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   Chapter 172 Get Married

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In the car, the driver waiting to send Lily home was Jake. After so many years, he was still the loyal lackey of Danny.

Lily didn't have much hostility to Jake, because she thought that he was a cold man outside but a warm man inside.

She suddenly wanted to ask Jake, "Do you still smoke?"

But Lily was not stupid enough to ask.

Jake saw the uncertain face of Lily from the rearview mirror and smiled, "Are you scared?"

In fact, not only Lily was scared, but also Jake was scared. Danny dragged a girl to the suburb at mid-night. Anyone who heard it would feel terrified.

"Mr. Danny, you are committing a crime." Jake reminded Danny immediately on the phone.

"So you'd better come here and take her away." With Bluetooth, Danny listened to Jake's words and typed by himself.

Jake had no choice but to stand up from the sofa and change his clothes.

Mandy smiled, "Is someone calling you again? You are so thoughtful. "

Jake lowered his head and kissed on her forehead. "I have no choice. I have to earn bride price for you. Otherwise, how can I find such a well-paid position as assistant all over the world?"

"Screw you!" Mandy threw him with a pillow. Jake dodged with a smile, but Mandy said seriously, "I think your ability is worth that price."

"Okay, honey, I'll be back soon."


He didn't expect that the woman was still Lily, which surprised him, but made sense.

In fact, when he saw Lily for the first time, he thought it was Amanda.

Because at that time, Jake had bought many clothes with Amanda, and she had tried on all kinds of dresses in the presence of Lily. He might have seen the backs of Amanda and Amanda in the auditorium more times than Danny.

They really looked like each other, but they didn't have the same face or style of behavior.

It made sense that Amanda

lover. "

"That girl might have been stimulated and gone to another city."

"When he got the news about her again, he suddenly found that she was married and had a child."

"It seems that everything is fine. The two of them are fine."

"Danny was stimulated. You know, he didn't live a good life these years. He got married for responsibility without any love to his wife. He had a hard time."

"But it's not a big deal. Later, Danny accidentally found that the house he bought for the girl had been sold by her. Logically speaking, the girl would not know the existence of the house."

"But the house was originally bought for her, and it is also under her name. Whether it is sold or not, it has no effect on Danny."

"But when they broke up, the girl didn't ask for the break-up fee, but sold the house secretly, got married with others and had children, enjoying the happiness of family. But Danny had suffered a lot. Maybe he is so jealous that he is going crazy. He has decided to take revenge on that girl. "

At first, Lily's hands were trembling slightly, but when she heard this, she suddenly loosened her tightly clenched hands.

As expected, she didn't misunderstand what Danny had done to her.

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