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   Chapter 187 Hate Him

Surreal Super Adoration By Zi Tengluo Characters: 7864

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Although it had gone through a special period, many landlords, officials and minority entrepreneurs had been defeated and became the history. But a lean camel was larger than a horse. No matter how tough and meticulous the measures were, they could not guarantee that there was no loophole.

Many people just didn't know how to restrain themselves. But if they knew how to lower their heads and survive in a dangerous situation, it would make sense for the people of a big family to decide to protect the important things and person of their family.

Only in this way could the family groups that had sacrificed their lives and families survive the darkest period and make a comeback.

The four family group, Ye Group, Zhang Group, Tang Group, had joined hands to protect the six of the generations. Adrian and Sherwood from the Ye Group, Colin and Lance from the Zhang Group, Bruce and Baron from the Tang Group.

The three of them, Adrian, Colin and Bruce, started their business together and became the first group of people to make it. The three of them were all from big families, and they were not bad in terms of knowledge and ability. Besides, they worked together and achieved extraordinary results.

Bruce was honest and steady, he was the mainstay of the three people, and his subordinates were also convinced by him.

However, Adrian and Colin were secretly unhappy, because they heard some rumors that Bruce was the big boss of the company, and he was really talented, while Adrian and Colin were just rascals and got nothing in return.

The two arrogant young men couldn't stand it anymore. From then on, they became more and more dissatisfied with Bruce, even if he was sincerely planning for the company, in the eyes of Adrian and Colin, he was like showing off. The two of them were also discussing in private whether Bruce pretended to be an honest man to fill his own pocket in secret, and what the employees said might be taught by him.

The more they discussed, the more real the two of them thought the issues were.

Bruce's ability was getting better and better in practice, while Adrian and Colin were blinded by jealousy and had no mood to focus on the company. However, as it was said before, Bruce was honest and kind-hearted, and the other two had suffered a lot then gained the results together.

In Bruce's ey

ollude with each other and fight against with each other. After the enemy left, they would start internal strife silently.

However, the two hypocrites didn't quarrel a lot, they just split up half of the company, which was equivalent to splitting up.

Colin was doing not bad, he managed the company in a proper way, while Adrian couldn't, and his career was getting worse and worse.

Money makes the mare go, but Colin and Adrian gave up the opportunity to stay abroad after wasting all of their money.

At this time, when they knew that the Tang Family had gone abroad, the two of them felt that it was unfair, they shared the same feeling and went together again.

They had heard of the old story from somewhere, they had no choice but to relieve their anger on the back of Bruce.

The two of them set up a trap, pretending that they didn't care about the issues between Mike and Bruce, but they just talked about their former good friend, Bruce, who was once secretly playing tricks to steal others' lover. Bruce had always been proud of himself at this issue.

At last, they said the lady's name seemed to be Anne.

The two of them talked to themselves, pretending to talk to each other. In fact, they knew that the listener was irritated by their words, and that person was exactly Mike.

He had almost been pissed off because he had married someone he didn't like and had a hard time. Thinking that he had been cut off in private years ago, he was so angry that his heart ached.

Mike didn't know Bruce before, but he hated him from then on.

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