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   Chapter 189 She Is Smart

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Even Lauren couldn't do anything to Mike's decision. To show his sincerity, Baron took Bruce and Anne to visit them.

This visit was a great one.

In Mike's previous dream, the beauty appeared in front of him. Although the beauty was getting old now, she still had her temperament, and the taste was all in the mind of Mike.

In fact, Mike wasn't that narrow-minded. He didn't get Anne back then, but things changed after Adrian and Colin provoked him.

In Mike's mind, Bruce was just a villain who tried to steal others' love. However, he was still upright, and Mike hated hypocritical people the most.

Besides... Even though Lauren was now regarded as a mascot for his fortune by Mike, if she was a son... Even if his money was all gone, perhaps Mike would be willing to do so. In the final analysis, Mike still preferred boys to girls. So when he saw that Bruce was being with the beautiful wife, successful and promising son, and everything was indicating happiness, he couldn't bear it.

He thought, 'If it weren't for Bruce, and I married Anne, would I be the one who enjoy such a happy life now?'

Mike had never thought that he was inferior to Bruce in every aspect. Even if Anne married Mike, she would only be aged by the irregular Mike!

Anne also recognized the shrewd eyes of Mike, she sighed and knew what was going on. Anne sent the children away and asked, "Mike, didn't I explain to you what happened that year? It's true that Bruce proposed first, and my parents have agreed. I... "

Mike sneered, "Who knows what dirty tricks he has used behind it?"

Anne said angrily, "Mike, don't judge a gentleman by your own heart!"

"Yes, I am a villain," Mike smiled bitterly. "Because he spoke ill of me in front of you, I became a villain."

Anne was easy to get emotional, hearing what Mike said, she felt dizzy and angry.

"Do you have any proof? I have a clear conscience, and we don't know each other. I don't know why you are speculating about me like this, Mike? " Bruce patted A

veryone was impulsive when he was young.

Everyone was impulsive.

But when he was impulsive, he didn't think about the consequences, nor did he expect the consequences to be so serious.

However, the consequences were often so serious.

Mike didn't expect that Anne was so narrow-minded that she would be so angry after listening a few words.

It never occurred to Baron that he would say such irrational words to Lauren, it was not her fault at all.

Baron knew that he had broken Lauren's heart.

When they met again, Baron trampled on his self-esteem and said, "Lauren, I was wrong. Please forgive me, okay?"

"Lauren, you know what I mean, I was so upset at that moment."

Lauren was touched, but she still said, "Baron. Let's separate. I know that you will think of my father and your mother when you see me in the future."

"I..." Would Baron say "I won't"?

Of course not. He would definitely think of it.

She was the mother who loved him the most at gave him a life, how could he not think of it and hate it?

If it weren't for Mike, even if his mother was in poor health, she wouldn't have left so early.

"Baron. Let's separate. Trust me, you will feel better."

Lauren was smart, but she was wrong at this time.

In the next few decades, without Lauren, it would be not good for Baron.

Not at all.

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