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   Chapter 147 stunning

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Betty struggled to open her eyes from her sleep and found that she was in a completely strange place.

Her head hurts......

What happened last night appeared in front of her eyes intermittently. Betty couldn't help but widen her eyes in horror.

This...... Could it be...... George's home!

Betty quickly lifted the quilt. Fortunately, she was fully equipped.

Betty was still wearing the clothes she wore yesterday. She didn't feel well and her face was oily. Fortunately, Susan only wore light makeup yesterday. Otherwise, her skin would be ruined if she slept with makeup all night.

There was a bathroom in the room. Betty went in and washed her face. But she did not take a hot shower, as it was another man's home.

She braced herself and walked out of the room, only to find that it was still a villa.

But it is not surprising that George could offer a villa. Because the young and promising person like George was managing the beauty salon chain, he had ability to offer more than one villa.

The room was decorated mainly in white, which was not sissy. It was a little like a beauty salon, and was very suitable for George.

She was in her room on the first floor, and when she went out, there was the living room, and......

George was sleeping on the sofa.

Uh...... According to the plot in the novel, shouldn't she see that George had prepared breakfast for her as soon as she came out?

And George was still wearing the clothes of last night, as if he collapsed on the sofa as soon as he entered.

Seeing that he was asleep, Betty hesitated whether to wake him up or to leave directly. After all, she looked slovenly. Fortunately, she didn't have to attend the class today, or she would have to attend the class in such a messy way.

For Betty, it was respect for herself and others that she should see people neatly.

'Why don't I go back now and leave a note for George.'

Just as Betty walked quietly to the door, a faint voice came from behind, "where are you going?"

George stood up from the sofa, rubbed his eyes and asked.

"Uh...... I...... Want...... Go...... Back...... First...... ?"

George continued, "Don't leave. Let's have dinner together."


"What time is it now?" George

e light purple shirt and buttoned it, looking like a perfect oversize boyfriend. The underwear could only be worn yesterday. Fortunately, Betty still looked good without makeup. Otherwise, it would be too embarrassed to see the guests later.

When Betty dried her hair and walked out, the door just opened. George came back with several paper bags from the supermarket.

George quickly changed his clothes, wearing a white T-shirt, purple loose five legged trousers and a pair of white canvas shoes. George had a fair complexion and maintained his face well, which made his look more youthful and energetic. What's more, although George's face looked sissy, his muscles were very well proportioned

It seemed that he was a college student, not like a person about forty. The woman must be under a lot of pressure to be with this kind of man.

George saw Betty wrapped herself in a loose shirt with bare feet, and her hair was fluffy and soft. He could smell the freshness after bathing from afar. As expected, even though without makeup, her beautiful face still looked amazing.

"Uh..." Noticing that they looked at each other, Betty said awkwardly.

"Well," George coughed to cover his embarrassment, "Miss Betty, can you cook?"

Betty felt embarrassed and said, "Not really."

George: "It doesn't matter. I will. Miss Betty, you just need to be responsible for enjoying it."

Betty thought George was good at cooking.

"Don't call me Miss Betty anymore." Said Betty.


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