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   Chapter 199 Being Together

Surreal Super Adoration By Zi Tengluo Characters: 6848

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Lauren was very angry with Ye Family for tearing down the bridge after crossing it and adding more trouble to injury. If it weren't for her, Ye Group wouldn't have developed like this today without Danny's biological mother.

Lauren's loan was timely, so that Sherwood had a good chance to make money. If he missed that opportunity, no matter how powerful he was and how capable he was, he would not be able to achieve what he had today.

Was this how they repay other's benefactor?

In fact, Danny felt at ease these days, but the more Lauren thought about it, the angrier she became. Lauren was rich, but she couldn't help Danny make a comeback.

Maybe it was time for her and someone to be together again.

Lauren had changed the fairy long dress and the robe, which she had been wearing recently. She was now dressing in an Avocado Green cashmere set and a wheat colored overcoat. With a little makeup, she looked noble. She was almost sixty years old, but it seemed that others would believe that she was just thirty or forty years old. Some people might not be outstanding when they were young, but as time went by, it revealed more of their inner temperament, which was also known as temperament.

In that era, not many women was really full of confidence from the bottom of her heart. Lauren was one of the rare women.

Lauren came to the head office of Carlorine. The receptionist looked at her and found that she was unfamiliar with her, but she had an extraordinary temperament, so she smiled and asked, "Madam, do you have an appointment?"

Lauren smiled, "No. But please tell Mr. Baron that Miss Lauren is looking for him."

The receptionist hesitated for a moment and said, "Please wait a moment."

When Linda received the phone call, her first reaction was that who was so arrogant? There were so many people might with this name, how could the chairman know which one she was.

But somehow, Linda had a sense of solemnity in her heart, she felt that this woman was not simple.

If it was just an ordinary person, t

Danny, who has just stepped down the stage. Lauren, who gave you the courage to break up with me at that time? Now you suddenly appear and let me recognize my son who is more than 30 years old? I don't even see which plot act like this in TV dramas. Lauren, you can take him to see me even if he was seven or eight years old, but now we are already gone more than our half-life. Don't you think it's ridiculous for you to suddenly bring someone to say that he is my son? Lauren, don't you think it's ridiculous? " Baron was always gentle and elegant, and he seldom got so excited.

Lauren closed her eyes and said nothing.

"What? Do you want to escape solve the problem by not talking? Lauren, I always think you are a smart woman, but you are the biggest fool in the world. Are you happy these years? Our son is raised in another person's house, and you can't be with your lover. Are you happy? "

Lauren looked at Baron and said coldly, "How do you know that I'm not with my lover? How do you know that I have a lover?"

Baron sneered, "Yes, I'm flattering myself. What do you care about, you heartless woman? Lauren, is face so important? If I'm not wrong, you haven't taken our son back, have you? He must think he was an orphan abandoned by his parents, and that there was no family in the world. Who knew that his biological mother was by his side! "

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