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   Chapter 197 Have Your Child

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When Lily turned around, she found it was Danny, and her eyes became complicated.

When the news just came out, the reaction of Danny really made Lily disappointed. But when she thought of that Danny planned to propose to her years ago, her heart softened unconsciously.

People were not saints.

It was precise that Danny was a man of flesh and blood, he would also make mistakes, he was not a perfect machine, maybe it was the reason why Amanda became so infatuated with him after they lived together.

But so what? Their fate had long been erased by all kinds of things.

Although there were misunderstandings, which were cleared up after a period of time, they didn't choose to believe each other when things happened.

Lily also wanted to accept Danny again, but... Forget it.

"Lily, are you okay?"

Danny asked.

"I..." Before Lily could finish her words, Danny came forward and hugged her.

How could she live a good life? She look so haggard!

She had a pale face, dry wrinkled lips, glassy eyes and dark circles under her eyes.

She didn't seem to live a good life at all.

'I'm sorry. You suffered a lot because of me, ' Danny thought to himself.

Lily wanted to get rid of him, but she had no strength.

In other people's eyes, this should be a quarreling young couple flirting.

Someone did think so.


Somehow, a saying came to Lily's mind, "mantis stalks cicadas, oriole behind."

The two looked back in surprise. Lily opened her eyes wide. It was George.

The one who killed Amanda was Sabella? the one who had been trying to separate her?

It was Danny who stopped? Or other people who continued?

George was the real enemy of Lily. For so many years, Lily had set the wrong target, she didn't expect that the one would come to her.

George also looked at Lily up and down meaningfully. When the gossip came out, George didn't think too much, he even

You are completely from two different worlds."

Thinking that Betty didn't know anything about it and she knew George, while George was so crazy, Lily felt very uneasy, she grabbed his collar and shouted, "what did you do to Betty?"

George got rid of her impatiently, "What can I do to her? What can I do to her? I love her so much, she's the second person I love in my life. I don't want her to be hurt. "

"Then, why did you mention Betty for no reason? How did you know our relationship? How did you know I..." This series of unreasonable questions made Lily very flustered, something must have happened to Betty.

George drank alone.

"Tell me now!" Lily couldn't hold her breath.

"So, since you are so worried about her and don't want her to be hurt, why did you tell her what happened back then? Aren't you afraid that she will be implicated one day? "

"What? How could Betty get involved? She doesn't know who you are at all. I just gave her a rough idea. "

George smiled with self-mockery, "So, maybe she is too smart."

"She's so smart that she even thinks she can take revenge on me by giving up our child."

"Isn't she the one who gets hurt the most?"

Lily asked George unbelievably, "What do you mean? Betty is pregnant with your child? "

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