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   Chapter 182 Pity

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Betty had been hiding from George for more than a week. George didn't know what he had done wrong. He hadn't been in love before, so he didn't know how to deal with this situation. He didn't know if Betty was tired of him and whether he should take the initiative to find her.

But why was everything happening suddenly?

Everyone was having a hard time recently. After the break-up with Justin, although she understood him, she couldn't let it go for a long time.

When Justin left, he said, "In fact, you just rely on me and get used to me. Do you really love me?"

Looking at him, Lily opened her mouth but couldn't say anything.

Lily felt that she had already loved him, but looking at Justin's eyes, she could not say that she loved him.

The plane hadn't taken off yet, but Justin edited the message and wrote and deleted it.

"Lily, as long as you say you love me, I will stay anyway."

"Sir," a stewardess politely reminded him, "The plane is taking off. Could you please turn off your phone?"

"I'm sorry." Justin turned off the phone and the plane began to slide slowly.

Goodbye, Lily.

Perhaps it was because Justin didn't have the confidence to get a response from Lily, or perhaps it was because he was afraid of having no courage to bear it when getting a response from Lily.

What this matter brought to Justin was not only the impact of public opinion, but also the interruption of cooperation with Ye Group. Ye Group was in a mess, and even Danny gave up the position of CEO to protect himself. Ye Group was almost over. Therefore, the Dream Telecom had to bear a huge loss.

As a businessman, Justin's father would not accept such an "unpardonable" daughter-in-law.

And Justin didn't have the courage to fight against his father.

He felt helpless.

Danny felt unprecedentedly relaxed these days, and at the same time, he felt a little empty. The more he thought about it, the more he felt that he was the one who started it.

That day, Sabella found him.

"Brother, how are you doing recently?"

Danny looked at her and wondered why the once innocent girl had beco

ney to spend and was leisurely. But now, as Sabella rushed to the board, the board members didn't accept her at all. Sabella was really good at nothing. The Ye Group was in a mess, so was her mind. Yolanda was also not able to help her.

The reason why she came to Danny this time was that she wanted to vent her hatred and she was in a mess and didn't know what to do.

If things went on like this, the Ye Group would definitely went out of business.

Danny knew that there was something on Sabella's mind. After more than thirty years of understanding of her, he couldn't hate her. No matter what she did, he couldn't hate her.

And he thanked her for giving him freedom.

Danny said, "If there is any problem in the company, you can ask me. Maybe I will think of some useful countermeasures for you."

Sabella really hoped that she could get the help of Danny. If he was not the one who poisoned her, then she even thought that it would be good if Danny could come back to take charge of the matter as if nothing had happened.

But when he said that, she believed that he would help her. But she was still sensitive, "Danny, I don't need your pity."

Danny was speechless. "Never mind. If you need anything, you can call me. "

The two were speechless. After sitting for a while, Sabella picked up her bag and left.

Danny didn't chase after her. He just looked out of the window silently.

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