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   Chapter 148 Idiot

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"In private, just call me Betty. Miss Betty sounds too polite."

George smiled meaningfully and continued, "In private?"

Betty's face turned red from her ear, 'What am I talking about? ?

In private? Does it mean that I will have a lot of time to spend with George in private?'

"Well, although I can't cook, I can help you. Give it to me. I'll wash the vegetables." Betty took the bag from George.

George smiled and said, "Hey, then don't call me Dean George anymore."

Betty looked back at him.

"Call me George. Dean George sounds too old." George said with a smile, his beautiful eyes narrowed into a crescent moon and seemed to be shining.


George followed Betty into the kitchen. Logically speaking, George didn't allow the guest to do anything.

Although Betty was a little embarrassed, she was surprisingly harmonious with this home.

It seemed that...

She was born to be the hostess.

George laughed at himself in the bottom of his heart, 'I have been silly for thirty years. Is it time for me to wake up?'

The doorbell rang. George was dealing with a fish in his hand, he said casually, "Betty, please open the door for me. Thank you."

Betty ran to open the door. At the moment she opened the door, she suddenly felt that if she had met his friend, what should she say?

How could she introduce herself? Would others think that she was a maid or a girlfriend?

But the door was open. A man and a woman were standing at the door.

The man was tall, handsome and noble, but Betty could feel that he was not allowed to be close by others.

As for the woman, she was not outstanding, but look a little sweet, but not very sweet on her face.

But the same thing was that the two of them were both shocked. The man was surprised, and the woman was shocked, angry, flustered, Betty couldn't explain anything for a while.

Betty didn't know what to say, so the three just stood face to face.

George rushed out of the kitchen and said to the people outside with a smile, "Danny

still sincerely hoped that George could find his true love and have a complete marriage.

George was getting older and older in America these years. His dad also put a lot of pressure on Danny, trying to make George "recognize and get back to his family."

But Danny bore it silently. He didn't want George to be forced to get married.

George had already met all the beautiful ladies in the circle, if there was a suitable one, they would have been together long ago. And he didn't need his parents to make a match.

The kitchen door was opened again, and George walked out with a smile. "It's time for dinner, you two."

There were beef steak, fried fish chop, fried chicken, a large plate of fruit and vegetable salad, ice wine, long stick bread.

"How perfunctory you are!" Danny tried to make fun of George as before.

George shrugged and said, "I have no choice. You know, I want to cook several dishes, but I'm afraid of the alarm caused by the fire. I don't know how many deals I have to do with a fire engine."

In fact, the food was very rich, at least a lot.

To be honest, Betty was also hungry, she secretly stuffed several little tomatoes into her mouth while George was cooking.

Betty thought she had done a good job, but she didn't know that George was trying hard to hold back his laughter.

This girl is so cute.

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