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   Chapter 149 The Bright Night Sky

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When the four of them sat down, the sound of cutting beef came from the dining room.

"Sabella, what's wrong with your leg?" George asked.

"Well, let's talk about it after dinner..." Actually, it was the purpose of Danny and Sabella's visit.

It was also Sabella's "excuse".

"Just let me have a look at it." George bent down.

Sabella had no choice but to lift the hemline of her long dress. George took a look at it and sat back, he shook his head and said, "Don't you think it's unnecessary for you two to go to the America just for this small cut? If you pay for the air ticket alone, you can find a good doctor at home and do it without leaving a scar. "

With an expressionless face, Danny cut the steak and said, "My wife likes it. I have no choice."

Betty thought, 'This cold man is cold outside but warm inside. He loves his wife so much that he has to go to America for her little wound, he is really rich and has no place to spend the money...

Sabella smiled, "Brother George, I'm taking care of your business, okay? Besides, I don't believe anyone except you."

George knew that Sabella had something to talk to him, last time she called him absentmindedly, and this time she came to America with such a bad excuse. When did Sabella take the initiative to look for him? She only cared about Danny.

George continued with a cheeky smile, "You two can book the nearest flight after dinner. It's a waste of money to stay here, it's very expensive."

"Money is not a problem," Said Danny.

"I'm busy."

"We can wait for you."

George was speechless.

Betty thought to herself, 'Wow, the woman in front of me is easy to be affected and not very beautiful. Although George said that they were the second-generation rich, the man is obviously the type of domineering president, he still dotes on his wife so much. It's really unreasonable...'

Betty suddenly woke up recently and realized her beauty. However, she was still single and only met a bad man as soon as she fell in love.

Compared with others, it was really annoying...

Sabella felt relieved, she thought that Danny would listen to George and leave directly, then she would have no chance at all. But why did Danny suddenly compromise to her? Did he feel guilty?

As a matter of fact, what Danny wanted most was that he wanted to let Sabella do enough to prevent future tro

Sabella answered without hesitation, "Of course, marrying my brother is my dream."

George chuckled and asked jokingly, "So, what do you think of me?"

Later, Sabella married Danny, and George didn't attend the wedding of his two best friends.

In fact, Sabella was not a fool. She could tell that there was something hidden in George's words that night, it was not indeed a joke.

But now, Sabella felt a little regretful.

It was too tiring to marry a man who didn't love her.

But couldn't she turn around?

"Sabella," George continued, "If you insist on divorcing, I will support you to find your own happiness. I also want to see you happy. But don't worry. Danny won't make things difficult for you, even if you take the initiative to ask for Ye Group, he will give it all to you. I don't know the specific situation, but you have to know that the person you suspect should not be Danny. Don't worry. No matter what happens, I won't stand on the opposite side of you, but I won't stand on the opposite side of Danny. He hasn't lived a better life than you these years. "

Sabella got out of his hand, "He was not living a better life than me? It seems that I have wronged him. It's unfair to marry an orphan who has lost her parents? "

Seeing that Sabella was about to lose control, George covered her mouth with his hand and said sadly, "Sabella, don't be silly. I promise you that I won't let him hurt you, okay?"

After struggling for a while, Sabella finally stopped.

In the living room.

Betty and Danny sat at both ends of the sofa.


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