She didn't have much contact with that girl, but she vaguely remembered that she was a very cute and predestined girl.

At that time, Lauren had thought that if Sabella couldn't come back, it would be good for Danny to marry this girl. Although this girl had the shadow of Sabella, she was not Sabella.

As time went by, Danny would forget Sabella and it didn't matter if they looked alike or not.

Unfortunately... Later, Sabella came back.

Lauren also thought that the girl was just a cannon fodder, but she didn't expect that she was still so important.

As expected, all the young girls nowadays should not be judged by their looks. They were all good at scheming. Yes, having a baby, especially the child of Danny, the girl would be settled for a lifetime.

Lily was so lucky Lauren only had one child, Danny.

Perhaps because of the matter of Sabella left shadow in Lauren's mind, Lauren couldn't think of the women around her son in a normal way, as if every woman who approached Danny had her own purpose.

Seeing that Lauren didn't say anything and Baron was about to ask more, Lauren said indifferently, "I don't remember much. I have remembered this name, but I haven't seen her many times. I'm not a God. How can I know everyone's nature? After all, you can't judge a person by his appearance. "

It made sense for Baron. But judging from the time when he met Amanda and this time when he met Lily, he thought that Lily was a very cute girl. She was not so scheming, and more straightforward. She would say anything she wanted to say. If Lily stayed with Danny for fame and fortune, she would also please Baron. He would not treat Lily shabbily for his granddaughter.

However, Lily was on the side of Danny, Lily also felt that Baron had hurt Danny.

Baron didn't know whether he should be happy or worried...

Danny had a confidant by his side, and Baron also lost a person who would speak for him in front of his son.

After Baron left th

haven't eaten anything. Don't you feel sorry for us if we get hungry and lose weight? What a heartless girl! "

Estelle also had a proud and disdainful face. With a slight smile at the corners of her mouth, she said, "Ah, isn't it just a good time for you to lose weight? It's hard for people to lose weight in middle age. You should pay more attention to it. Go and eat. Stay far away from me and don't let me smell it. "

Estelle's eyes were a little pitiful, like a hungry panda. Lily felt sorry for her, but also wanted to laugh.

After feeding half a bowl of porridge to Estelle, Lily went to the corridor with Milton and Horace to eat.

Lily didn't have any appetite before, but now she really felt hungry. It turned out that worrying about a person would really make her lose her appetite...

"Lily, what did you say to Estelle when you came back ahead of time?"

Lily paused for a moment, "Nothing. What's the matter?"

Horace bit an egg pancake and said slowly, "Nothing. When I just came back, I felt that the atmosphere was not right. I should have thought too much."

What Horace said upset Lily, "Is everyone else in the world so good at gauging people's mind and expression except me?

Whether it was Estelle or Horace...

Or was it just because there were so many talented people around her.

Lily patted Horace on the shoulder and said, "You have known too much. People like you can't survive three episodes in TV series."

Horace didn't think so.

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