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   Chapter 151 Means

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Betty had no choice but to ask, "Why are you so dissipated in the daytime?"

"What? It's dark now here, okay?"

"Okay, okay. Marina, don't drink too much. Send this crazy woman back later."

Marina snickered, "Don't you know I'm good at drinking?"

Betty finally came to her senses and asked, "Marina, are you coming to Beijing today? It's so quick. "

Lily nodded and said, "Yes, you're right. Miss Marina is going to be rich soon. Let's toast for her together."

Betty was amused by them. "Wait for me. I'm going to get a cup."

Betty went out of the living room to get the juice on the tea table. Lily was bending over the table for a while.

When Betty were walking, Marina saw Danny sitting on the sofa. When Betty returned to the bedroom with juice in her hand, she immediately asked curiously, "Betty, who was that man just now? He was so handsome! ! ! Why are there men in your house?"

Hearing this, Lily came to her senses. "Where is the man? Betty! Tell me the truth."

Betty looked at Lily as if looked at an idiot and said, "I'm at the director's home. That's his friend."

After a short silence, two women's screams burst out. She quickly covered the sound and looked around to see if there were headphones.

"Are you crazy?" Betty scolded.

Marina and Lily looked at each other and exchanged a look. Lily said, "I knew you two would have an affair when you said that the director of the hospital is good-looking."

Betty rolled her eyes and said, "nothing."

Marina didn't believe it, "If you two have no affairs, why did you meet his friends at his home? Is it time for you to meet his friends as you fall in love with him?"

Betty's heart skipped a beat. It seemed that she was......

Then she said, "it's a long story. Let's toast for Marina first, haha.

r true love and wanted to be with him, what about the feeling of Estelle and the feelings of the elders of the two families?

Should she tell them cruelly that the happy family they had seen for so many years was fake, that their favorite granddaughter was the other man's, and that her son would never have a child with a woman?

It was too cruel. When they got married, Lily knew that they would end up like this. She made up her mind to marry Milton because she didn't want to be divorced from him.

With the compromise Milton had made for her over the years, the hurt he had suffered and the sacrifice he had made for the family, Lily was unable to be divorced from him.

She didn't want to hurt anyone, so if Justin really fell in love with her, she could only hurt him.

'I'm really sorry, Justin. Please don't like me.

If you really like me, how can I contact Danny in a way you can't accept?


The new year's Day was approaching day by day. As the general planner of the meeting, she would definitely be introduced to everyone.

'Danny, see you then.'

In fact, Lily had never thought that her work would also be the means of approaching him at the beginning.

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