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   Chapter 153 Last For A Long time

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Milton had planned to leave the next day, but since the three of them hadn't seen each other for a long time, he decided to postpone it for two more days and go back with Marina.

As a result, Lily had no time to take care of them and was extremely busy in the company.

It happened that Marina was going to look for suitable shop, so Milton stayed with her every day. The two of them could take care of each other, Milton had some experience and could teach Marina.

However, Milton had another selfish motive, which was to persuade Marina to let go of her obsession.

But after getting along with each other for the past two days, Marina never mentioned anything about Horace, she would even change the topic when Milton took the initiative to mention him.

Milton thought that maybe what Lily said was right, since Marina wanted to forget him, he'd better not make a fool of himself.

After sending away Milton and Marina, Lily seemed to be the only one left in the huge capital city.

But Lily didn't feel lonely or empty at all, because...

She was very busy.

The task was about to come to an end. Although Alex had expressed his recognition of her idea, the real effect was decided by the guests that day. Lily felt inexplicably nervous.

As the special guest at the opening of the dinner party that day, Lily was so worried that she didn't know what to wear.

She went to a newly opened beauty salon and asked the stylist to help with her. The hairdressers in this house were all very upright, not like the thin boy who was common in the hair salon The first impression of Lily to it was not bad, but she was still a little worried about such a righteous young man. What if his hair style was also a male aesthetic taste?

"Just do it as you like. I hope you can make me look special at the dinner party. But don't exaggerate. "

The young man grinned but thought, 'What? Why don't you put forward the specific requirements? To make you look special and not exaggerated? What do you want me to do?

Lady, you are good-looking, but you are far

After a long time, she heard the sound of water, the brush brushing on her hair, and the humming of the hair dryer.

Finally, she heard the man's gentle voice, "It's okay."

Lily opened her eyes and checked up herself in the mirror.

Her black curly hair was divided into layers of curls, not the vulgar curls. The naughty hair tail fell on Lily's beautiful shoulder and collarbone.

She was so beautiful, so beautiful...

Today, before Lily went to the salon, she was just wearing a light make-up. Just now, the hairdresser gently stroked her eyebrows and extended her eyebrow tail. Without eyeliner, he gently added the eye shadow with earthy color, and also a red lipstick.

It was the first time that Lily felt that she could take the earthy color eye-shadow on her face.

"Are you satisfied?" The man asked.

"Yes, I'm very satisfied."

She couldn't be more satisfied.

"As long as you are satisfied."

As Lily rushed to the party, her assistant praised, "Lily, you are so amazing today."

With a shy smile, Lily changed her shoes at the backstage, the host read the name and finally arrived at hers.

"Now let us invite the new general planner of the today's activity, Ms. Lily! !"

Taking a deep breath, Lily walked onto the stage.

A light flashed through the eyes of the audience, which satisfied Lily.

The applause lasted for a long time.

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