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   Chapter 294 Obviously Not

Surreal Super Adoration By Zi Tengluo Characters: 7138

Updated: 2020-09-07 00:03

It was countless women's lifelong dream to wake up in Danny's arms in the morning. Once, that was also the dream of Lily.

But now, before Lily opened her eyes, she began to regret.

'What did I do...'

Was it because she was drugged? It would be more difficult for Danny to let her go, since they had done this. But the two of them were both public figures and had a scandal in the past. If they were photographed by the unscrupulous reporters again, the impact on their families would be needless to say. As for Sabella, who was a lunatic, no one knew what she would do.

The two people's career would also be affected. As a matter of fact, Lily had a relationship with her boss. Although she was abroad,

f. There is no regret medicine in this world, and there is no time machine. If we go back to the past, I believe that your choice will not change. So, don't say if, I don't care if. Danny, to put it bluntly, it was you who abandoned me first. Why should I come back to you after your original happiness is destroyed? "

Danny was stunned and Lily smiled, "You see, you are as selfish as before, so I won't be with you."

"No, Lily, you are just making excuses for leaving me..." Danny's retort sounded powerless.

Maybe Lily was right. He was really a selfish person. But he was not selfish enough. Because people who were completely selfish would live a free and happy life.

Obviously, Danny was not.

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