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   Chapter 295 Stupid Human

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Now that the misunderstandings had been cleared up, George and Jake were old acquaintances. Jake and Mandy were also invited to attend the wedding. The problem was that Mandy hadn't finished her confinement. Although other countries didn't pay much attention to it, it was still an important thing to have the confinement in Mandy's country, and she couldn't be careless at all.

Not to mention that Jake was crazy about spoiling his wife, so only Jake would attend the wedding.

This was good. When all the members of Lily's family arrived, Danny was also a lonely middle-aged man. He and Jake could be together.

With what happened last ti

n that when he grows up, he must be filial to his Aunt Lily. Because if it weren't for Aunt Lily, he wouldn't have existed in the world. "

Lily smiled, "You don't have to talk about this to the children. It will increase his burden."

"Of course I must tell him. This is... This is called contrast past misery with present happiness. He should never forget the past. "

In a bad mood, Danny retorted, "You'd better learn the language first. Don't let your grade three level mislead my godson."

"Why does Jacob Linn become your godson? We just want to have a godmother. What are you doing here?"

Danny said, "Ha, you stupid human."

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