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   Chapter 185 The Most Innocent

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Just as Lauren said, in order to have a high position in the Ye clan and a nominal reputation, Mrs. Yolanda played the fool and indirectly promoted the marriage of Sabella and Danny, regardless of whether her granddaughter was in trouble or not.

She almost destroyed the lives of the two for her own selfish desire.

Those things that had been hidden for decades, which had been supposed to be known by no one else, were gradually exposed.

In fact, Danny was the most innocent person in this matter.

As for Sabella......

She used to visit a psychologist when she was depressed.

The gentle doctor told her with a warm smile that he would keep her secret and make her relax.

In the warm atmosphere, Sabella began to narrate her life.

She grew up in a rich family. When she was born, her family had already had good conditions. She had a brother who was several years older than her.

Her brother had been handsome from childhood to adulthood. She was not ugly, but she was average looking. Her brother was cold in the eyes of outsiders, but he always smiled at her and doted on her.

Everything started when Sabella saw her brother and his girl classmate coming out of school together.

Suddenly she got very angry, especially...... She wanted to tear that woman's face apart.

She didn't like the way he smiled at other women.

Danny obediently cut off contact with that female classmate. She felt that his brother was very obedient to her. She was proud and happy that such a beautiful person only listened to her.

As time went by, their relationship became more and more complicated......

"Dad and mom are talking about my brother's marriage."

"We are still kids. I don't know why dad and mom are so anxious."

"I just can't stand

ferent Danny, the humorous George might be a better boyfriend.

But what people couldn't get was the best, and what was favored was always fearless. Sabella was the one who was favored by George. Subconsciously, Sabella also understood that George's love would be existing forver whether she responded or not to it. George had been single all these years, which was the best proof.

On the other hand, Danny seemed to leave her as long as Sabella relaxed her vigilance.

She chose Danny not because she loved him more, nor because she wanted to cut off George's thoughts. She knew that George wouldn't give up, so she could get both of the two people's love.

In their relationship, the smartest but also the stupidest one was Sabella.

She knew what she could get, but she didn't know what she wanted.

This marriage was just a farce. Actually, there was no need for Danny to blame himself.

As for Sabella......

She was the one who should be blamed most who seemed to be the victim.

In this farce, Danny, Lily, Justin, even Milton, Horace, Marina, and...... Betty...... They were direct or indirect victims.

Among them, Betty should be the most innocent.

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