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   Chapter 146 Suddenly Thought Of Something

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"Dear Lily I think you also know that the design department of Ye Group is only for internal service. The last time is an exception. From now on, you can't receive private orders anymore." Alex said seriously.

"Yes," nodded Lily, "of course I know."

"And in this case, the prospect of your position now is definitely not as good as that of your previous company..." Alex said meaningfully.

"I've thought it over before I came here. I'm not here to find a better future, but to..."

"I don't care why you came to the Ye Group, but you have to follow the rules here as long as you work in the design department. The company and I will treat you well," Alex interrupted

"Don't worry."

"Well," Alex reached out a hand and said, "I wish that we will have a pleasant cooperation in the future."

"Wish us a pleasant cooperation."

There were some words that couldn't be said on the phone, but Sabella knew that if she said it face to face, maybe George could hear it. But after that incident, even Danny seemed to have distanced himself from George.

Did Danny know the truth? Why did he do that to her?

Was that woman worth it?

George hadn't come back for several years. If she went to see him rashly, it would inevitably arouse suspicion. She had to think of a reasonable way.

After Betty's shooting, George waited for her outside the door and said with a smile, "Miss Betty, if you are not tired, I'll treat you to dinner."

Betty was not good at refusing, and she had no reason to refuse. She looked at the staff behind her and asked, "aren't we going together?"

George spread out his hands and said, "I am not accustomed to dining together here. I want to reward you personally."

"Well, it's better to accept it than to be respectful." Betty smiled.

Although George didn't have a girlfriend, he was a gentleman. When ordering, he asked Betty, "Miss Betty, can you drink? Or juice?"

Betty smile


"Yes, I've never been in love. I never had a girlfriend." George stared at her, patiently replying her.

"You swear."

"I swear."

"Alas..." Betty suddenly sighed, "am I good-looking?"

Her skin was as white as snow, and her black hair was like waterfalls. Some of her hair was stained with sweat on her cheeks, and her face was full of drunken good luck. Her lips were red and plump, and her nose was tall and beautiful.

"You look good..." With a pair of smiling eyes, George's squinted eyes like a crescent moon.

Betty couldn't see clearly what was going on inside.

After saying this, the two of them were silent, just looking at each other silently.

The atmosphere in the restaurant was romantic. The light was dim and the atmosphere was ambiguous.

The handsome man and the beautiful woman came close, Betty gave a gentle kiss to George, and then they separated slowly.

"I'm really drunk." Betty said softly and then fell down to George.

George took a deep breath.

For the first time in his life, his heart beat so fast except for doing something bad. He looked at the woman lying in his arms. Her black hair covered her face, and the Navy Blue sleeveless dress revealed her long and white arms.

It was his first kiss. It suddenly occurred to him.

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