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   Chapter 188 Didn't Tell The Truth

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The two daughters of Mike's family had a hard time a few years ago, they had been raised in other people's house at the beginning, but Mike's wife couldn't give birth to a son, so they brought their daughter back.

The family who adopted the daughter of Mike was kind, they had raised other people's daughter for so many years without any reward, and they even returned their daughters back without asking for extra requirements. Although they were a little reluctant, the girls were the daughters of someone else, after all.

Leila, the eldest sister, had been living under someone's roof since she was a child, even if her foster parents treated them two sisters sincerely, Leila always felt that she was an outsider, she was always afraid of being abandoned one day, and always kept submissive. As for Lauren, she had been careless since childhood, full of curiosity, and was very pleasing.

Leila should be the kind of daughter that parents liked, while Lauren was the kind of girl that men liked.

Strangely enough, after his two daughters moved back home, Mike seemed to be so lucky that his career had gain success in his career all the time. Later, Mike found that every time Lauren mentioned something casually, Mike would subconsciously do something in business and then make a fortune.

Mike then realized that his little daughter was his luck of wealth!

So when Lauren proposed to study abroad, Mike agreed with her immediately.

"Sweetheart, if you want the stars in the sky, daddy will pluck them for you. If you want to study abroad, let's go. I'm willing to spend any money for you."

That was exactly what Mike had said. In that era, it was a rare thing to go abroad, and the parents of the older sects couldn't accept it at all.

Mike took his daughter as the source of fortune.

So why Mike was willing to give out the money spinner?

He needed her to

he couldn't compare with her younger sister since childhood, so she felt inferior. In fact, according to the traditional aesthetic standards, Leila was very elegant and beautiful, but she had developed a submissive character since childhood, so she had such an idea.

As a matter of fact, except for Leila's appearance, there was nothing comparable to Lauren. Moreover, Leila was beautiful without soul.

Baron was a popular lover and prince charming, Leila was happy to see her parents had found a good son-in-law and a good backer, but also jealous of Lauren.

Therefore, the most terrible thing between women were their thoughts, even if they were biological sisters.

Lauren asked Baron to go back first and she would stayed to see what happened to Mike.

But no matter how the whole family asked, Mike just sighed and didn't say anything.

Later, Lauren got angry and said to Mike, "Dad, if you keep making trouble out of nothing, I won't support your career anymore."

To put it bluntly, the Liu Family was basically established under the guidance of Lauren, a business genius. Mike shivered in an exaggerated way, glanced at his wife meaningfully and quickly, shook his head, "Such a tragedy..."

However, he didn't tell them the truth.

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