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   Chapter 154 Obedience Is better Than Politeness

Surreal Super Adoration By Zi Tengluo Characters: 6516

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Encouraged, Lily straightened her back and said with a smile, "thank you. I just joined the Ye Group not long ago. Thank you for giving me this opportunity. I feel honored to be able to plan this activity. "

The flashlight off the stage was shining. A reporter asked, "I heard that you plan a very special project this time. Can you tell us your idea?"

To be honest, as an advertising designer and the backstage manipulator, Lily rarely appeared in front of the public. It was true that she was nervous. She pretended to be calm and said slowly, "this time, I defined the theme of the project of 'a suit in life' as' counter feeding '. As far as I'm concerned, the public welfare is lack of support for young people. Based on this original intention, I have planned this project and hope you can give me more support. You can see the specific content in the introduction book at hand, and the host will also explain it to you later. "

"Mrs. Lily," another reporter in the crowd raised his hand. "You have developed well in your previous company. Why do you suddenly come to work in Ye Group?"

"In fact, I grew up in this city and always want to come back to work. Ye Group is a good choice."

"You suddenly became famous in the advertising industry a few years ago. You are young and promising, with your talent, why did you become famous so late?"

"Because...... I'm late for enlightenment. " Lily cursed in her heart. She didn't expect herself to be so famous. Before the dinner party, the reporters had prepared a lot of questions to ask her.

"Then what are you doing before that?"

The deeper they want to know about her, the bigger the problem would be. No matter how perfect the fake identity was, it was also fake. Therefore, Lily became a mysterious person without a past.

The reporter's question made Lily feel restless. She suddenly felt a little guilty and dared not to look for Danny from the crowd.

The host stepp

t you sitting back to see the party?"

Lily waved her hand and said, "I don't want to block the way, not follow you."

Danny didn't say anything and continued to walk forward.

Lily felt that she had deceived herself just now. But she didn't follow him. It sounded like she had a guilty conscience. The more she explained, the more she felt guilty.

Danny sat in the back seat, and Lily sat in a seat next to him.

"Lily, how's your work going?" Danny looked straight ahead and asked.

If he hadn't said "Lily", Lily would have thought that he was talking to himself. She smiled and said, "well, it's good."

"Our company has a supervisor of the design department, but we never had a design director. I wonder if you are interested in it."

"Mr. Danny, I'm afraid I can't do it."

Danny turned to look at Lily with a faint smile, "You are so talented that you are able to in charge of the whole design department. If you don't want to accept this position, I can only think that you have other intentions. "

Lily silently rolled her eyes in her heart, although she did have other intentions, it was him.

It was a sign of Danny's approval of her, although this kind of praise sounded a little awkward.

"Then I'd rather accept it than be respectful," said Lily with a smile

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